10 Best Games For Cat Lovers (That Are Actually Good)

Sure, when Splatoon had the Splatfest of cats versus dogs, the dogs won in North America. However, did you know that team cat actually won more games than team dog? They also won in the Europe and Oceania region. Cat loving gamers are fighters and ironically, are often underdogs.

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There are plenty of games out there about cats where you either take care of cats or play as a cat. We are only counting ten of them, so we have to also mention that there are plenty of other games out there for cat lovers to discover. Here is a list of ten we thought we noteworthy.

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10 The Animal Crossing Games

Animal lovers in general flock to the Animal Crossing series. It's a game where you live in a village of animals. There are tons of villagers that randomly move in and out. However, a ton of them are cats. According to the Animal Crossing wiki, there are about 51 cat villagers in total throughout the series! That means, in theory, you can get a village that is completely populated by cats.

Besides taking care of villagers, you also get to dress up and decorate your own home. It's definitely one of the most addicting games out there.

9 The Cat Lady

This one is for the horror fans. You play a cat lady named Susan who is a middle-aged woman experiencing depression. However, she has stray cats as friends which is why everyone in her neighborhood calls her the "cat lady." After attempting to take her own life, she meets the Queen of Maggots who makes her immortal and tasks her with ridding the world of five different psychopaths.

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So yes, this game has cat moments. The protagonist can summon her cats at certain moments of the game. While it is dark, is also offers moments of hope and humor as well.

8 Pokémon

Like Animal Crossing, Pokémon caters to animal lovers of all kinds. With cats being as popular as they are in the world, there are a ton of cat Pokémon. In fact, Sun and Moon featured a cat starter, Litten. So you can start the game with a cat already as your companion. Besides Litten though, there are tons of other cats out there. You can have an entirely cat party with Pokémon like Persian, Delcatty, Purugly, Liepard, Luxray, Pyroar, Meowstic, and even legendary kinds like Solgaleo.

7 Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore a Fedora

This charming action-adventure game is for nior fans. You play a Private Investigator, Emma Jones with your PI cat, Franky. As expected of a nior game, part of it's atmosphere is the music which consists of jazz with chiptunes.

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Not only is the game cute, but it's smart. There is definitely a background metaphor for classism among the animals. Familiar nior tropes are touched upon, but you are not beaten over the head with them. There are downsides though, like you can accidentally shoot Franky a bunch and the cat reacts with sad meows. Do not worry though, she'll be fine. You might get an achievement called "Franky Hater" though.

6 Neko Astume

This mobile phone game may make the hardcore gamers scoff, but com'on! Look that those adorable little kitty faces. It's hard not to fall in love with their designs. That is probably why this game got a lot of merchandise.

Neko Astume is a collector game in which you are trying to attract as many different kind of cats to your yard as possible. You slowly collect and save up for items that attract the various felines. That's it, it's a simple task but it can take a pretty long time. It is a calming presence to have as an app on your phone.

5 Catz

This game goes way back to 1995. It was a popular virtual pet game where you name pets, dress them up, wash them, feed them, play with them, and watch them play together. Looking back on it, oh wow, the user interface looks old.  However, the breeding mechanics were pretty cool. You could create all sorts of different mixed breeds.

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For young kids or adults wanting to be goofy, this was a great game. It's definitely not the most modern one on this list though, with it's more recent games being for the Nintendo DS.

4 Rain World

Why just be a cat when you can be a slugcat?

Rain World is a survival game where you play as a slugcat that is trying to survive in a broken ecosystem. The slugcat got separated from it's family and now must hunt prey and hide from predators on it's own.

The game was obviously inspired by 16-bit classic games and it's gotten heaps of positive reviews. It is not an easy game though, as it's noted to have a steep learning curve. So yes, you will probably get eaten a lot.

3 Night In The Woods

Out of all the cat games on this list, this one is probably the most human. All the characters are animals, but they are basically human people. You get to play a cat-person though, Mae.

Mae is a college drop-out who returns to her home town to see life just isn't the same. She is dealing with what a lot of young adults are dealing with, people's expectations, finding direction, and using humoristic nihilism to cope with daily anxiety. It is a game with a lot of heart, and the characters are all incredibly lovable.

2 Catlateral Damage

If there is one we all know about cats, it's that they like to knock stuff over. That's what this game is basically about. It's a first-person destructive cat simulator where you try to cause as much damage as possible for a limited amount of time. What can be more fun than just running around and knocking everything over?

Not only that, but this game as a ton of collectables and power-ups that keep the game interesting. It has a lot of positive Steam reviews too.

1 Tokyo Jungle

Tokyo Jungle is a survival game for various animal lovers. It's a post-apocalyptic Tokyo where all the animals now fend for themselves without human intervention. You slowly unlock different animals and work your way up to the more powerful ones like lions and dinosaurs (yes, there are dinosaurs). There are different mechanics between being a vegetarian animal and a predator which means you either hunt or forage.

Of course you get to play as a liberated house cat, and that's what gets it on this list. What's even cuter is you can find a mate and have kittens to follow you around! Just don't get too attached, as Tokyo Jungle is very merciless.

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