Ranked: Best Dragon Age Characters

The Dragon Age franchise has had many different companion characters that the player’s character can interact with, befriend, and even date. The series is known for its fascinating romance options and storylines and also for the interactions between the companion characters. With three games in the series, there have been many different companion characters. Some of these characters stand out and are exceptionally well-written while others fade into the background.

We’ve put together a list of eleven of the best characters from Dragon Age and given them a ranking.

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Solas is the third male elf companion in the series and featured in Dragon Age: Inquisition. His conversations with the Inquisitor can be fascinating as he is an apostate mage who is magic and the Fade.

He also knows a lot about lore, and he is a powerful character. While somewhat controversial and not well-loved across the board, he’s definitely a character that isn’t very forgettable.


Cassandra Pentaghast played a role in Dragon Age 2 during cutscenes when she interrogated Varric, but she didn’t become a companion character until Dragon Age: Inquisition. She is a confident and capable character and warrior, and she is an ally you want on your side.

She has a tough exterior, but she is more caring than it might seem at first. There’s no doubt that she’s one of the most commanding characters with a real presence in the series, and she makes a great addition to the Inquisition.


Alistair was one of the main companion characters in Dragon Age: Origins, and he is definitely a fan favorite. While looking back now, the graphics from Origins don’t look so great, the companions really stand out in this game. Alistair is a huge sweetheart, and he is especially loveable if you choose to romance him.

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This character loves to joke around, but he also takes the Grey Warden lifestyle and the task at hand seriously. Another great thing about Alistair is that he’s one of the characters that the Grey Warden can influence the most as he cares deeply about your opinion and will react to you. As the Grey Warden, your choices will also decide Alistair’s fate.


The companion characters in Dragon Age 2 have very distinct personalities and are quite memorable. Dragon Age 2 also allows you to become friends or rivals with the companions, creating an interesting dynamic.

Isabella is a sexy pirate and thief, but there’s more to her than meets the eye. She is sarcastic and gives balance to some of the more serious characters in this game. Plus, she’s someone whose respect and loyalty Hawke has to earn. But, once you do, she makes a fun and exciting friend or lover to have.


Fenris is the character that fits the brooding, sexy elf role, but many fans love him for that. Fenris has a tragic past and hates mages and magic, making him Anders rival. This makes for some pretty interesting and dramatic conversations while Hawke walks around fighting foes.

Fenris has unique abilities because of the lyrium in his skin, and he is definitely one of the most dramatic characters to romance. He’s an easy character to become rivals with which can be an exciting route to take. The main downside to his character is that he doesn’t get to heal as much as fans might hope.


Aveline is a character with a great design who is a refreshing take on a female character. Dragon Age does do a good job of having LGBT romance options and a diverse cast of female characters, but many of the women are stereotypically feminine of sexy. Aveline is a fierce warrior and is less feminine in a relatable way.

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She is a letter of the law person, but she also is a loyal friend to Hawke. Since the two meet at the beginning of the game, Hawke and Aveline can become close allies and friends. She is an extremely powerful warrior and the type of woman you want to have on your side.


Dorian is a mage from Tevinter. This means he grew up in a place where he could practice magic freely, giving the Inquisitor the chance to learn more about magic as well as Tevinter. Dorian is also a fun companion as he has a witty sense of humor and is overall a good person who wants to make life better for his people.

Plus, he’s the only male Dragon Age character that can only be romanced by a male Inquisitor, making him a great addition to the diversity of the Dragon Age games.


Morrigan is definitely one of the most memorable characters from the entire franchise. She was a companion in Origins, and we also get to meet and interact with her powerful mother, Flemeth. While at first, she has many walls up, it is possible to gain her trust.

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She is a powerful and knowledgeable mage, and she definitely is one that you don't want to cross. Her dialogue is some of the best from Origins, and she’s one of the companion characters that is worth going through all of their dialogue and story options.


Zevran is the type of character that many people expect to see in a fantasy game, and many fans love him. He’s an assassin and member of the Antivan Crows. Zevran definitely didn’t have a good upbringing as part of the Crows, but he has a really good heart.

With the Warden’s help, he is able to leave the Crows behind as he joins up with the group after first trying to assassinate them. Zevran’s dialogue is insightful, hilarious, and sexual. Overall, he’s one of the most fun and suave companions, and he’s a hard character to forget.


Varric is undoubtedly one of the best characters in the series. While all fans have their favorite companion characters, most people can agree that Varric is pretty great. He is a storyteller, adventurer, and a lot of fun. He is a companion in both Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition, but the second installment is where he is at his best.

He becomes a close ally and friend to Hawke and that friendship can be one of the best parts of the game. He gets along well with almost everyone and makes the perfect addition to any party.

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