The 10 Best Dog Pokémon, Ranked

Dog lovers must rejoice with how many dog Pokémon exist. With how many generations there are, it would now be easy to have multiple all-dog parties. They also have a pretty wide array of types from fire-type, dark-type, to even fairy-type.

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There are probably so many dog-like Pokémon because dogs are known to be man's best friend. Also, there are so many breeds to work with that you could have an entire generation just dedicated to different types of dogs with all sorts of differing designs.

But who is the best dog? Here is our list as to what we think, counting down to the best. Also, we are sticking to final evolution forms and not going to put in legendaries just to make the list a little easier.

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10 Smeargle

"Wait, that's a dog?" Yeah, we asked ourselves that too. Further research has shown, yes, it is a dog Pokémon. In fact, it's based on the dog breed, beagles. It's like a beagle and a painter were smashed together into one creature.

Of course, it's at the top of this list because it is the least dog-like one on the list and yet is a dog. Also, Smeargle itself is not the most popular of  Pokémon. Who wants a dog that can paint? That's a big mess.

9 Granbull

This fairy-type dog Pokémon is based on the look of a bulldog. However, it's dog-likeness is undermined by the fact that it's bipedal.

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Reading Granbull's Pokédex entries is interesting because you learn that despite it having a mean face, it's actually a very timid and sensitive creature and would make a poor guard dog. Also it's lower jaw is apparently so heavy that it's the reason for Granbull's slouch. According to it's entry in Ultra Moon, it's a popular Pokémon for young people.

8 Furfrou

Obviously based off a poodle, Furfrou was introduced in the Kalos region. Being normal-type and not learning much in terms of good battle movies, they are not popular for competitive trainers.

They do come with the gimmick of changing their look. Like a poodle, there is a ton of grooming involved and you can change Furfrou's design. In the games, there are about nine different styles to choose from. It seems fun at first but can get old pretty quick.

7 Mightyena

This dark-type dog's Pokédex entries highlight how it travels in packs in the wild and will obey a strong trainer without question. It originated from the 3rd generation of Pokémon, and was known to be a go-to Pokémon for Team Magma grunts. So it is very commonly seen, and can be caught right outside your starting town in the games.

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While the design and name seemed to be influenced by hyenas and wolves, it's possible the German Shepard was part of the inspiration for Mightyena's look.

6 Manectric

Manectric is not typically the first Pokémon fans would think of when thinking of a dog Pokémon. It resembles more of a wolf than a domestic dog. It also has a mane, which makes it also resemble a lion.

Something that makes Manectric better than it used to be is that it can mega evolve. Since it's electric-type though, it's not exactly the kind of companion you would want to take to the beach. According to its Pokédex entries, they rarely appear before people and often nest where lightning has struck.

5 Stoutland

Stoutland is an obvious mix of various dog breeds from our world. It's reminiscent of Shih Tzus, Maltese, Scottish terriers, and Yorkshire terriers. There is no doubt of its dog-like qualities. It's also one of the few dogs big enough for you to actually ride! Also, it has some crazy mustache game.

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According to the Pokédex, Stoutlands are famous for rescuing people who are lost or caught in blizzards in the mountains. It's definitely a winter kind of dog. It would be miserable in a hot location.

4 Houndoom

Now here is the prize-winning guard dog of the Pokémon world. According to its Pokédex entries, Houndoom's burns will hurt forever due to toxins that are in their flames. It's definitely not a dog you would want to mess with.

Its edgy goth design has made it well-loved among Pokémon fans. It's pretty satanic looking with the arrow-tail, color scheme, and horns. Still, like all dogs, they are good and deserving of love. Also, they can Mega-Evolve, which makes them pretty special.

3 Lycanroc

Like some others on this list, Lycanroc is more of a wolf than a domestic breed. In fact, depending on its dusk, midday, and midnight form, it can even be more of a werewolf. But that is part of what makes this Pokémon popular and fun.

Its midnight form, in particular, has been a favorite of competitive players. Also, it's pre-evolution form, Rockruff, is possibly the cutest of the Pokémon puppies out there.

2 Lucario

The only thing Lucario is truly missing in order to be the perfect dog Pokémon is to look more like a dog. However, its design is based on the Egyptian God, Anubis, which makes it a dog Pokémon. Anubis, like Lucario, stands like a person but has the head of a wolf.

It should be so mystery as to why Lucario is so close to number one on the list. It's a fan favorite and is popular for competitive play due to all the powerful moves it can learn. All it's missing to be perfect is just . . . more dog.

1 Arcanine

Was it too predictable that this dog would be number one on our list? Maybe, but are we wrong? Arcanine has only gotten better with time. Who wouldn't want a fluffy dog large enough to ride that can also breathe fire? It's also nostalgic, being the first dog Pokémon from the Kanto generation. What's not to love?

To make it even cooler Arcanine's Pokédex entries frame it as a majestic and legendary creature. Ultra Sun's entry even claims that an Arcanine legend has one fighting alongside a general and conquering a whole country.

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