The 10 Fiercest Monster Hunter Cosplays Which Will Inspire You To Play

Great cosplayers are incredibly inspiring - and these amazing Monster Hunter cosplays are the best of the best.

Monster Hunter is an action-packed game where you hunt a variety of monsters. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you fight them by upgrading your armor and weapons. These armor sets are interesting and unique and provide you with different sets of skills.

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Many people have turned the game into reality by cosplaying different armor sets and characters within the game. This gives true fans of the game a new perspective on what these characters would actually look like if the Monster Hunter world was real. Keep reading to see ten of the fiercest Monster Hunter cosplays which will inspire you to play the game.

10 Odogaron Armor

The Odogaron Armor set is created by hunting the Odogaron monster within the game. It is strong against fire and water and weak when faced with ice or thunder. This cosplayer nailed the fierce nature this armor exudes by not forgetting a single detail. Her mask is perfect and the scaley details of her suit are a nice touch. Her hair even matches the fierce coloring of the typical depiction fan artists tend to draw online. Monsters would be quaking in fear if they saw her on the streets in this cosplay outfit as she takes on any foe who stands in her way.

9 Zinogre Monster

This monster is basically a super wolf with sharp fangs and claws to destroy its enemies. They typically travel by themselves and use thunderbugs to charge their claws. We half expect this cosplayer to begin his journey back to the mountains where he belongs based on the realistic nature of his outfit. His super claws and large horns strike fear in children and other monster hunter cosplayers are on the hunt to find him. He is fierce and deserves a medal for his great work on this realistic cosplay.

8 Rathalos Armor

This cosplayer took the Rathalos armor set to the next level when they recreated it outside of the game. There was a lot of time and effort put into this outfit, as the helmet alone took over 40 hours to complete. The detail is astounding as even her blade is glowing, bringing the fierceness of this armor set into reality. This armor set is strong against fire but weak against dragon and thunder elements. Monster hunters everywhere are now taking down a Rathalos in order to build this armor set for themselves.

7 Tigrex S Armor (Gunner)

The Tigrex S Gunner armor set is made from hunting down a Tigrex. It increases a player's eating speed, immunity to roars, and demonic protection. It can be worn by male or female players, but in this case, we can all vote to say this female is rocking it.

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The claws covering her armor are amazing, all the way down to the talons on her toes. She is fierce and the armored shoulder pads tell us of her ability to protect herself while fighting a variety 0f ferocious monsters.

6 Gore Armor (Gunner)

This armor set is made by hunting the Gore Magala and is a fierce mixture of scales and claws. It works well against ice and water monsters and can be worn by male or female characters. This cosplayer has copied the horns as well as the armored plating this armor portrays within the game. We can almost imagine a monster running down the street and her in this position, ready to take it down with her fierce attitude and unrelenting aim.

5 Kirin Armor

This armor set is derived from the Kirin monster, if it can even be described as armor based on the lack of metal plating. It works well against the dragon and thunder elements, and if all pieces are equipped, the Kirin Blessing is added as a bonus. The only difference in this cosplay is the tattoo, but it can be argued it adds a sort of fierceness to the character. Her outfit is perfect and we can imagine her traveling through the real world version of Astera.

4 Nergigante Armor

One look at this cosplayer and you will be sold on the idea of real-world monster hunters. The detail of this armor is unrivaled and the cosplayer beneath it plays the part wonderfully.

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This is a high-rank armor set and this cosplay proves it with the outrageous number of horns and sharp points associated with this outfit. This cosplay is as epic as the armor set and the world is blessed to have been able to see it brought to life.

3 Origin Armor And Little Palico

This is a two for one as this includes the Origin Armor set as well as Little Palico. Little Palicoes are basically intelligent cats who act as your sidekick throughout the game, like this cosplayer is to the monster hunter. The Origin Armor was part of the pre-order bonuses which is what makes this cosplay so special. It cannot be made, so only those smart enough to buy the game beforehand have the pleasure of owning this armor set. We loved the dual nature this cosplay provided us, combined with the fact that they nailed their costumes.

2 Legiana Armor

The Legiana Armor set provides water and ice resistance to its wearer and looks as fierce as the name sounds. If the entire set is worn it gives the wearer the Legiana Blessing, which any monster hunter can appreciate while playing the game. The detail of his mask and the experienced way he grips his weapon makes us believe in his cosplay. We want to see him destroy a monster with his blue facade and show us what it means to truly be one of them.

1 Anjanath

This, in case you couldn't tell, is a monster which resembles a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It is found in the ancient forest and searches for tasty Aptonoth to eat. This monster is large and fights with fire, so it might be helpful to scream for the Rathalos Armor cosplayer to come and help you defeat it. The Anjanath cosplayer perfectly depicted the pink and furry nature of this monstrosity, as the open mouth fiercely proclaims its want to eat any humans in its path.

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