The 10 Best Free Battle Royale Games, Ranked

Thanks to video games, we can now live out what life was like for our cavemen ancestors. That is, murdering others and taking their stuff in hopes of becoming a king or at the very least, getting some food (preferably a chicken dinner). Battle royale games let us experience that without the consequences. Such a relatively novel idea has actually existed long before worldwide sensations like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) or Fortnite in the form of multiplayer deathmatch but their scale was never grand.

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Fast forward to today with our constantly improving internet and better game design, we are now enjoying hundred-player deathmatches. Needless to say, getting aboard the battle royale train is easier than ever and some of them don't even cost anything. So, if you want to hone your battle royale skills before you commit your time and wallet to a big paid battle royale game title, you might want to check out these 10 free battle royale games first.

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The battle royale rush can be intense and addicting, especially once you start getting into the top 10. In fact, it can even be a good way to get your blood flowing (even if you're at work). Instead of the usual coffee, you might want to try out Suriv.io for your adrenaline rush. It's a battle royal game that's browser-based, meaning there's no need to install or wait long queues.

Obviously, there are some compromises to be had with a browser-based game. The graphics are all 2D drawings and you play from a top-down perspective. However, it requires little to no effort to start up and also includes 100 players to have a deathmatch with regardless of your computer specs.


If sci-fi is more your speed when it comes to shooters, then Islands of Nyne might be your thing. It's a sci-fi battle royale game that has been in development before the likes of PUBG has been announced. The game was crowdfunded and its developers were independent. Its early access phase was quite rocky but now that the game has been completed, it went free-to-play.

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The first thing you'll usually notice in Islands of Nyne is the gorgeous futuristic aesthetics of the game. This battle royale title involves aliens in the premise as they were the ones who built the island/arena for players to murder each other. The game is quite demanding, however, and might require at least a mid-range computer for decent gameplay.


Games are all about having fun and sometimes, serious battle royale titles can be stressful. Thankfully, Cuisine Royale knows this and it also knows how to lighten up the mood. It may look semi-realistic but you'll soon find that some of the items you get to pick in the game involve food. Often, you'll see roasted chicken along with other grilled meat alongside machine guns in Cuisine Royale.

Heck, one of the crate drops is even a refrigerator straight from the sky. If that's not enough to make you chuckle, your character's armor is made out of kitchenware such as colanders, frying pans, and wok pans. For some reason, they also constantly carry shopping bags. Don't expect the game to be bug-free and polished, though; it's still in early access-- but hey, it's free!


Some battle royale games' maps can be too big for optimal or fun gameplay or for those who are a strapped for time. If that's one of your problems but you still want to be part of the hype, then The Darwin Project lets you have that fun without requiring much of your time. The maps are small enough for 10 players to have a spooky deathmatch in dark maps brought about by an ice age.

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This is one of the more unique takes on the battle royale genre since it involves plenty of survival mechanics that are also applicable in real life. You can track your enemies in the snow, bargain with them, craft tools, and use any means to survive the cold. As you may have guessed, guns are nonexistent here. The only projectile weapons you can have are bows... and snowballs. Yes, you can snowball an enemy to death by hypothermia.


Valve's Counter-Strike franchise has a long history of dominating the first-person shooter (FPS) eSports scene. This time around it seems the game has bent to the overwhelming will and call of battle royale. Last year, the game also introduced a battle royale mode of its own called Danger Zone. It's also not as huge in scale as your typical battle royale as it only supports up to 16 players solo or 18 in a squad of three.

However, that small number of players per match also does a lot for the game. Matches only last 10 minutes instead of the usual 30 minutes for 100-player battle royale games (assuming you reach top 10). The best part about this battle royale, of course, is the shooting and gunplay mechanics of CS:GO which translate well into deathmatch gameplay.


We've had a sci-fi battle royale game, so now, here's our fantasy variant of the genre, Realm Royale. Well, mostly fantasy, since it also has guns... that turn anyone you kill into chickens. Since it's fantasy, you also get to have some nifty spells to use against other players. It also introduces some interesting new mechanics such as magical weapon upgrades via forges in addition to the fantasy locale.

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The best part is that movement and traveling in this game can be a breeze since you can summon your own mount. That's right, instead of cars, you get to ride horses (or sometimes raptors). Mounted combat is also a thing and you don't need a passenger to shoot other people while you drive (or ride) unlike in other battle royale games with vehicles.


Ever heard of Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene? He's the architect behind PUBG but that's not the only battle royale game he worked on. In fact, Greene worked on H1Z1 before he conceived PUBG. It's a zombie survival game which, over time, has evolved to have its own battle royale function. It was only last year when the game came out of early access.

Eventually, the developers rebranded the survival game to a battle royale only game but retained its free price. Z1 Battle Royale is pretty much a free-to-play PUBG and has similar guns, vehicles, and even character style and models to it. For many players, however, it's somewhat clunkier and less polished than PUBG, which is understandable, having a free price tag.


Tencent, PUBG's publisher in China, decided to create its own free battle royale game. The result was Ring of Elysium which, sadly, is only available in certain regions of the world; a bummer since it introduces some really exciting twists to the battle royale formula. It has snowboarding and snowmobiles as well as a real-time weather system which can affect gameplay.

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Additionally, it also allows a total of four players to escape/win even in solo mode. That means you can form alliances with four players who aren't your teammates. It's up to you (or them) whether you'll all betray each other in the end even if the four of you can actually escape the freezing cold storms of the Ring of Elysium.


For a time Fortnite: Battle Royale was the king of the battle royale genre and rightfully so. It was a more streamlined and casual-friendlier PUBG. The maps were smaller, making the matches a lot tighter and increasing the chances of players encountering one another in a session. Arguably, this makes Fortnite's matches a lot more exciting and frantic than PUBG's since the downtime between the encounters is less.

What will keep you coming back are the rewards and incentives to play. Fortnite: Battle Royale features one of the most robust and compelling rewards track and system among battle royale or even multiplayer games. Spending money is actually optional and you also don't feel cheated since you can see what you're working towards and you know what you'll get (they're all just cosmetic, by the way).


When it first came out after being kept under a cover by the developers, Apex Legends took the gaming community by storm. It even managed to dethrone Fortnite: Battle Royale at one point and is now one of the most preferred battle royale titles at the moment. It's a futuristic sci-fi FPS that has enough polish and combat variety to put established titles like PUBG to shame.

Apex Legends' hook when it comes to differentiating itself from other titles in the genre, is the characters it has. Each of them has their own personality and specialization or skill that all make a huge difference in gameplay. Along with some quality-of-life improvements for communication and movement, Apex Legends makes battle royale more fun than any other title that tried out the formula... that is until the next big thing arrives which might happen soon.

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