10 Best Games with Romance Options

Single-player video games can often get lonely or dull after you've gone to the same places innumerable times, killed X amount of enemies and fulfilled goals A through Z. Thankfully, some titles spice things up by letting you experience a fully-fledged dating system. These romance options, unsurprisingly, are a lot easier when compared to real-life dating and romance.

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There are actually quite a lot of video games now which have incorporated romance options into their gameplay. Some of them are done so well, you might even find yourself getting a crush or falling in love with your chosen virtual paramour.


Ever wanted to feel like the Greek god of merriment, fertility, and ecstasy, Dionysus? Well, now you can. The developers of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey made sure to include steamy possibilities for either of the two characters in the Greek epic game. Just about any major island you visit in Odyssey's simulated ancient Greek world has lovers waiting just around the corner.

Some of them are one-off encounters, while others might stick around if you choose the right olive oil-coated words. There are also plenty of options for homosexual trysts if you prefer.


Skyrim belongs to the Nords and the hopeless romantics too. After all, slaying dragons and sucking their souls for character progression can only get so exciting. Also, it can get rather cold in Skyrim. Luckily for the Dragonborn, you can find yourself someone to keep you warm at night... someone who doesn't necessarily breathe fire or try to kill you.

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The women of Skyrim, however, are not your usual damsels in distress. They can fight as well as you can and might even get you out of a tight spot. The same can be said for the men if you choose one of them.


Quantity doesn't always equate to quality. While the previous two games have dozens of romantic options for you to choose, theirs don't compare to The Witcher 3's. Geralt of Rivia only has two romantic options (discounting the paid ones), but they have more personality or beauty than a dozen copy-pasted shieldmaidens in Skyrim.

We're talking about Yennefer and Triss, basically the snarky brunette and the cute redhead. No, you can't have both-- that will end badly. You can, however, have several playthroughs and can change your decision if you find that the brunette is a lot more trouble than she's worth.


To this day, Rockstar Games has yet to duplicate or successfully re-capture the magic of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It has always been one of the biggest, most nostalgic, and most fun GTA titles of all time. It was all but complete and perfect in every way, and you can bet it also has its own slew of romantic options.

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In San Andreas, minigames and quests that involve girlfriends exist all over the cities of Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. You need to attend to them, date them and take them to the right places to improve your relationship with them. Just like in real life... except you get chased by the police more often.


Divinity: Original Sin 2 is one of the most recent RPGs to break new ground. It has one of the most robust dialogue/decision systems in RPGs; each choice you make will usually come back to haunt you or bite you in the rear. Thankfully, romance options in Original Sin 2 are not as consequential as your other in-game choices.

However, if you're looking for more "vanilla" romantic interests in the game, you might be disappointed. There are only one human male and one human female character to romance in the game. The rest of the gang consists of  a brutish dwarf, a murderous she-elf, a talking skeleton, and a pompous upright iguana.


Stardew Valley is a paradise for single people. It's a place where anyone in their 20s or 30s is beautiful, single, and has great hair. It's the perfect place to find love in video games. The best part is, it's not even a game about dating, but farming. That means you don't have to focus on chasing singles around town.

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Additionally, Stardew Valley is one of the few games on this list that allows you to marry the character you've chosen. Even in a video game, that's a nice touch of detail to make the romance part grander and more intricate.


If pre-made characters are not your thing, you can always make your own to woo from scratch. That's what The Sims 4 allows you to do, and you can even make a digital replica of your special someone(s) in-game so you can break their heart digitally without any consequences.

You might find that The Sims 4's romance and dating system can be quite simple, though. Often, you can get away with just spamming certain actions and conversations to increase the attraction meter. This isn't entirely bad, though, as it makes finding someone to date in-game easier.


To heck with the Jedi and their convoluted tenets: in Bioware's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, you can be a Jedi Knight and still romance another Jedi. Of course, that would turn you both into the Sith, but it's probably worth it just to spite the judgmental space-monks and their stuck-up beliefs.

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There are only three romantic options in Knights of the Old Republic, however, and two of them are even gender-locked. Still, those three characters are pretty similar in quality to The Witcher 3's, meaning you can get to know a lot about them before finally deciding if you want to betray or love them.


Dragon Age: Origins marks Bioware's first major RPG since Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. You can bet that they improved all RPG aspects of this game, despite it being set in a fantasy universe instead of a sci-fi one. The romance options, for that matter, are better than those of Knights of the Old Republic.

You get two heterosexual and two bisexual romantic interests. Still, two of them stand out: Morrigan and Leliana. The two can get in a witty catfight if you romance them both at the same time. Since one is a witch and the other is a bard nun, grab your popcorn-- and make up your mind, will you?


In Mass Effect 2, you're Commander Shepard and you can't decide which alien to bed, marry, or kill. The romantic options are just so overwhelming and even more interesting than Bioware's previous games-- they really outdid themselves with this one. The best part is that there are equal options for male and female characters... or you can just use a mod for same-sex romance.

Regardless of which human or alien you pick, you'll have plenty of fun encounters in Mass Effect 2. Space can be cold and dark, after all, and you'll need all the warmth and you can get... and something to take your mind off apocalyptic alien doom bots.

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