What Are The Best Places To Buy Video Games Online?

Steam isn't your only choice for buying games online - there is also GoG, the Humble Bundle, and others.

The advent of the internet has done some amazing things for gaming. It lets us play games with our friends without the need to cut our screens in half, it lets those same friends play together even when they’re separated by hundreds of miles, and best of all, it lets us buy games anywhere, anytime.

If you’re looking to buy games online there are a few places you should know about. These are the biggest online stores that are sure to have what you’re looking for.


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The biggest online game vendor of them all is easily Steam. Steam sees more gamers in a month than the next three contenders on this list combined. If a PC game isn’t on Steam it’s usually because that game is owned by one of their competitors, but for the most part, Steam is the de-facto home of PC gaming.



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Runner-up in the online gaming race is GOG. Formerly known as Good ‘Ol Games, they used to specialize in updating old games to function on more recent operating systems. When everyone else started doing the same thing, they diversified to selling all games in general, past or present. GOG may not have the selection of Steam, but you can often find some good deals there for titles that are just a month past release.

Humble Bundle

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Humble Bundle gets a special mention on this list. They have an online store that sells all sorts of games, just like GOG and Steam, but they also have a bundle section. There, you can spend however much you want to buy the games on offer with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. It’s a great way to pick up some cheap games while helping out a worthy cause.

Xbox Live

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If you’ve got an Xbox or a Windows PC, then Xbox Live is a great way to pick up games made by Microsoft. For Xbox owners, this is the storefront that you access from the console to download games. On PC this is where you can purchase and download Microsoft games for Windows. It’s a fine place for games, although limited to those particular venues.

PlayStation Network

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PlayStation owners have their own storefront called the PlayStation Network. Actually, it’s just the name for the Sony network that both supports multiplayer games as well as digital downloads. If you head to the store section on your PlayStation’s menu you’re taken here. They’ve got a ton of games there from Sony and beyond, although you’ll notice a certain emphasis on the Sony exclusives.


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Whatever you feel for EA, they make a ton of games. Naturally, they too have their own company storefront called Origin. Origin was originally a digital download dealer like Steam and GOG before they got purchased by EA and made into their personal corner of the internet. It’s a fine place to get EA games for PC, but on console, you’ll likely be hitting up either the Xbox or PlayStation stores.

Nintendo eShop

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Lest we forget, Nintendo has their own storefront that is strictly limited to Nintendo consoles with the imaginative name of the Nintendo eShop. There you can buy all the games fit for your Switch, 3DS or Wii. The Switch in particular is getting a bevy of games from PC, such as Skyrim, Rocket League, and Minecraft, so this is an online vendor not to be ignored.

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