5 Switch Accessories That Are Actually Worth The Price

Most Nintendo Switch accessories are overpriced, but some are definitely worth buying. These are the best value for your money.

The Nintendo Switch is a bare bones console in terms of what comes in the box. Fans were surprised to learn that there were no system bundles on launch, not even with Breath Of The Wild. We have still yet to hear of a Switch bundle that comes with a free game, even with the hotly anticipated upcoming release of Splatoon 2. When you buy a Nintendo Switch, all you get is the console, the dock, the two Joy-Cons, and all the wires you need to run them.

You may want to consider buying some accessories for your Nintendo Switch in order to make your life easier. We are here today to help you decide what deserves your money and what you should leave on the store shelves. These are 5 Switch Accessories That Are Actually Worth The Price.

A Case

The Nintendo DS and 3DS had a built-in method of protecting their screens - the consoles were shaped like clamshells, which meant that both the screens locked together, with the back of the system facing the outside world. You didn't really need to buy a case for either system and could easily just throw them in your pocket at a moments notice.

The Switch only has a single screen, which means that it lacks the built-in protection of the previous two Nintendo handhelds. If you are going to take the Switch with you outside, then the first thing you should buy is a travel case for the system.

When purchasing a travel case for the Switch, you should look for ones that are long enough to hold the console with the Joy-Cons still attached. There are smaller ones which require you to remove the Joy-Cons and place them in a separate pocket, but those risk the controllers coming loose and scratching the screen. You can purchase a Switch case for under $10 at most gaming stores/websites.


A LAN Adapter

There is a major problem with the Nintendo Switch's design that is rarely brought up when the system is being reviewed. The Nintendo Switch has a problem detecting older modems and routers. This means that certain people won't be able to use their Nintendo Switch online if they have an incompatible router. This situation that will only affect a minority of people, but it's a shame that the problem even exists in the first place.

One of the ways around this issue is using a program to turn your laptop into a virtual router, as the Switch should detect it, though it means having your personal computer on whenever you want to go online with the Switch. The other way around this is to buy a LAN adapter for the system.

The Nintendo Switch LAN adapter will allow you to have a wired connection to your router. This should solve any incompatibility issues, as well as give you a faster and more secure connection. You can find them for under thirty dollars online.

A Pro Controller

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One of the best parts of the Nintendo Switch is the sheer amount of options you have with the controllers. The handheld version of the console is essentially a huge version of the Game Boy Advance. You can disconnect the Joy-Cons and use them both separately, which can be more comfortable if you sitting in a cramped environment. The two Joy-Cons can also be connected into a basic joypad.

The joypad option for the Switch might not be comfortable for everyone. This is because they are smaller than most other controllers on the market, the two sticks are placed at an awkward angle, and the left Joy-Con lacks a proper D-pad. Those who are having issues with the Joy-Cons may want to spend around $70 to purchase a Pro Controller. These are far more comfortable to those accustomed to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers. They also feature the HD Rumble and amiibo reader of the Joy-Cons.

If you are on a tight budget, then you might want to consider looking at a third party controller. There are several Bluetooth controllers which list themselves as being compatible with the Nintendo Switch, which you can purchase for a lot cheaper. These controllers will lack the HD rumble and amiibo support of the official pro controller, though many gamers likely won't care about those features (especially as you can still use the right Joy-Con to detect amiibos).


A Screen Protector

When the Nintendo Switch first came out, there were reports that the dock was scratching the screen of the console. These turned out to be isolated incidents, with the systems being replaced or repaired for free by Nintendo. There are still other ways to scratch the Switch's screen, however, and someone who isn't careful when placing it back in the dock could still potentially damage the system.

You should really be using screen protectors on all of your handheld and mobile devices, though they can be a pain to apply. If you plan on using the handheld mode of your Switch a lot, then you absolutely need to invest in a screen protector. Just make sure to carefully read the instructions before applying, as you can potentially leave bubbles of air on the screen. A lot of screen protector guides will tell you to apply it in a steamy room, such as after running a shower for a while. This advice is... oddly specific. You should maybe put on "Slow Hands" by the Pointer Sisters on in the background, to increase the romantic ambience.

A Stand

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The Nintendo Switch has a tabletop mode of play. You can pull out a small plastic stand from the back of the console, which can be used to prop the system up on a hard surface. The tabletop mode doesn't work very well, however, as the stand is very flimsy. All it takes is a slight breeze or your knee knocking into a table for the whole system to fall flat on its face. Using the stand also exposes the SD card slot to the elements, which could be troublesome if a drink was spilled on the surface that the Switch was also on.

One of the main design flaws with the Switch is that the charge point is at the bottom of the console. This means that you cannot charge the system while it is in tabletop mode.

If you are intending to take your Switch outside of the house, then you need to invest in a proper stand for the system. You can find numerous third party stands online in the $10-$15 range. Having a stand means that the system will be securely held in place, while making space from the surface that it is held on to protect it from spilled liquids. Make sure to purchase a stand that has a hole in the shelf that holds up the Switch, as it will allow you to plug in a charger. Many stands will also throw in a USB charging cable for free, which will be useful if you want to play the system near your computer.

One of the best features of the Switch is the ability to play it in a way that is comfortable to you. Having the system propped up on a stand, with a Joy-Con in each hand, is the most comfortable way of playing the system while on public transport or a plane.


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