10 Best Games You Can Get On The Epic Store

Epic Games has been the subject of much controversy recently. The developers of Fortnite launched their own digital gaming store, called the Epic Games Store. The company quickly purchased exclusivity for numerous games, including Borderlands 3, that rubbed a lot of PC gamers the wrong way.

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However, the frustration with PC exclusivity aside, the Epic Games Store has a lot of great games to play. It's clear that the company isn't messing around and wants to provide some sort of competition in the market. If you're looking for something new to play and are willing to use a separate launcher, here are the 10 best games on the Epic Games Store.

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Since the release of Left for Dead 2, there has been a massive, 4-man zombie game-shaped hole in fans' hearts. World War Z has released and tries to recapture that magic. In a lot of ways, the game succeeds. An exclusive title on the Epic Store, World War Z might just be the game to tie fans over.

Players will work together and make their way through levels dominated with zombies. Despite being a $40 title, World War Z sports some impressive graphics and can load ridiculous numbers of zombies at a time. In this game, they'll do whatever it takes to bring you down.


Esteemed game company Devolver Digital gets its newest title as an Epic Store exclusive on PC. Observation sees players trying to figure out what happened to a woman on a space station. While this formula has been done extensively in pop culture, Observation places a unique spin on it by having players take control of the AI that controls the space station.

This changes the dynamic of the game and its story, adding a lot more helplessness and intrigue as players see the dangers of space and uncover the mysterious disappearance. By having players control the AI, they get to experience sci-fi horror from a new lens.


Subnautica is a survival game that is one of the best in its class. Players are dropped into an unfamiliar, aquatic planet with the distant view of their spaceship wreckage on the ocean surface. They have nothing left to do but explore the uncharted waters and collect materials just to survive another day.

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Featuring a hand-crafted world by the developers and a host of creative and dangerous monsters, there is no end to the excellent adventures players can have in this game. Even the game's early access sequel, Subnautica: Below Zero, is for sale on the Epic Games Store. Get both entries in one fell swoop.


Embark on a quest through a world unlike you've never seen before in Ashen. Players take control of a wanderer who is just trying to find a place to settle down. This leads players across a perilous journey where they'll meet a host of horrifying monsters as well as some helpful people.

As players build their own homes, they have to choose who they can trust and who they should leave behind as they press on. The game prides itself in visual storytelling, having plenty of moments where players can just sit back and soak it all in. The game is a timed Epic Games Store exclusive until December 2019.


When it was announced that the anticipated Metro Exodus would be an Epic Games Store exclusive, PC gamers collectively lost their minds. This was the signal that Epic Games was ready to compete in the PC gaming market. It helps that Metro Exodus is just an excellent game.

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The graphics, sound design, and story are all great, complimenting each other nicely. It improves on the original in almost every way, delivering a post-apocalyptic experience that people aren't soon to forget. The game is survival-based, forcing players to think on their feet and overcome the obstacles in the tainted world around them.


Bastion and Transistor quickly made a name for themselves as some of the best indie games on the market. This was all thanks to the work of Supergiant Games. Hades, the latest game in the company's lineup, has made its way to the Epic Games Store as an exclusive title.

Fans of Supergiant Games' previous work will know what to expect. Hades is an isometric action game. However, this time around, it surrounds itself in challenge and difficulty, sending players back to the start if they are slain. The game combines a gorgeous visual style of 2D backgrounds and 3D models for an excellent presentation.


Unreal Tournament has been in development for quite some time, and it's a game that desperately tries to show off Unreal Engine 4. As such, it's a gorgeous game, showing off what the engine is capable of in terms of graphical detail.

Unreal Tournament has been a bit short-staffed, leading to it getting put on the backburner for Epic Games. However, the launch of the Epic Games Store has essentially given the game a new avenue. It's free-to-play and still has a ways to go before a full release. However, it has a solid core, leading to an overall fun experience that's worth at least trying out.


If Monster Hunter is a bit too complex for your taste, then Dauntless might be your next big game. This free-to-play action game puts you in the role of a hunter that you create. You then travel through a massive world in search of well-crafted and unique monsters to take down. Your goal is to better your skills to get better equipment and items to become the best hunter around.

Dauntless is an Epic Games Store exclusive, but the $0 price tag will surely be enough to draw people in. It's another game that looks and runs great, enticing players to give it a fair shot.


The developer of Braid was at it again with the release of The Witness. This puzzle game puts players on an island in which they must solve all sorts of puzzles. However, the puzzle completion is entirely up to the player. There are paths that are easier than others, but the road is ultimately up to the player.

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The island setting is serene and well-realized, making for an overall relaxing, yet mentally stimulating experience. Because The Witness is a local game as well, you won't have to worry about playing online and whatever sorts of potential cross-play issues pop up with your friends on Steam.


If you've ever played the 8-bit Grand Theft Auto-inspired game called Retro City Rampage, then you're in for a treat with Shakedown Hawaii. Developer Vblank has applied its mechanics and concepts from its prior release to create something that's much more exciting and fun.

It carries over the open-world elements from Retro City Rampage but introduces some city builder mechanics on top of it. Once again, the game is extremely self-aware, parodying all sorts of hilarious pop culture icons from years in the past. The game is also in a 16-bit style, making it a natural progression from the previous 8-bit game.

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