10 Best Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Every Player Has To Try

You are strolling through Pallet Town. Suddenly a group of cute cats gather around you and starts scratching and damaging you. To kill or be killed? You decide to finish the wave with the M7 SMG from Halo 3. The next wave starts. Oh no! It’s Shrek leading a bunch of Teletubbies! Do you use your lightsaber or do you use your Yu-Gi-Oh cards? Or is it all “Ogre” for you now?

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It’s all possible, due to the grace of internet & modders of Left 4 Dead 2. Even 10 years after its’ initial release, the modders haven’t stopped trying to reform the game to their imaginations. And, you shouldn’t miss out on them either! So, start your Steam Workshop and try every mod from this list. You won’t be disappointed.

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10 Meow

The question that pops into anyone’s head while watching zombie apocalypse movies is what happens to the cats? This is your answer. They are cute. They are fuzzy. They are zombies. And, they are trying to kill you. How much more realistic could it get?

Available on the Steam Workshop, the modder Splinks did not limit it to only turning the common infected into cats, but also made Riot Cat! Though, some users also requested the option to pet them, but why pet when you can smash ‘em, right? Let go of all your cat related frustrations with this one mod.

9 Totally Fabulous!

Everything you do is fabulous, in Jules' Fabulous mod. You’re cutting off zombies with your chainsaw. What is the color of their bloods? Fabulous! The boomers have you cornered. They are spreading their projectile vomit on you. Your eyes get blinded by their vomit. But what are you seeing? Fabulousness! Because their vomit is fabulous

From blood, vomit to explosions and particles, the modders turned the whole grim & sad outline of the game into pure fabulousness! Everything has a pink, purple and yellow shade that just will make your screen shine up in pure ecstasy. A treat for not just the eyes but the hearts as well of the zombies.

8 The Bots You Need

Even though, Left 4 Dead 2 is best enjoyed multiplayer with friends and other people, sometimes the fun can lie in doing things alone. You can use bots as your teammates, but the default bots provided are just too dumb.

Most of the times, they just get killed easily by the zombies. But Improved Bots (Advanced), by Steam Community user Ziggy, just makes the bot experience as wholesome as it can get. These bots play much better than usual, and can do a lot more than the average automated teammate.

7 Rescue The Princess

Fans of Legend of Zelda rejoice! The modder NickNak put up a huge collection of map packs containing Death Mountain and Kokiri Forest. They are so big that you need to download the whole 8 packs of the two, to get started on the map. It is by far one of the most detailed maps to date.

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There are a whole set of other mods to complete your experience. A user named Cori The Fairy created a whole collection of mods for easy access. You can get Zelda as your teammate, Master Sword or replace the sound of first aid kit to the Song of Healing and so much more!

6 Panic In Pallet Town

Ever since the Pokémon games landed on the GameBoys, everyone wanted to see the Pallet Town in 3D. This modder took it to a whole new level, by recreating Pallet Town as a survival map in Left 4 Dead 2, both inside and out. That must have taken a whole new level of dedication.

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The Panic In Pallet Town mod, not just gives a whole map, it gives lots of custom models, textures and custom musics featured in the Pokémon games. The modder did what Nintendo could not do in their games and thus, giving us an opportunity to reminisce our childhood favorite. This is the map you were destined to find.

5 The Battle Of Helm's Deep

The Battle of Helm’s Deep from the Lord Of The Rings, is one of the most epic battles in the history of cinema. And this mod does exactly what was shown. The whole Helm’s Deep was recreated inside out with special characters popping up at different places.

Helm’s Deep – Reborn gives you the opportunity to experience LOTR first hand, where you fight off waves of zombies. There might be Legolas and Gandalf if you find them. It is by far the most massive map to be modded with such detail. Furthermore, the epic soundtrack would be played right on cue, but due to a copyright claim the soundtracks got removed. But, that shouldn’t stop you from the Battle Of Helm’s Deep!

4 Deathcraft Zombies

Are you tired of using your high spec PC to play Minecraft? Well, this is your chance to shift into something excitingly different. The Deathcraft Zombies! In this you might not need to build things up to save yourself, rather, you have a whole arsenal of weapons to fight off the zombies from Minecraft. It doesn’t get any more PC Master-race than this.

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Deathcraft Zombies doesn’t only change the zombies, rather puts you in a completely Minecraft-esque town, with your teammates also looking like such. It’s a massive mod with great care put into details and you have all the Minecraft weapons available for a bashing. Pretty neat right?

3 Oh Yeah!

Reader discretion is advised, you might not be able to look at Kool-Aid Man the same way anymore. There were so many things that the modders could have done, but no. It just had to be poor Kool-Aid Man. This mod basically turns the tanks into Kool-Aid Mans and that’s it.

But why is it on the list? Because it just had to. There can be no greater fun than shooting Kool-Aid Man on the face. His juice drips out every time you shoot him and along with the Kool-Aid Man SFX mod, the experience is just complete! The mod is just exactly what it deserved to be.

2 A New Adventure

Sometimes modders create mods just for the gags and fun, but some modders take it to a whole new level by their dedication and creativity. Back To School is a fully featured campaign, that feels like it deserves a game of its own. It features 4 original heroes, fighting to survive in a completely new setting of Borden City.

It features 6 absolutely new maps, ten brand new panic events, new models and textures, cinematic physics and so much more. It just feels like you are put in a completely different game and the story is non-linear as well. It has to be one of the best mods out there. Check it out, if you are tired of the pre-set campaigns of the game.

1 Teletubbies Vs. Velociraptors

Even though, these are two different mods themselves, but the combination took Youtube by surprise. Or should I say, by the claws. Left 4 Teletubbies is a mod that was originally created for Left 4 Dead 1. The modder recreated it for Left 4 Dead 2. It features common infected Teletubbies, Exploding heads, custom sounds and much more.

The Velociraptor mod turns your teammates into velociraptors named Ripp, Raps, Claw, and Tiny. It isn’t as massive as the Teletubbies mod, but it is a fun combination none the less. To see velociraptors growling while shooting a wave of Teletubbies is sure to blow your minds out.

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