Even $40 Is Too Much For PlayStation Classic, So Best Buy Was Giving Them Away

Best Buy handed gamers who purchased the PlayStation 4 Pro a PlayStation Classic too.

Best Buy had a cool two-for-one deal on offer this past Monday, handing gamers who purchased the PlayStation 4 Pro a PlayStation Classic too, per Polygon.

The PlayStation Classic was supposed to profit off fan nostalgia, much like Nintendo's NES Classic responded to the desires of Nintendo purists, yet it fell way short of expectations. The very basic user interface and poor emulation saw to that, plus most of the 20 classic games installed on the device aren't exactly classic, so that doesn't help.

The mini console launched back in November for $99.99, a price that certainly did not seem justified by just a wee emulator that looks like the original PlayStation. To add to that, the likes of Tomb Raider and Crash Bandicoot aren't even on there, marking quite the oversight on Sony's part.

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So, just a month after its release, the PlayStation Classic got a permanent price drop, leaving the cost at $40, which is what the NES Classic launched for. That does seem more reasonable for such a console, but the game selection is still hurting sales, even though it's pretty easy to add games.

Apparently, even at forty bucks, the Classic is still a hard sell; so much so, Best Buy gave them away for free on Monday as part of a one-day deal that saw PS4 Pro buyers walk away with free Classics.

Despite the poor reviews, this is a pretty sweet deal if you aren't going to pay for it. If you were going to purchase a Pro anyway, the Classic acquisition would not leave you feeling guilty, as you would have been encouraged to feed your nostalgia at no extra cost.

Meanwhile, Sony has confirmed that the PS5 won't be launching within the next 12 months, so we'll just have to make do with the PS4 and Classic for now.

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