10 Best Melee Weapons From Breath Of The Wild

Released in March 2017, Breath of the Wild was probably Nintendo's most ambitious game to date, at least where The Legend of Zelda franchise is concerned. This new Zelda introduced an open-world concept, more complex puzzles, the most expansive and deeply rooted storyline we've seen yet, and, of course, more weapon options than ever before.

Link has had his share of interesting weapons in the past: the Hookshot, Fire Rod, Megaton Hammer, Biggeron's Sword, and Din's Fire, among others like the Gilded Sword or the Great Fairy's Sword. But for the sheer amount of weapons in a single game, Breath of the Wild takes the cake. Here's a roundup of Link's best melee weapons from Breath of the Wild.

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10 Dragonbone Moblin Club

This is a great weapon to find early in the game because it packs a punch while still being relatively easy to wield. The Dragonbone Moblin Club is a two-handed weapon, so by nature, it takes a little chunk out of your defense, as you can't use any shield; but with a base attack of 45, it takes out early enemies fairly well.

The downside of the Dragonbone Moblin Club: it's made of wood, so it burns when caught on fire or in volcanic climates. It has relatively low durability at 24, but will definitely last longer than a Boko Bat.

9 Lizal Tri-Boomerang

Another weapon you can steal from your enemies, the Lizal Tri-Boomerang is great if you can master the boomerang itself. The throwing is fairly simple, it's the catching that sometimes poses a problem. But the Tri-Boomerang is great because it can act as a ranged weapon by throwing it, or it can be used in close combat with decent results.

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While not as strong as the Dragonbone Moblin Club, it is a one-handed weapon and allows you to use your shield. With a base attack of 36, the Tri-Boomerang can take out early enemies, but slowly chips away at stronger ones. Not recommended for going after a Lynel.

8 Royal Broadsword

Original Art by guirink (DEVIANTART)

The Royal Broadsword is a great one-handed weapon if you don't have the Master Sword yet and you want something like it. While not nearly as strong, with a base attack of only 36, the Royal Broadsword is great if you don't want to deal with clubs or boomerangs or spears and really just want to swing around a sword. It has a classic design, looks good with a shield, and is perfectly balanced between attack and durability. The Royal Broadsword can be found in Tabantha Frontier and Akkala Heights, in Sha Ghema Shrine, Shoqa Tatone Shrine, and dropped by Hinox.

7 Royal Guard's Claymore

Like the Dragonbone Moblin Club, the Royal Guard's Claymore limits your speed and defense by nature of being a two-handed weapon. But, it has its advantages; with a base attack of 72, the Royal Guard's Claymore can really destroy.

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Its drawback: it's relatively weak, with durability at only 15. It's a good last resort type of weapon, when everything else in your arsenal is broken and you need one last good wallop to defeat a Guardian Scout.

6 Demon Carver

Yet another weapon stolen from an enemy. The Demon Carver is a fierce-looking weapon used by the Yiga Clan with a base attack of 40 and durability at 25. While not particularly the most durable, the Demon Carver is up there with the Boomerangs in terms of usefulness in close combat.

They're similar in shape, which makes the Demon Carver good for throwing; except it won't come back like the Boomerangs, so it's recommended as a last resort tactic. Because of its low durability, the Demon Carver is recommended for fleshy targets and not, say, an entire Guardian.

5 Flameblade/Great Flameblade

The Flameblades are ranked so high not because they're particularly strong (the Flameblade has a base attack of only 24 while the Great Flameblade comes in at 36) but because of their sheer usefulness.

Not only do the Flameblades cause fire damage to enemies, but they can also be used for lighting fires and torches when you have no flint, roasting vegetables, melting ice, and protecting Link from moderately cold temperatures. Out of all the elemental blades, the Flameblades are the most utilitarian. They can be found in the Coliseum Ruins, Saas Ko'sah, Tutsuwa Nima, and Ze Kasho Shrines, and in West Necluda.

4 Royal Claymore

It's a two-handed weapon, so you know what that means: reduced speed and defense. Now, the Royal Claymore, with a base attack at 52, is ranked so high above the Royal Guard's Claymore, with a base attack at 75 in comparison, because it's simply much more durable than the Royal Guard's Claymore. It's still relatively strong attack-wise, but it will last much longer with its durability at 40.

The Royal Claymore can be found on Hinoxes, inside Hyrule Castle, in the Guards' Chamber, in the Gerudo Desert, Tabantha Frontier, and Woodland Tower.

3 Boulder Breaker


Famously wielded by Goron Champion Daruk, the Boulder Breaker is a great two-handed club-like weapon. With a base attack of 60 and perfectly balanced durability, the Boulder Breaker will smash enemies and last you a good long while. Its high durability makes it perfect for literally breaking boulders.

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The great thing about the Boulder Breaker is that when it does break, unlike every other weapon, you can get it repaired in Goron City. Just visit Rohan the blacksmith with one Cobble Crusher, five pieces of flint, and one diamond. The Boulder Breaker can be attained after completing Divine Beast Vah Rudania.

2 Ancient Bladesaw

Reminiscent of the Chainsword from Warhammer 40k, the Ancient Bladesaw ranks so high on this list almost purely because of how cool it looks. With a base attack of 55, it deals five less damage than the Ancient Battleaxe++, but is much more durable and easier to acquire replacements when it breaks.

The Ancient Bladesaw can be made by Cherry in the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab with the right amount of Rupees and Guardian Parts. If you have the parts and want to rip your enemies to shreds, the Ancient Bladesaw is worth it.

1 Lynel Weapons

Probably the hardest weapons to acquire but oh so sweet when you finally do, any Lynel weapon is worth it. While the Lynel Spears are a little on the weak side when it comes to attack (as most spears are, the strongest being the Royal Guard's Spear with a base attack of 32), the Savage Lynel Crusher has the highest attack at 78, followed by the Savage Lynel Sword at 58.

Since these weapons are strong in attack but relatively low in durability, the Lynel weapons are the perfect trophies to hang up in your house just to prove that you defeated a Lynel.

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