10 Nintendo Cosplays That Are Breathtaking

Cosplay is one of the deepest forms of fan expression. Many people have emotional connections to characters that are so intense they spend months creating their costumes. While some choose to casually cosplay in t-shirts and silly hats, others take it to a level that is truly impressive. Nintendo characters, in particular, seem to inspire devotion in their adoring fans. Cosplayers around the world have created magnificent versions of the Nintendo characters that have changed their lives. Check out these ten examples of cosplayers who truly make the hobby an art form.

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10 Little Mac by Fisticuffer

NES fas around the world have fond memories of Punch-Out! Little Mac is an indomitable character fro the game. He grew up in the Bronx. Like his name implies he was a small guy. At only 4'8" and 107 pounds, he wasn't your typical boxer. He went to two hundred trainers to chase his dream of being the best boxer in the circuit. He finally found the right guy in former boxer Doc Louis. Cosplayer Fisticuffs brings this character to life with impeccable detail. From the costume to the energy each aspect is perfect.

9 Bowser by DestinyHuner86

Bowser is a Nintendo icon.  The mighty king has been the main bad guy in the Mario franchise since Super Mario Bros. was released in 1985. Kidnapping Princess Peach for the last 30 years has done little to earn Bowser much ill-will from fans. He's almost as beloved as Mario himself.  This perfect cosplay was photographed at Anime Boston in 2012. Portraying another species is no small feat. Pulling it off with this incredible detail and accuracy is impressive. Bowser is a beloved villain so getting it right is a big deal.

8 Samus by TalaayaCosplay

Metroid is a beloved franchise that has been delighting Nintendo fans since 1986. She's one of the strongest female main characters in gaming history. Because she's such an incredible icon she's been the subject of a lot of really impressive cosplay. This incredible suit of armor is the work of Chelsea Mills. It highlights the power and elegance of this formidable character. Female characters in video games have always been scrutinized for being oversexualized or made weak and helpless. Samus is definitely an example of an empowering female character. Many pieces of the armor were made using a 3d printer.

7 Peach by ManRayCosplay

Everyone loves Princess Peach. She's as pure as a Spring rain. When you think of iconic female Nintendo character she should be the first image that springs to mind. Peach is a cornerstone character in the Nintendo universe. This makes her a natural choice for cosplayers. Careful attention to detail and hours of hard work went into creating this impressive gown. Manraycosplay perfectly captured the aesthetic of this iconic princess.

6 Mr. Game & Watch by Hikari-no-kurai

Game & Watch was a series of handheld games released by Nintendo between 1980 and 1991. These were simple games that featured a stick figure in a single game per device.

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Super Smash Brothers Melee paid homage to this early handheld when they included the character Mr. Game & Watch. His moves were pretty basic but he became an iconic figure nonetheless. There are few characters as challenging to cosplay as a stick figure but this daring fan managed to pull it off.

5 Princess Ruto by CowButtCrunchiesCosplay

The catalog of Nintendo characters is gigantic. It' easy to find hundreds of versions of the same popular characters at cosplay events. It's exciting to see an obscure character being celebrated by a fan. In a sea of Marios, a lesser known character is a precious find. This Princess Ruto cosplay pays homage to one of the Zelda franchise's lesser-known characters. She's the feisty princess of the Zora and she's a stunning blue vision. She's featured heavily in Ocarina Of Time and mentioned in several other games as well. This head to toe commitment to character is amazing.

4 Ganondorf by KamiKameCosplay

Among video game fans bad guys have as many fans as heroes. Villans are rich and versatile characters that capture the imagination. The main antagonist of the Zelda franchise is the green-skinned Ganondorf. He's one of the most popular bad guys out there. This incredibly intricate costume perfectly captured his humanoid Gerudo form. With talent like this, portraying Ganondorf's giant pig-like form would probably be a piece of cake. Creating the armor for this costume must have been a labor of love. Nailing the perfect green skin tone pulls the entire look together to perfection.

3 Kirby by Blancaliliam

The secret to an amazing cosplay is in the details. No matter how much of a Kirby fan you may be it's really hard to pull off dressing as a sphere. What makes this interpretation so incredible is the creativity of its approach. This may not be a carbon copy of the character but every element is captured. The perfect shade of pink was chosen for the dress. The tights and shoes are the same red as Kirby's barely visible feet. Everything down to the star scepter evokes images of this iconic blob. The color pallet alone demonstrates a perfectionist's attention to detail. Much like the character it's based on, this cosplay will put a smile on your face.

2 Skull Kid by AmandaDinosaur Cosplay

Fans of Majora's Mask will recognize this character immediately. Skull Kid's antics may seem mean-spirited but this character has a painful past. He was once very close with the four giants of Termina. When they left and divided the land poor Skull Kid was left behind. He acted out so much that the people of Termina called on the giants for help. They were furious to hear about their friends' antics.

The centerpiece of any Skull kid costume is Majora's Mask. This version is so beautiful it will take your breath away. The perfect mask is paired with a beautiful costume that leaves onlookers feeling like they've stepped into the game. He's even holding the ocarina of time, freshly picked from Link's pocket.

1 Pikmin by Cosplay Cousins

Group cosplays are exponentially more fun. Getting together with some of your best friends to celebrate characters you love is a great way to bond. Cosplay Cousins created this adorable 5 man masterpiece to pay homage to the Pikmin series. Pikmin are tiny plant/animal hybrids. Each color has its own strengths and weaknesses. Together Pikmin can achieve almost anything. This emphasis on teamwork makes them a perfect group cosplay.

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