The Top 10 Legend Of Zelda Soundtracks, Ranked

The Legend of Zelda series is one that is absolutely renowned for its music. Whether you’re playing the older 8 or 16-bit games, or the newer titles such as Breath of the Wild, there really isn’t a Zelda game that doesn’t have a fantastic soundtrack.

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Almost every single one fits the vibe of the game it is featured in perfectly and is a joy to listen to on its own. However, there is certainly a ranking to be had here. The 8-bit titles simply don’t hold up to some of their orchestrated brethren. Today, we’ll be doing a definitive ranking of the top 10 Zelda soundtracks. There are certainly some great contenders on this list. Let’s jump right in.

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10 Cadence Of Hyrule

Is this allowed to be included? We’re going to include it. The reason that Cadence of Hyrule’s soundtrack is so fantastic is that, as a side game, it is able to pick out a selection of Zelda classics and remix them in ways that fit the Necrodancer style.

And boy, does it take some Zelda classics and remix them in ways that fit the Necrodancer style pretty dang good. Every single song in that game is an absolute slapper. It takes all of the Zelda songs that will forever be part of our memories and gives them a brand new twist that makes them a joy to play through the game with.

9 Skyward Sword

Say what you want about the actual content of this game, but Skyward Sword has all of the fixings for a fantastic Zelda soundtrack. The soundtrack is light when you need it, but also powerful and adventurous when need be.

As with the Twilight Princess soundtrack, there is over six hours worth of content on the soundtrack, meaning there is a song for every single need you’ll have throughout the game. Skyward Sword’s soundtrack is one for the books.

8 A Link To The Past

The sole SNES rep on the list, A Link to the Past made the best out of its minimal sound capabilities, and what it did was nothing short of amazing. A Link to the Past is full of a huge array of iconic tracks.

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Even with the limited hardware available, each and every song feels very full and complete. The soundtrack doesn’t feel held back in any way. Rather, it feels stylistically dark and dangerous, a perfect backdrop to the peril that Hyrule is in throughout Link’s quest.

7 Breath Of The Wild

Breath of the Wild has a soundtrack that is known for its minimalism. Most of the time, when you’re traveling through the game’s large world, you’ll only be accompanied by brief piano whisps here and there. This fits the game’s theme of focusing on the wild of the world to a tee.

Of course, there are certainly times when the soundtrack picks up, such as the incredible Hyrule Castle theme. And a massive shout out to the DLC track for Monk Maz Koshia. Oh my lord, that is one of the wildest Zelda songs out there, and boy is it fantastic.

6 Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess’s soundtrack certainly does feel like a predecessor to Breath of the Wild, due to the fact that much of this game’s soundtrack is very atmospheric and even somewhat minimal at times.

However, these atmospheric tracks contrast beautifully with the more techno-ish side of the Twilight songs, which are incredibly upbeat and intense. With a great blend of genres and six hours worth of content, the Twilight Princess soundtrack is certainly a fantastic Zelda soundtrack.

5 Ocarina Of Time

No matter what way you slice it, Ocarina of Time has one of the most iconic soundtracks of all time. But it makes perfect sense as to why doesn’t it? The soundtrack is filled to the brim with fantastic tracks.

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Songs such as the Lost Woods are obvious standouts, but there are tons of other, far more atmospheric or dark songs such as Dodongo's Cavern that compliment the more upbeat tunes perfectly. One of the best games of all time obviously has one of the best soundtracks of all time paired with it.

4 Spirit Tracks

As with every Zelda soundtrack, spirit track features a huge array of songs that are all its own, and these tracks all capture the adventurous spirit that Link and Zelda have as they embark on their journey with elegance in a way that is fantastic. They make the most of the DS hardware that they were featured on beautifully.

However, even the Zelda staples that every game has in the series are done with something new to them, a brand new element, large or small. Each and every song on this soundtrack lets you know that it is a Spirit Tracks song, which is why this soundtrack makes the list.

3 Majora’s Mask

Ah, a dark soundtrack for the darkest Zelda game out there. Majora’s Mask is known for taking everything that made Ocarina of Time great and crafting a fantastic story to go along with it. The tone is much darker than something you’ll find in most Zelda games, and thus, the soundtrack that goes along with that is ominous, spooky and full of personality.

The soundtrack fits the game perfectly, and even the more upbeat songs have a hint of sadness or something hidden beneath the veil within them. Absolutely full of classics, Majora’s Mask is certainly one of the most fantastic Zelda soundtracks of all time.

2 A Link Between Worlds

Surprisingly, A Link Between Worlds’s soundtrack differs greatly from its main inspiration of A Link to the Past. The two titles share many things, but most of the tracks in A Link Between Worlds are beautifully orchestrated completely new songs.

While the usual Zelda motifs are still there, the soundtrack is all its own. The Lorule side of things certainly takes things up a notch as well, adding an extra layer of dread to the game. Who doesn’t love a good side of dread with their games?

1 The Wind Waker

The Wind Waker’s excellent soundtrack captures the feeling of a grand adventure through the seas perfectly. No matter what island or area of the sea you’re traveling through, everywhere you go is memorable. This is in no small part due to the music that accompanies you through these distinct areas.

Standouts such as Dragon Roost Island continue to be the pinnacle of twerk anthems for many to this day. The Wind Waker is a fantastic game for many reasons, with the soundtrack certainly being one of the highlights.

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