The 10 Best Hidden Quests In Fallout 4, Ranked

Leave it to games made by Bethesda to be full of little secret goodies to find. Fallout 4 has a huge map full of locations, NPCs, and equipment and not all of them are made equal. Among these hidden things are quests. Some of them are surprisingly detailed and interesting while others are small but still enjoyable. A couple of them are mostly known because they have rare rewards such as magazines or special power armor.

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However, none of quite alike so here is a ranking of ten from least best to best based on how fun they are and the rewards you get for completing them.

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10 Getting Miss Edna And Mister Zwicky  Married

Few Fallout 4 players see this event. That is because it is up to you to spark it! Mister Zwicky is the teacher at the Diamond City school and his assistant is a sweet robot named Miss Edna.

The player can speak to both of them. In a conversation with Miss Edna, you can answer her question that love is possible between two very different people. In a later visit to Diamond City, you can see the robot and teacher get married by Pastor Clements in front of All Faiths Chapel.

9 Quality Assurance

This unmarked quest takes place in the General Atomics factory. You to tests in three rooms and your reward is a safe with fusion cores.

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The tests are very basic and involve no combat. You have to do little tasks such as just turning off a radio and picking up certain items off the floor. They are pretty funny, as they are all about testing child safety.

8 In Sheep's Clothing

If you end the main story of the game as someone not with the Institute, this quest becomes available to you after you beat the main story. After all, you cannot keep a loyal synth of the Institute as mayor after the Institute has been defeated.

To start the quest, you just have to enter Diamond City after completing the main story. You get a big reveal that the mayor was a synth all along (though that may not be surprising if you spent a little time with the Institute before choosing a side). This quest decides who becomes the new mayor of Diamond City.

7 Finding The Crashed UFO

Aliens have been a strange side note of the Fallout universe for a while. In Fallout 4,  you can witness a UFO crash. The occurrence is random and some players do have difficulty getting the event. However, if you manage it then you can go on a quest to see where the UFO landed.

Once there, you have a rather easy fight with an alien. The major goodie for this hidden quest is getting an Alien Blaster. It uses Alien Blaster Rounds, which are in limited supply. To fix that, you can modify it at a Weapons Bench to make it use Fusion Cells instead.

6 Sandy Coves Quest

This is one of those quests that are so hidden that they are not added into the Pip-Boy. It is a pre-war retirement home that is still taken care of by Mr. Handy robots. You can talk to the robots and loot the place. However, some synths will come in trying to destroy what life is left in the retirement home which are the lives of two innocent cats.

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Notable loot includes the Massachusetts Surgical Journal issue #5, some overdue books, and a Syringer rifle.

5 Kid In A Fridge

This quest does stretch fans' suspension of disbelief. You find a kid who hid inside a refrigerator back when the bombs fell. That's right, he was in there for about 200 years. How he is not insane is a great question that is not addressed. He has become a ghoul though, which explains how he is alive.

The quest is to help him find his family. For a hidden sidequest, it is a pretty interesting story.

4 The Atom Cats

This is more than a hidden quest, but a hidden faction. It is actually pretty sad that they are so hidden since they are the coolest faction since The Kings from Fallout New Vegas. Their entire faction is built around a love of Power Armor.

The hidden quest is to help them repair their water pump. You are rewarded with Atom Cats clothing and a discount at their store. It's easy to fall in love with the faction and wish there were even more quests.

3 Mystery Meat

This quest is pretty hidden since the only way to get it is to explore Longneck Lukowski's Cannery. You can get tipped off to investigate by certain NPC rumors though. It is an important place for hardcore players to investigate, as the building does have the Barter bobblehead and a Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor magazine.

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Besides that, the quest is pretty fun. It is very much a typical Fallout quest, since it deals with shady food sources.

2 Here There Be Monsters

This easy to miss sidequest is gained by speaking to speaking with Donny Kowalski, who is located on the docks behind the Shamrock Taphouse. The boy thinks he sees a sea monster but you actually get to discover its a Chinese submarine. You even met a Chinese ghoul by the name of Captain Zao.

While it was the Chinese that caused the nuclear Fallout, they are basically not around in the Fallout games. This quest should definitely be sought out since it is a rarity to actually meet a Chinese character.

1 The Treasure of Jamaica Plains

This quest is all based on rumor, which is a huge part of the fun. Everywhere you hear "treasure of the Jamaica Plains" but no one knows what the treasure really is. As you hunt the treasure down, you find that a ton of people have died trying to get to it. There is a ton of security that you have to surpass, making the quest pretty memorable.

The best part is the actual treasure. We won't spoil it for you, but the conclusion is pretty funny.

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