10 Best Keyblades In Kingdom Hearts III

KH3 keyblade

With Kingdom Hearts III finally being released, many veterans and new fans alike have gone back to revisit the ridiculously numbered—but essential—mountain of games that precede it. By now, if you don’t know what a Keyblade is, you’re not doing it right. There are so many different forms and styles of Keyblades that, at this point, it’s impossible to choose a favorite.

Some Keyblades look beautiful, others have unrivaled power, while others are just good old classics. In Kingdom Hearts III we get a whole new array of Keyblades with immense new powers called "formchanges." These powerful attacks can devastate your enemies and each Keyblade comes with its unique style of formchange. And here are 10 of the best ones!

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KH3 Ultima Weapon
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10 Ultima Weapon

KH3 Ultima Weapon

The ultimate weapon, aside from the χ blade, has to be Ultima Weapon. With unrivaled strength and magic, there is no better Keyblade you can wield. Unfortunately, being the strongest Keyblade means it is also the hardest Keyblade to obtain.

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The only way to get the Ultima Weapon is through synthesizing it at a Moogle Shop. Sounds easy right? Unfortunately, the ingredients for this Keyblade are the hardest to obtain. You’ll need seven Orichalcum+ to make the Ultima Weapon.

The Ultima Weapon’s formchange is aptly named Ultimate Form, which sees Sora wield the Ultima Weapon along with many other floating Keyblades.

9 Ever After

KH3 Ever After

Ever After is a magic heavy Keyblade from the Kingdom of Corona. It resembles Rapunzel’s tower with the sun appearing from behind the top (or end) of the tower. As all Keyblades associated with a world, you only acquire it once completing the "Kingdom of Corona" story.

The Ever After Keyblade holds immense magic potential and its formchange Mirage Staff shows off this epic power. Once formchanged, you can unleash powerful beams of light or dodge around leaving light clones of Sora that will attack on command. If this wasn’t powerful enough, the finisher move sees a tower sprout from the ground, allowing Sora to unleash a devastation light attack on all the enemies below.

8 Favorite Deputy

KH3 Favorite Deputy

Favorite Deputy is a strength heavy Keyblade you get for completing "Toy Box," the Toy Story world. It resembles a cactus with a cowboy hat and sheriff’s badge on the end.

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The Favorite Deputy Keyblade’s first formchange turns Sora’s weapon into a rocket-propelled hammer, called Hyper Hammer. Smash your foes into the ground with this overpowered hammer.

The second formchange is called Drill Punch, which sees Sora don a mechanical drill-like glove that obliterates his target. The finisher move sees the Keyblade become a giant claw which grabs enemies and smashes them around until Sora is happy.

7 Happy Gear

KH3 Happy Gear

Happy Gear is another strength heavy Keyblade you get for completing "Monstropolis." It has a very mechanical look, with scream or laugh tanks on the handle, a door grapple, and Monsters Inc. hat at the end.

The Happy Gear Keyblade’s first formchange is Agile Claws, which turns the Keyblade into two claw-like gloves Sora can use to swipe at his enemies. The second formchange is Twin Yo-Yos, where the claws become Yo-yos inflicting powerful midrange damage. The finisher move sees the Yo-yos smash together and grind up heartless in a destructive spin.

6 Crystal Snow

KH3 Crystal Snow

Crystal Snow is a magic heavy Keyblade you get for completing the "Arendelle" story. A Keyblade that looks like it was forged by Elsa herself, the Crystal Snow boasts a sharp design and a snowflake at the end of the Keyblade.

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The Crystal Snow Keyblade’s first formchange is Blizzard Claws, which provides Sora with, you guessed it, ice claws. The second formchange, Blizzard Blades, gives Sora literal ice ice-skates and ice-blade melee weapons. Fast, formidable and flamboyant, Sora will twirl his way around the heartless landing devastating blows. The finisher move sees Sora construct a giant ice chandelier that he readily drops onto his enemies.

5 Nano Gear

KH3 Nano Gear

Nano Gear is a balanced Keyblade which you get after completing the story in "San Fransokyo." The handle and arm resemble Baymax’s armor, whilst the end of the Keyblade looks like a sci-fi key.

The Nano Gear Keyblade only has one formchange, Nano Arms, which provides a fast and furious barrage of powerful attacks. The finisher move is almost like an exploding star made of Nanobots, devastating all surrounding enemies.

4 Shooting Star

KH3 Shooting Star
via: Square Enix

Shooting Star is one of the first introductions to formchanges in the game, and you obtain this Keyblade after completing "Twilight Town." You can judge this book by its cover, as the Keyblade resembles a shooting star pretty well.

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The Shooting Star Keyblade has two formchanges: Double Arrowguns and Magic Launcher. Double Arrowguns is handy when you become stressed and you can inflict damage to many enemies at once, or just concentrate fire on a particularly difficult heartless. Magic Launcher is a powerful weapon, however, it takes time precision to land a direct hit.

3 Hero’s Origin

KH3 Hero's Origin

Hero’s Origin is an impressive looking Keyblade which incorporates everything we know and love about Olympus, including Zeus’ infamous lightning bolt. You get this Keyblade once you finish the story in "Olympus."

The Hero’s Origin Keyblade only has one formchange, Counter Shield. This turns the Keyblade into a literal shield that can be used to attack as well as defend. The finisher move sees the shield split into two wheels that form a chariot. Sora rides this chariot, raining destruction on the enemies below.

2 Wheel Of Fate

KH3 Wheel of Fate

Wheel of Fate is a more balanced Keyblade that favors strength over magic. You get Wheel of Fate once completing "The Caribbean" story. This Keyblade plays right into its name, with a ship wheel at the end of the Keyblade and netting decorating the shaft.

The Wheel of Fate keyblade’s first formchange is Highwind, which turns the Keyblade into a looming staff that Sora wields like a Jedi. The second formchange is Storm Flag, which is basically an even more aggressive version of Highwind. The finisher move sees Sora wielding a giant ship wheel, spinning it into his foes.

1 Kingdom Key

KH3 kingdom key

The Kingdom Key is a classic; it's THE classic Keyblade. Being the original Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts I, this one could not be left off the list. With a well-balanced strength and magic ratio and its classic look, this Keyblade is a fan favorite.

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The Kingdom Key Keyblade has one formchange, Second Form, which makes Sora much more powerful and able to plow through the heartless.

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