The 10 Best Mounts In Final Fantasy XIV, Ranked

Final Fantasy XIV offers you a range of mounts to choose from, as any MMORPG should. Here are your best choices, from the Dodo to the Dark Lanner.

Final Fantasy is a series that has had a lot of ups and downs. Nobody can really agree on which are the best and which are the worst games in the franchise. That being said, we wanted to take a look at one of the lesser played games in the series today, the 14th main instalment of Final Fantasy.

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It's very different to most of the other games, which makes it one of the most interesting to talk about. In typical MMORPG fashion, the player is allowed to choose which mount they want to ride around the game on, and we're going to look at our ten favorite.

10 Aithon

If somebody told us that one of the options of mount that we'd be given is a flaming horse (one that won't hurt us even if we have contact with it), we would jump at the opportunity to ride around on this thing.

It's a terrestrial mount that was put together by Ifrit. Definitely worth a look for somebody that wants a nightmare mount that can be seen from miles away. The fire bursts from the horse's mane and hooves in a way that isn't seen on any other horse in the game.

9 Dark Lanner

If we had the ability to ride around on a giant eagle, one filled with magic and rage, we think we would have to take up that opportunity. There's no way of striking fear into someone's heart quite like being able to fly up to them on the back of one of these.

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It's mounts like this that make us happy that this is just a game, if we're honest. We don't think we would ever leave the house if it meant that we would have to contend with these sorts of things flying about in the sky.

8 Dodo

Okay, so there's no denying that this genuinely looks funny, but we also like the fact that video games are sort of offering up a chance for players to interact with what is now an extinct animal.

We know they didn't actually look like this (and human beings definitely couldn't ride them), but it's an interesting look at the way that entertainment and art can create unique takes on things from the real world. Ah, the noble Dodo.

7 Fatter Cat

We know that not everyone loves cats, but to those that do are going to love this mount. The developers clearly had no intention of making this mount look serious, hence the little bows they have on their feet and the fact that they're named "Fatter Cat."

The great thing about that name is that we're fairly sure there isn't a mount named 'Fat Cat' in the game, but the developers just wanted the players to know that if they do get their hands on this mount, they're getting their hands on a cat that is truly fatter than any other...

6 Flying Chair

We know that this looks a little bit silly, but there's no better way of letting everyone know that an intellectual is coming than a flying chair like this. It's the sort of grand thing that you can not only travel on, but ponder your life and the wider universe while doing so.

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One of the fanciest mounts in the entire game, this is the sort of travel companion that is going to appeal to a certain type of player. If you like to make an entrance, this is the way to do it.

5 Legacy Chocobo

Even though Final Fantasy XIV is a game unlike many of the others in the Final Fantasy universe, it is obviously filled with references to the other games. It's also populated by players who are there because of their love for the other installments in the franchise.

With chocobos being an iconic animal from the Final Fantasy games, we can only imagine that most people are going to want to ride around on one at some point. As such, they may as well get the best form of chocobo mount available to them, which is the Legacy Chocobo!

4 Aquamarine Carbuncle

Quite easily the prettiest mount on this list, it combines a cute face and a little tuft of hair with beautifully sparkly skin and aura.

We know that nobody is going to be too intimidated by this thing coming at them over the hills (especially considering its small size) but for anyone that is looking for a ground mount that will let people know they're coming, we can't think of a much better mount than this one. It looks fabulous, so it's one for the players that want to look fabulous as well.

3 Starlight Bear

Despite the fact that a bear is a genuinely formidable beast, an animal that we would never want to come across in our entire lives if possible, some of that fear is lost somehow when they're wearing a tiny little Santa hat.

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Even if we saw someone riding a bear in real life (which would be a heck of a thing), we have to admit that a lot of the strength of that image would be lost if they'd somehow convinced their bear to wear clothes like this.

2 Cloud Mallow

Rather than being a scary mount or one that looks impressive, we like the fact that this mount will let every other player in the area know that there is a chilled person about.

Even the way that the player character lies on top of this thing is incredibly chilled out, essentially just hugging it as it slowly glides through the air, getting the player to where they need to be. It's less about making an impression and more about letting the world know what sort of person is on the back of it. It's a relaxed mount, and we like that.

1 Kirin

In a similar fashion to the first mount on this list, there's no chance that anyone could choose this as a mount and not make a good impression on anyone that they come across.

No matter how easy or difficult it was for the player to get their hands on this one, there's just something about a mount that looks this impressive that will always make an impact on the world and the characters around them. We know that we wouldn't mess with someone that came barreling towards us on the back of a horse that looks like this!

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