The 10 Best Exotics For Warlocks In Destiny 2, Ranked (So Far)

Destiny 2 has been in some big news recently, and as such there are more players than ever joining the ranks of guardians protecting the Traveler and the Light. Warlocks are a special breed in the realm of Destiny 2, with the ability to choose whether to heal their team or deal the most damage in a raid encounter.

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With such versatility and diverse playstyles available, Warlocks have been the favorite class of many guardians, but the choices don't stop at the subclass menu. In fact, there is even more diversity in the builds guardians choose to use and the exotics they run with. This article explores the 10 best exotics for the Warlock in Destiny 2 (so far).

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10 Transversive Steps

Repeatedly named some of the best exotics for PvP, Transversive Steps help the Warlock feel like they're in a disco and fire in style. Not only do Transversive Steps give increased run speed for the wearer, but after a few seconds, they reload the guardian's current equipped weapon.

With hidden perks such as increased sneak speed and increased jump height, they are an excellent choice for the mobility heavy PvP Warlock. They can be acquired from exotic engrams or Xur's shop.

9 Geomag Stabilizers

One of the most fun and powerful single damage supers in Destiny 2 is Chaos Reach, giving a Warlock an Arc powered laser that destroys anything in its path. In fact, for those guardians looking for an edge in Gambit, Chaos Reach does even more damage to a Primeval than a Hunter's Blade Barrage.

Geomag Stabilizers are a must for Chaos Reach users, as it extends the super's duration when damaging enemies with it, giving even more damage per second to the build. On top of that, when the Warlock's super is near full, sprinting finishes off the super energy needed for even more lasers and damage. The Geomag Stabilizers can be acquired from an exotic engram or Xur's shop.

8 Lunafaction Boots

Warlocks have the ability to be one of the greatest support characters in the game, even greater than a Titan's shield. With healing rift equipped on any subclass, the Warlock has the ability to keep their fireteam alive for a greater amount of time, and when fighting bosses, the damage rift will allow even more DPS for those coveted speed runs.

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The Lunafaction Boots are a perfect pairing for the PvE support build, as they reload allies' weapons while they stand in the Warlock's rift. Pair this with a damage buffing rift and a few Whisper of the Worm, and the fireteam will shred through any boss that they encounter. The Lunafaction Boots can be acquired through no special means—just a lucky exotic engram or RNG and Xur's shop.

7 Chromatic Fire

Arguably, Warlocks have some of the best fashion pieces in Destiny 2, and one of the reasons is Chromatic Fire. A beautifully unique chest piece, any Warlock can hop into the r/DestinyFashion game and enjoy looking good while popping enemies.

Chromatic Fire isn't just for looks, though, as the exotic grants the perk Crystalline Transistor, which allows precision kills with the primary weapon to create a Chromatic explosion with the equipped subclass' element. This basically grants a colorful version of the Firefly perk for free on any weapon. This is especially powerful on high rate of fire pulse rifles or a hand cannon with a lot of punch and handling. Chromatic Fire can be obtained through an exotic engram or buying it from Xur's shop.

6 Ophidian Aspect

Many guardians argue between Transversive Steps and Ophidian Aspect for the best PvP item, and for good reason. Ophidian Aspect, though not as stylish, also helps the Warlock with some incredible perks to get an edge over the opponent in a Crucible match.

These gauntlets grant extended melee range to the class with the longest melee range in the game and allow weapons to be readied faster with quicker reloads for the wearer. These three perks can be found separately on multiple armor items, yet are given in a single perk on Ophidian Aspect. Using a shotgun and submachine gun with the healing melee in the Void subclass can be an incredibly strong build. Ophidian Aspect can be acquired from an exotic engram or Xur's shop.

5 Starfire Protocol

Many of the above exotics helped Warlocks with PvP mobility and supporting their fireteam in an encounter, but what about when a Warlock wants to deal some damage in the form of space magic? With Starfire Protocol, a solar-focused exotic chest piece, Warlocks gain an additional fusion grenade to make the battlefield glow orange with flame.

On top of that, grenade kills completely charge the Warlock's rift, which, stacked with the Dawnblade subclass, gives an astounding aerial advantage to the solar Warlock. The Starfire Protocol can be obtained with an exotic engram or through Xur's shop.

4 Crown Of Tempests

Continuing down the space magic path, as the Destiny franchise is lovingly known for, the next exotic armor piece is Crown of Tempests, a helmet resembling the crown of an evil sorcerer. With this helmet, using Arc abilities to kill any unfortunate enemy that crosses the Warlock's path recharges other arc abilities. This comes in the form of a stackable buff that will continue to recharge skills as long as kills are made.

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Paired with Stormcaller, the roaming super that gives the guardian the skills of a Sith Lord, Warlocks can be an unstoppable mob killer in any encounter. Crown of Tempests can be acquired through a lucky exotic engram drop or, at times, through Xur's shop.

3 The Stag

Have an itch for competitive PvP? With a fireteam confident in their skills and a Warlock toting The Stag, a fireteam has a definite edge over their opponent. The Stag grants a Warlock rift energy when critically low in battle for clutch healing right when they need it most.

It also creates a healing rift on death, meaning that, with good communication, a fireteam working together can heal up and continue the fight even on the Warlock's corpse. Because of the niche usage of this helmet, it is best to use The Stag with at least a partner or some type of communication; otherwise, value is significantly lost. The Stag is acquired through exotic engrams or Xur's shop.

2 Nezarec's Sin

Though similar to Crown of Tempests in effect, Nezarec's Sin gives a significant edge over any enemy, simply because of its intimidating look. No enemy wants to see a human-shaped minotaur as they get sucked into the Void on death, but with Nezarec's Sin, that is exactly what many enemies of the Traveler see.

Nezarec's Sin grants a buff similar to Crown of Tempests that allows Void ability kills to give ability energy to the other skills when equipped. As long as the Warlock is killing with purple magic, they can continue to do so freely. Nezarec's Sin can be strongly paired with Tractor Cannon, which buffs Void damage from any source by up to 50% and Nova Bomb for incredible burst potential. Nezarec's Sin can be obtained by a lucky exotic engram drop or through Xur's shop.

1 Verity's Brow

The final exotic should not be looked down upon because it looks like a dead bug hugging a face. In fact, used correctly, Verity's Brow can make one of the most enjoyable builds in the entire game. Paired with the exotic submachine gun Riskrunner and an Arc subclass with chain lightning, the Warlock turns into a tanky, lighting throwing machine.

Verity's Brow gives increased grenade cooldown to the wearer and their allies when damaging with an energy weapon. This means that with the incredible synergy of Arc damage and Riskrunner, and chain lightning perfect for taking down hordes of enemies, a Warlock can be near unstoppable. As a hint, this is the perfect build for a strike like Exodus Crash with a plethora of Arc damage, as well as versus any encounter with a large amount of Hive Thrall. Verity's Brow can be acquired through an exotic engram or through Xur's shop, which is available from Fridays at reset 10 am PST until Sunday at reset 10 am PST.

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