10 Best Don't Starve Mods For Better Gameplay

From log storage to moon tracking to poop... these are the best mods for Don't Starve.

Don’t Starve Together hits that sweet spot of gamers with interests in being gentlemanly survivalists… fine, it’s a niche we didn’t realize exists until playing, but it’s a very real overlap. Throw in amazing, spooky drawings that look like incredibly talented, detailed doodles and you’ve got a winner.

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So it only makes sense that plenty of enterprising players have gone above and beyond their busy schedule of surviving and not starving to gift the world with mods. The best mods don’t necessarily make gameplay any easier, they just make the world less seemingly random and more balanced. These ones are definitely worth trying!

10 Gear Goggles

The inventor of these goggles breaks down what a player needs to get their hands on and how to make this mod happen. The invention, "Requires: Alchemy Engine - 1 Clockwork Box - 2 Frazzled Wires - 2 Electrical Doodad" and the perks include, Durability is 6 minutes/Night vision/Can be refueled using Fireflies, Slurtle Slime, or Light Bulbs./Drops Clockwork Box when depleted”. Honestly, if real life electronics could be fueled with either slime or light bulbs, that’d be amazing. Night vision is definitely useful, and a few items plus downloading the mod can grant you that power for six brilliant minutes.

9 Ice Box And Extended Food Storage

The world of “Don’t Starve Together” might be complex and detailed, with rich lives for the characters, but the elements can be very simple. Like that you can’t have your food go bad - enter the icebox. This step towards easier refrigeration, “Requires: Alchemy Engine - 2 Frazzled Wires - 2 Gears - 1 Lying Robot” and the benefits include, “Inventory storage with 2 slots Reduces spoilage rate by 50% (same as Ice Box) Cannot store items which cannot be stored in an Ice Box Cannot suspend spoilage of Ice and Ice Cube nor cool the Thermal Stone”. Well, it’s a mixed bag but that’s one more perk of civilization brought to the wilderness.

8 Better Walls

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details -"Works with RoG and SW/ Walls health increased Hay is 5 times better/ Wood is 7/ Stone 10/ Limestone 11 and Ruins is 15”. The mod requires, “3 wall parts instead of 6 to upgrade (repair value increased)” and “Now health multiplier can be configured via mod options from last update." The inventor of the mod gets more detailed- “ MOD Support: You are able to see actual hp and percent from max hp on walls by pressing ALT-V, press again to hide it. Turned OFF by default Label functionality which shows on pressing ALT-V can be turned off completely.”

7 Better Moon

Consider how difficult it is to track the moon- not something you worry about too much otherwise but a game like DTS brings that small detail to the forefront. But it just got easier - with this mod, “The moon is visible 24h, so that you always have it as a reference point, you can look at it any time, just so that you know when the Full Moon is coming. 2. It adds a subtle yet important feature; waxing and waning of the moon. This adds 3 new sections into the animation so that you can now tell when the Moon is approaching or leaving Full - previously you couldn't tell by looking at it if it was coming or going, now you can.”

6 Automatic Traps

Between everything, checking and setting traps can become a huge use of daylight. Not so with automatic traps, -"You gain the ability to set traps that you never need to worry about replacing. Have some beautiful designs made of death and they will always stay that way. To increase cleanup, the traps are pickup on right-click only. This means you can left-click or hold spacebar to your heart's content near them. It requires an Alchemy Engine for crafting, costing 1 log, 1 gear, and 3 hound's teeth.” Well, that’s one less thing to worry about while you’re scavenging and battling.

5 Evergreens

Downloading this mod greatly increases the chance that your trees will grow to prehistoric proportions. Instead of a brontosaurus reaching their long neck to the tippy top to munch leaves, your character will have access to way more timber. The mod’s creator clarifies; "DO NOT enable this mod BEFORE you generate a new world, do so after. This modifies the growth cycle of the Trees to randomly grow bigger. When chopped down at max growth they produce more loot. Note: If a Treeguard spawns from one these trees a true GIANT is born!" Well, the Redwood forest might have gotten the way it is now without a mod… but we don’t have to wait that long.

4 Fish Armor

This mod is a truly creative addition to the world - outside of DTS, fish armor would just be the same as wearing spoiled food. Gross and not very logical. However, this mod guarantees "Armor made of fish. 750 durability and absorbs 60% of physical damage. With 50% chance gives absolute protection - fish is slippery and character dodges a blow. ≈80% Small protection from rain and overheating. Will be spoiled after 40 days, but can be stored in a fridge to keep it from spoiling." It’s like a temporary raincoat that keeps you safe! Also, how long is too long to wear spoiled clothes? Asking for a friend.

3 Animal Health

Don’t Starve Together has a wide array of biodiversity. They’re useful and gorgeous animals but a lot of their purpose is contingent on health… which can be hard to tell. This mod’s creator took inspiration from mods designed to make it easier to tell a human’s health. The user explains that their invention, "Shows exact health of creatures on mouse-over and controller-auto-target. This mod is inspired by Tell Me About Health (DS) which was ported to Tell Me (DST).” And for another thing, nice work citing your sources - appreciation and credit where credit is due is always cool.

2 Log Storage

The community of Don't Starve Together mod inventors continues to be appreciative and complementary with each other when it comes to inspiration and cross-pollination. Teamwork makes this very weird, specific dream work! Or so it’s been said. Anyway, the inventor of this expanded, organized log storage keeps their description short and sweet- "New storage for your logs. Especially thanks Mobbstar for help. You cannot store any items, only logs. Has 5 slots for 5 stacks". Yup, that tracks. Also, it totally sounds like it was written by someone pragmatic enough to have thought this mod up and made it happen.

1 Oh Poop

Creative, a little icky and very smart - "This mod adds passive behavior to manure piles. If left on the ground they will begin decaying. When they decay they will automatically fertilize nearby barren plants and farm plots. Barren plants that are fertilized have a small random chance to become 'naturalized' again, meaning they will act as though they were never transplanted and not need further fertilizing. Flies will also stop buzzing at dusk/night. Configuration options have been added to allow you to disable any of the individual features. You can also completely remove the flies if they annoy you (they annoy me). A small manure pile has a very limited range (roughly one farm plot distance).”

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