10 Best Open World Games For PS4

Open world gaming is a huge market, and gamers who want the best for the PS4 can find the top titles right here.

Horizon Zero Dawn

It’s 2019 and there are more AAA games to play than we have time for. As well as the massive list of games, the number of genres that has broken into the open world system of video games means there’s always an open world game for someone.

Whether you fancy an epic fantasy adventure, want to live out your cowboy fantasies or take on mechanical dinosaurs, there’s an open world game for you.

With the rise in open world titles, 50 – 100 hour campaigns have become the norm which sadly takes time away from the many other games we want to play, so we at TheGamer have put together the 10 best open world games for PS4.

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10 Red Dead Redemption 2

via: Rockstar Games

Probably the most anticipated game of the last few years (other than Kingdom Hearts III), Red Dead Redemption 2 sees the cowboy fantasies we’ve all had brought to life in an epic open world adventure. You play as Arthur Morgan, an outlaw and respected member of his small community trying to outrun the law and find a home.

Starting in the snowy mountains the game sets up the story and teaches you how to play before letting you loose in the big open world of the wild west! If you’ve ever wanted to play a Tarantino movie, with hours of ridiculous violence and an enthralling storyline, this is the game for you.

9 The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3
via: Absolute Geeks

This game was a revolutionary turning point within the gaming industry. It was one of the first games to bring a huge open world and combine it with a fascinating story, dynamic gameplay and endless hours of fun.

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Medieval fantasy filled with magic, wraiths, werewolves, and many other grotesque creatures, what’s not to love? Play as Geralt as you search for Ciri and come across many other friends and foes along your journey. You may want to play The Witcher and The Witcher 2 to understand the full background behind The Witcher 3, but it is at no means necessary to enjoy the game.

8 Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn
via: PlayStation

Robots taking over the world post-apocalypse? Yeah, it’s been done before, but never like Horizon Zero Dawn. You play as Aloy, an outcast in a world that seems to have gone back and forward in time simultaneously. Humans have formed a more tribe like nature, and not much is known about how the world became what it has.

Whilst wildlife still exists, the land is now ruled by robotic creatures that resemble wild animals, but they are much more deadly. Additionally, some of these creatures take a leap back in time and resemble some of the best-known dinosaurs. It a massive, vibrant and truly alive open world you must adventure in as Aloy and discover the secrets of humanity’s past.

7 Spider-Man

via: Insomniac Games

Superhero games based on known franchises outside the gaming industry aren’t really a thing, because it’s usually hard to adapt and we already have so many dedicated game franchise superheroes! However, a few franchises have broken the mold. Batman has a long line of fantastic, dark and ridiculously fun games, and Spider-Man has had his fair share of screen-to-console success.

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In the latest Spider-Man game, New York opens up into a dynamic world you can swing through endlessly, and never, ever get bored. Play as Peter Parker and save New York from the growing number of criminals and super villains that riddle the city.

6 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

AC Odyssey
via: PC World

There are a lot of Assassin’s Creed games, and even veteran fans may get a bit confused by the story from time to time, but that doesn’t mean the latest iteration of the franchise isn’t a fantastic gameplay experience.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey embraces open world gameplay to the next level, giving you all of ancient Greece to explore by land and sea. That’s a lot of open world for you to enjoy, with endless amounts of brilliant Greek history and mythology interwoven between the fun combat and gameplay.

Another bonus of this game, is you get to choose who to play as! Will you play as Kassandra or her brother Alexios?

5 Final Fantasy XV

via: Rolling Stone

Final Fantasy XV is a drastic change from the usual Final Fantasy mechanics that we’ve all come to know and love, and it’s a good one. No more turn-based combat and linear progression, instead you play as Noctis and his 3 best friends entrusted with his care. This is an action-packed RPG with fluid combat, a massive open world full of vibrant, bizarre creatures and frustratingly fantastic dungeons.

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If you’re one for epic fantasy and creatures of an alien nature, this is the game for you.

4 Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2
via: The Verge

Ever wanted to hack everything, but hit obstacles like legality and the lack of skills? Worry no more, as Watch Dogs 2 has you covered. Set in a fictional San Francisco, you play as Marcus as you join up with hacker group DedSec to protect the people and fight the corporate companies stealing our data.

With a vast array of weapons, gadgets, vehicles, and outfits you can spend hours in this game taking in the beautiful San Francisco, taking on gangs and forming meaningful relationships with the games well-written side characters.

This game plays like a more high-tech Grand Theft Auto V with less senseless violence and more vigilante justice.

3 NieR: Automata

Nier Automata
via: PlayStation

Whilst a very linear game, NeiR: Automata is technically an open world game considering there are a few side quests and you can free roam the world. This game takes PlatinumGames' signature JRPG style and incorporates a fluid, epically fun combat system with Souls-like boss fights and a compelling story.

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This game has several endings as you play through each character, every time understanding more and more of the story and what is happening to the post-apocalyptic Earth.

2 Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5
via: Steam

Far Cry 5 takes everything we know and love from the franchise, puts it together into the biggest Far Cry open world yet, and blends it with a story of cultism and violence. Far Cry games are known for their ridiculousness and endless fun, and Far Cry 5 doesn’t disappoint.

Set in the fictional Hope County, Montana, you must find out who is behind this cult and help the locals stop them from taking over the entire county. Use powerful weapons, animal sidekicks and crazy vehicles to plow your way through enemies and save the county.

1 Grand Theft Auto V

via: NBC News

This game, originally released on the PlayStation 3, still holds its place as one of the best open-world RPG’s you can play. A landmark in gaming history, Rockstar has created a truly timeless game with an epic story and a ridiculous amount of content to please anyone who wants to free-roam online or offline.

You’ve probably played this game by now, maybe more than once, but this is a prime example of an open-world game done right, and therefore must make the list despite its age.

Whilst this is a top 10 list, we wanted to include a few ‘honourable mentions’ including Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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