The 10 Best Games To Play On Halloween

Halloween is a day that many people, no matter their age, look forward to every year. It's a day where everyone can be a little silly and even a little creepy, as long as everyone involved is having fun. Kids and adults get to dress up as anything whether its scary, cute or even strange. Kids usually go Trick or Treating and adults find their own fun by going to Halloween themed parties. It's probably the one night of the year that most people want to be a little spooked.

Some people enjoy getting their Halloween fright from haunted houses, others like to watch scary movies. And if neither of those choices interests you maybe playing a few horror video games will? Horror games are scary all year round, but there's just something about playing them on October 31st that makes them especially creepy and much more fun.

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10 Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is a puzzle-platformer that's bound to make most people face their childhood fear of being in a dark and scary place while feeling too small to escape from it. Players control Six, a girl in a bright yellow raincoat as she tried to escape from a place known as The Maw. It's a dark and grungy ship that houses twisted workers like the long-arm Janitor and the Twin Chefs, who give Six trouble and try to prevent her from escaping. Along with the base game, there are 3 DLC levels that run parallel to Six's story and features a boy called "The Kid" as he tries to escape from The Maw as well. There's also a sequel to Little Nightmares coming out in 2020, featuring Six and a new character named Mono.

9 Outlast

Outlast is a first-person survival horror game first released on the PC. The first in the series, players become investigative journalist Miles Upshur who gets an anonymous e-mail about a private psychiatric hospital owned by a company known for its unethical practices, Murkoof Corporation. When he arrives he finds a grisly scene with multiple staff members dead and the hospital's dangerously deranged patients, called "variants", free. Players have to escape the hospital by sneaking past enemies, hiding and even outrunning. You can't fight enemies, the only way to survive is to, basically, outlast them.

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8 Silent Hill Series

The classic horror series began in 1999 but is still able to send a chill down the spine of players, even after 20 years. This psychological horror series has 8 main games and 4 side games that each stays true to the core of Silent Hill while adding their own twists to the series. Most characters are your average "everyday" individual and through strange events find themselves trapped in a nightmare version of the real world where their (and other people's) psychological traumas manifest into deadly enemies. Players have to solve challenging puzzles and face the fears of the characters they control.

7 Dying Light

In Dying Light, players take control of Kyle Crane an undercover operative who is sent to the city of Harran, where a strange virus has broken out and infected much of the population, turning them into hyper-aggressive zombie-like creatures. The city is under quarantine, with survivors trapped, as well as a rogue political figure, whom Crane is sent to retrieve a stolen file from. Gameplay incorporates parkour as a means of traveling through the city since the streets are filled with infected. There's an expansion called The Following which follows Crane after the events of the main game, and an upcoming sequel in 2020.

6 Alien Isolation

Terror isn't just on Earth it's in space as well! At least with the game Alien: Isolation. Based on the Alien movie franchise, the game takes place 15 years after the first Alien movie. Players control Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley who, desperate to find out what happened to her mother, travels to a trading station on the fringes of space, to retrieve the flight recorder of her mother's ship. Set in first-person, players explore the trading station Sevastopol to find and eliminate the deadly Xenomorphs, uncover the truth about Ripley, and uncover the dark secrets surrounding Sevastopol.

5 Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion

Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion is a little different from most of the other games on here. The players are invited to explore the abode of an adorable ghost girl named Spooky. The mansion has 1000 rooms full of cute terrors, like cardboard ghosts, skeletons, Halloween treats, and monsters. But beneath all the cuteness lies something much more... dark and truly terrifying. Are those noises that you keep hearing behind you in your head, or is something actually there?

Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion might not be everyone's idea of a 'scary games', but it's a fun and thrilling game that's sure to get your heart rate going from suspense.

4 Tattletail

Okay, so Tattletail is set during Christmas but who says Christmas can't be scary? Set five days before Christmas of 1998, players wake up to sneakily open one of their gifts. The gift turns out to be a Tattletail, a talking toy that's a lot like a Furby, and even more annoying. After playing with Tattletail that first night, weird events involving the toy start to happen every night after. Players have a set of tasks to do each night, all while keeping Tattletail quiet and avoiding being caught by the deadly Mama Tattletail.

3 Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is the first first-person shooter in the RE series. It takes a turn from the more action-oriented previous titles in the series and focuses more on survival horror and exploration. Players are in control of Ethan Winters, whose search for his missing wife Mia leads him to a plantation in Louisiana inhabited by a cannibalistic family, and strange and terrifying creatures called Molded. Ethan has to fight his way through the house, against the Molded, the Baker family and several deadly traps to find his wife. The game includes elements from previous RE games like solving puzzles. It's available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Switch, as well as the PlayStation VR set.

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2 Until Dawn

A secluded cabin in the woods is a setting for many horror movies. Playing Until Dawn feels like being in control of one. Players switch between the perspective of 8 friends, whose planned reunion up on Blackwood Moutain turns into a fight for survival as they each face several deadly challenges. What happens to all of them depends on the choices of the player. Each choice made creates a butterfly effect that could potentially help, or hinder them.

The game features several stars like Rami Malek and Hayden Panettiere and more who provided both voice acting and the motion capture for the game.

1 Dead By Daylight

Horror games are sometimes more fun with friends. Dead By Daylight is a multiplayer experience with five players, four who play as Survivors, and one who plays the Killer. Survivors have to escape the Killing Ground while avoiding the Killer, who has a number of special abilities, tools, and traps they can set to ensnare their victims. The Survivors can work together or choose to fight for themselves, though they'll need the help of their fellow Survivors should they get caught by the Killer. There's been a lot of DLC made available since it's release to add more Survivors, Killing Grounds and Killers from popular horror films and shows like Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, and even Stranger Things.

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