Top 10 Night In The Woods Characters

With a deep story and heavy investment into the characters, we at TheGamer have put together a list of the top 10 Night In The Woods characters.

Night In The Woods

In the last decade, independent games have become more and more visible within the mainstream gaming market. Partly to do with the rise in gaming as a staple entertainment platform, smaller indie titles have commanded more attention than ever before. Indie titles are like short films, with AAA titles being Hollywood movies.

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While many indie games have their moment in the limelight before being drowned out by another 100 titles, few leave a mark as powerful as Night In The Woods. Released on February 21st 2017, Night In The Woods still holds up as one of the most beloved indie titles alongside the likes of Oxenfree and Firewatch.

With a deep story and heavy investment into the characters, we at TheGamer have put together a list of the top 10 Night In The Woods characters.

10. Mae Borowski

Night in the woods Mae
via: IGN

The obvious first choice, Mae, is the character you play as during the game. She’s a sarcastic wise-ass who doesn’t seem to care much for rules, which sounds like every 20-something college dropout. Oh, and she’s a cat.

Having returned to her parents’ home, she actively avoids talking about serious issues and her future, instead retorting to everyone she runs into and acting like she’s still a care-free teenager.

As the game progresses, you’ll learn more as to why Mae is like this and the many layers of emotions she holds back underneath her sharp wit. Whilst she may come off as a childish person with no vision or future, you’ll learn to love her and see yourself in her many adolescent struggles

9. Bea Santello

Bea Night in the woods
via: Night In the Woods Wiki

Bea, or Beatrice is a blue crocodile who is never without her cigarette. With a smoky eye and dark clothing, she immediately gives off a vibe of reluctance, gloominess and a cool attitude. Bae was Mae’s childhood best friend until they grew apart, eventually not having much to do with each other at all.

On Mae’s return to Possum Springs, she tries desperately to becomes best friends with Bae, as if their childhood was yesterday and she’d never gone off to college. Bea is far from eager to rekindle the friendship between the two, and this provides for some very interesting dialogue between the two early on in the game.

8. Gregg Lee

Night in the woods Gregg
via: The Fantasy Gamer

An overt, loud, and reckless fox, you’re bound to have had at least one friend like Gregg in your life. Gregg is always overflowing with energy, happiness and talk, providing for some fun, rebellious dialogue and actions with Mae.

Gregg is Mae’s best friend and is always ecstatic to see her. With his troublemaker boy-charm and her rebellious attitude, the two usually end up getting up to some sort of mischief and tomfoolery.

Gregg is also the boyfriend of Angus, another character who is the complete opposite to Gregg’s loud, fiery personality. Gregg feels as though Angus has saved him, worrying that he may ruin their relationship one day with his exuberant personality.

7. Angus Delaney

Angus Night in the woods
via: Kiwi Farms

Angus is a bear and Gregg’s other half, and as already stated, he is the polar opposite to Gregg. Angus is a polite, intellectual individual who is usually quiet and well versed in the sciences.

He dresses in rather smart attire, as opposed to the cool punk-rock jacket Gregg usually dons. Mae doesn’t really know Angus that well and is introduced to him through her best friend and his partner, Gregg.

Over the course of the story, Angus and Mae grow close and form a strong bond. This ultimately leads to Angus opening up to Mae and the usually quiet and closed off guy exposes his vulnerability to Mae.

6. Candy Borowski

Candy Night in the woods
via: Playstation Lifestyle

Candy is Mae’s mother, and is absolutely nothing like Mae at all. She’s a sweet mother-at-heart individual who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Every morning you can have a little discussion with Candy in which she usually worries for Mae and tries to politely pry into her daughter’s mind. Ultimately, she just wants her daughter to be doing ok with life as any loving mother would.

If you visit your Candy at her day job in the church each day, you can witness the mother-daughter relationship flourish throughout the story.

5. Stan Borowski

Stan Night in the woods
via: YouTube

Stan is Mae’s father, and looks a lot like her. He’s the run of the mill father figure who wants nothing but to provide for his family and live a comfortable life. Despite this he is unhappy in his current position and expresses this a fair amount throughout the story.

Mae and Stan have a good relationship, and at the end of each day you can choose to discuss your day with him and watch the TV show Garbo & Malloy together. This show is full of terrible jokes, similar to the ones Mae and Stan share together from time to time.

4. Pastor Karen

Pastor Karen Night in the woods
via: YouTube

Pastor Karen is probably the nicest person you will come across in this game. A genuine and sweet individual who wants nothing but the best for everyone. Sometimes she feels even taking a nap could deprive others of her much-needed help.

As Mae goes through bizarre experiences and crazy adventures, you can discuss them with Pastor Karen each day at the church. She provides Mae with insight, religious teachings and well-meaning advice throughout the game.

3. Selmers

Selmers Night in the woods
via: Videoda.me

Selmers is an interesting neighbour and friend to Mae who is always found sitting on her porch. She is a brown bear with a knack for poetry which you can choose to observe and admire throughout the game.

Somewhat similar to Mae, Selmers has had a pretty rough upbringing and has struggled with drug abuse and jail time. At present, Selmers is clean and sees the same doctor Mae has seen for her own problems.

2. Aunt Molly

Aunt Molly Night in the woods
via: Paste Magazine

Aunt Molly is Mae’s aunt who unwillingly is referred to as ‘Aunt Mall-Cop’ throughout the story by Mae. Aunt Molly is the local police woman of Possum Springs and only appears a handful of times. When she does appear, it usually co-insides with a conversation with Mae, in which Mae is sarcastic and sometimes even rude towards her aunt.

Whilst Aunt Molly may come off as sharp and stern, she always means well for her niece and the neighbourhood.

1. Little Joe

Little Joe Night in the woods
via: YouTube

Little Joe, whose real name is Joe Shade, is a deceased cat who used to work in the Possum Springs Mines and was supposedly shot dead years prior to Mae’s story. Whilst a minor character, he is a particularly interesting one considering the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death and his supposed haunting of Possum Springs as Little Joe.

To read more on these characters and the other inhabitants of Possum Springs, visit the Night In The Woods Wiki page here.

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