10 Best Free Mobile Exercise Games, Ranked

There are several mobile games out there for download that combine exercise with fun, encourage you to push yourself, and reward you for your efforts!

In this day and age, our lives are very busy. Our offices and our game systems are all in our pocket. It can be hard to unplug, go out, and get some exercise. Gym memberships can be expensive and going can be boring. However, with modern times come modern solutions.

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There are several mobile games out there for download that combine exercise with fun, encourage you to push yourself, and reward you for your efforts. On top of all that, they’re free to download and play! It should be noted though that most games of this sort offer microtransactions to further the game faster but these purchases are completely optional and not needed to enjoy the game. Here are ten of these mobile games to make getting fit fun.

10 Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO is arguably one of the most famous names on this list. The game is simple: walk around your city or neighborhood and catch Pokémon. You get to customize your Pokémon trainer and it moves with you around the GPS guided map as you capture nearby Pokémon.

There's a fun option that allows you to use your phone’s camera and the Pokémon appears to be standing right in front of you! You also occasionally get Pokémon eggs and you have to walk a certain distance to hatch them. You can train your Pokémon for battles at locations around town as well.

9 Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

This game is relatively new, having been released earlier this year. The story of the game states that the magic, creatures, and dangers of the Harry Potter universe is bleeding into our own and it's up to you to send it back from whence it came. You create your own wizard/witch to participate in this effort by casting spells and seeking out the magical anomalies.

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This game makes extensive use of AR (Augmented Reality) where you look through your phone’s camera to “see” images and effects layered over the real world. One interesting thing you can find in the game is Portkeys. These are 3-D, 360-degree recreations of iconic locations from the Harry Potter series that you can immerse yourself in.

8 Jurassic World Alive

If dinosaur hunting sounds like how you would want to get your steps in, then Jurassic World Alive might be right up your alley. Much like many games on this list, it uses AR to make the gargantuan beasts come to life right in front of you! As you find the different dinosaurs scattered about your area, you can collect them and their DNA. Then, much like in the movies, you can take the DNA and create hybrid dinosaurs!

You can display the might of your created army by battling others in real-time. The app does offer a monthly membership for ten dollars but this is only if you want extra perks and items; the game itself is completely free to download and play.

7 Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime takes a slightly different approach to the “get out and go” exercise game. A mysterious new resource known as XM is discovered and now two factions, The Enlightened and The Resistance, is waging a secret war for dominance. You as the player gets to become an Agent and pick a side.

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Instead of hunting creatures or magic, you go to local landmarks to establish control of the area. There is a communication system built into the game so you can organize raids with your fellow agents. However, Ingress Prime has an age limit of at least 13 depending on where you live.

6 Zombies, Run!

Whether you want to mix up your marathon training or just find some way to make jogging exciting, Zombies, Run! is the way to do it. This app provides an immersive audio experience that plops you into a zombie apocalypse where you are Runner 5. As you run, walk, or jog your course, the game tells you a story of an outpost of survivors and you’re on a supply run for them.

Occasionally, you’ll hear the sounds of zombies in your headphones and you’ll have to pick up the pace in real life to escape. It has hundreds of “missions” over which the story unfolds. The only downside is that only one mission is unlocked a week.

5 Zombies, Run! 5k Training

Even though the concept of this game is the same as the previous entry on this list (including the way the missions are unlocked), there is an important distinction. If you are starting out walking or running for exercise, starting the right way is crucial. Many beginners push themselves too hard at first.

This separate game helps an absolute beginner go from no activity to being able to travel five kilometers. It takes you step by step with methods that actual trainers use so that you exercise properly and have fun doing it. In addition, the story is a sort of prequel to the regular app, so once you graduate, you won’t be listening to the same material.

4 Wokamon - Fitness Game

Wokamon combines the virtual pet genre, a pedometer, and an interesting story. The Wokamons are odd-looking creatures from a faraway planet, where they used to coexist with a different species of creatures called Layabouts whose activity produced energy.

However, the Layabouts became lazy and now the Wokamons need to find a new energy source. They’ve now come to our world to harness our exercise energy. As you walk, it creates energy for your pet Wokamons and you can take care of them. The more you walk, the more creatures you unlock, and the happier your little pets will be.

3 Fit For Battle

This game looks to inject a little action and adventure into your daily run. Its audio story takes place in a fantasy world where you and two companions are sent on a grand quest to solve a mystery for the king. Your adventuring buddies describe what is going on around you, and when you engage in battle, they encourage you to run faster or strike back.

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As you progress through the story, your character levels up and you gain gear to customize your avatar. The quests are available to you as you progress and the microtransactions are only for extra currency and items.

2 “Burn Your Fat With Me!!"

There is a niche of games where you play through a dating simulator with a manga-style visual novel presentation. These are laid out in episodes where you make choices about what to do or say to win the favor of one or multiple characters. This game takes that format but adds an exercise element to it.

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If you want to impress your potential sweetheart and advance through the story, you’ll have to complete various challenges such a doing 50 sit-ups in three minutes. If cute men are more to your tastes, there is a version that features them as well. It is free to play all the way through, but you can purchase extras if you so choose.

1 Hops - Journey Of Tree Spirit

This game brands itself as a “gamified” activity tracker. It tracks three things: your exercise activity, how many steps you’ve gotten in, and how many flights of stairs you climbed. The game gives you challenges to meet, and each time you do, you unlock cute little creatures known as Hops.

Your activities give them materials and energy with which to build their own little society. There are only three microtransactions in this game and they are quite cheap, should you choose to get them. The tracking systems link to all of your fitness apps on your phones such as Apple Health or your FitBit watch.

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