10 Horror Games To Look Forward To In 2019

All the best new horror games coming in 2019, from Resident Evil 2's remake to Days Gone.

2018 didn't see an incredible wealth of high-profile horror releases, but 2019 is certainly looking bright (or dark?) for horror fans. There are quite a few horror games coming out next year that look like they have some serious potential, ranging from huge AAA games to smaller indie releases.

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Before this list kicks off, I'm pretty positive there are some horror games coming out next year that I missed, and if there's something you're looking forward to, make sure to sound off in the comments! Without further ado, here we go:


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So listen... Don't get mad, but I've never played Resident Evil 2. Take away my horror fan badge if you must, but it was before my time, and I just never went back to it. But man, I absolutely cannot wait for the remake to release. Resident Evil 2 looks like it has so much atmosphere, so much tension, along with some of the best graphics to date. I'm usually not a big fan of third-person horror, but for truly spectacular games, I can make an exception. And this game looks truly spectacular.


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What looks like a return to form for Supermassive Games (the developers behind Until Dawn), The Dark Pictures Anthology is a collection of standalone horror games. The first in this title is set to release next year, called Man of Medan. With Supermassive Games' signature gameplay and storytelling, players will find themselves on a “ghost-ship adrift in the South Pacific”. Just like in Until Dawn, it seems like anybody can live, and anybody can die, depending on the choices you make.


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A game that has been hugely delayed, Days Gone does look set to deliver on its promise of a great open-world action-adventure horror game. Days Gone takes place in a zombie-infested Pacific Northwest, putting players in the perfect mix of beautiful landscapes and debilitating danger. Huge zombie hordes do their best to chase you down, while a faction of people called the Rippers do everything they can do beat the zombies to the punch.


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Set in a fictional Lovecraftian open-world, The Sinking City follows the investigations of a 1920's PI in Massachusetts. This game looks like it has a stellar and unique atmosphere that will be a ton of fun to experience. Gameplay-wise, it looks like a lot of the detective-work will be left for the player to work out, which is honestly pretty refreshing in an age when many games make hand-holding their first priority.


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If you thought the hordes were big in Days Gone, wait till you get a look at World War Z. Hundreds of zombies swarm together, creating the iconic zombie pillars you saw in the movie. Gameplay-wise, it's a four-player third-person shooter, putting players in New York City, Moscow, and Jerusalem, with each location having its own story. If you're looking for a fun co-op action-horror experience with your friends, then this is the game for you.


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When the first Dying Light hit the scene, it floored gamers with its incredible parkour system combined with some seriously satisfying zombies. Now, Dying Light 2 looks to be changing the game again, introducing what looks like a hugely consequential decision-making mechanic to the game that changes how the world and the NPCs within it function. This game looks like it's going to be an absolute blast, with a ton of replay value based on the decision-making alone.


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Metro Exodus continues the story of the protagonist from the first two Metro games. Known for its stunning visuals and awesome story, the newest Metro entry looks like it delivers yet again. Based on the book by Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro takes place in a post-nuclear war world, with mutated creatures and rival factions roaming Russia. Between the awesome atmosphere and the first-person shooting, this game is one of my most anticipated releases of next year.


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Someday You'll Return puts you in the shoes of a father whose daughter has run away. Again. But something is different this time, and your search takes you into the Moravian forest where it looks like the game gets really trippy. As far as gameplay goes, this game largely looks like a mystery; it's definitely a first-person perspective, but for the most part, it looks like you'll simply be exploring the game-world dealing with threats as they arrive, all while on the hunt for your daughter. It looks like this game has a cool variety of areas, and I'm looking forward to jumping in and checking them out for myself.


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World of Horror is definitely the most unique game on this list. Featuring an ultra old-school visual style and soundtrack, World of Horror is influenced by Japanese horror writer Junji Ito. The game has five playable characters each with their own unique story, all set in a Japanese seaside town that's being terrorized by “otherworldly, grotesque creatures”. At its heart, it's a turn-based card-game, but underneath it all is an unsettling atmosphere is going to make you squirm.



The Blackout Club is another game on this list that I'm hugely excited for. It's out in early access right now, but a full release is planned for 2019. In the game, you play as a teenager from a small town where you and all of your friends are waking up covered in “mud or scratches, with no memory of the night before”. Shortly after, your best friend goes missing. Together, you and the others investigate the strange occurrences in your town, leading you to a cult of adults who are hiding in a series of underground tunnels. The goal of you and your friends (yes, it's co-op) is to record evidence of this to expose to the world. All, without going missing yourselves...

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