The Best Panels, Workshops, And Meetups At Twitchcon 2019

The end of September brings the highly anticipated TwitchCon 2019! There are so many great panels and resources to take advantage of if you are an up and coming streamer or simply a fan of everything Twitch. While some panels may conflict with others because of scheduling, most will be up for a viewing on Twitch later on. Below is a list of the best panels, workshops, and meetups at this TwitchCon!

Twitch Rivals And Gaming Meetups

Game lovers will have plenty on their plate with Twitch Rivals, which will have qualifiers on each of the three days for Fortnite, League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and Apex Legends. In addition, there will be meetup groups spread across the three days for Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Path of Exile, and more. Check out the schedule for information on dates and time.

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So You Want To Be A Streamer?

[September 27 – 01:30 PM]

Streaming seems so simple, watching the best streamers in the world. If you're considering streaming for yourself, it all begins here. Learn the basics of everything needed to get into streaming and to avoid pitfalls. This includes a brief discussion on hardware and software needs as well as stream management, and there are other panels dedicated to this over the weekend as well.

Unlike other panels, this one will not be streamed to Twitch because it is more of a hands-on presentation. Recap VODs will be shared following TwitchCon. Click here for more information.

How To Build Your Own Streaming PC

[September 28 – 10 AM]

Following up on the first panel, this workshop will cover everything one needs to build their own PC with attention paid to details needed for any special considerations you might have. There are also big prizes to be won here, with winners taking home components to start building their own PCs.

LoveLaughLeslie, ElisaRockDoc, TrishaHershberger, and MorganMaxMax will be speaking at this panel, moderated by PancakePowTow. Click here for more information.

Streaming For Good: Charity Streams on Twitch

[September 28 – 10 AM]

Most streamers should now be well aware of the awesome potential that streaming has to raise funds for charitable causes. If you have wondered how to do your part, this is the panel for you. Come speak with streamers who are the best at fundraising on Twitch and hear about coordinating charity streams, best practices, setting realistic fundraising goals, and the impact charity streams have on organizations.

Speakers at this panel will be Teawrex and Data_Dave with SpawnOnMe acting as moderator. Click here for more information.

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A Word from Our Sponsors: Maintaining Authenticity in Paid Content

[September 28 - 11:30 AM]

Monetization of a stream is ultimately an important part of getting into streaming. Some stream for fun, but for most, the opportunity to earn sponsorships can be a massive boost to the ability to produce quality content on time. Being believable when speaking for a sponsor is a key skill to develop.

Learn how content creators strive to balance authenticity through positive and negative experiences while working on paid content. Speaking on this subject will be dashreindeer, Sly, Katie, djtechlive, iamBrandon, and SpawnOnMe will be acting as moderator. Click here for more information.

Stand Out From the Crowd: Up Your Production Value Game

[September 28 02:30 PM]

Do you want to be a Fortnite streamer? Well, so does everyone else. It's a monumental task to get noticed in the saturated market of streaming. This panel focuses on how some successful streamers have stood out by upping their production value using audio/video quality, scene diversity, animations, external hardware equipment, stream integrations, multiple cameras, and more.

Speaking at this panel will be TominatonTime, TheSushiDragon, FlamingMonocle, SceneOfAction, Activater, and SpawnOnMe will be moderating. Click here for more information.

I Need Healing! Improving Mental and Physical Health for Gamers

[September 29 – 10 AM]

You may consider yourself to be in great mental shape as a potential streamer, but this is a panel that no one should miss. The panel will explore how physical, mental, and financial well-being tie together to affect your overall wellness. Find the support and education one needs to stay both happy and healthy.

This is an important topic of discussion, especially with the recent uptick in streamers taking long breaks or outright retiring due to health concerns. Click here for more information.

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Build, Engage, and Bond With Your Community

[September 29 – 11:30 AM]

Growing your brand and viewership means working hard to build that community, which is a vital component of being a streamer. Meet the members of the Twitch product team who will go over the tools available to grow, moderate, and recognize loyal viewers. Come listen to what Chris M, Ryan L, Sharmeen C, and Ivana S, all have to say through their various years of experience as Twitch Staff. Click here for more information.

The Gayest Panel At TwitchCon

[September 29 - 1 PM]

Each year, the LGBTQ+ community on Twitch comes together to discuss the queer experience in live broadcasting. This is a fantastic panel to acquire tips for new and growing LGBTQ+ streamers, to hear advice on how to be a better chat ally, and to learn about the best tools for networking and success as a queer person on Twitch.

Speaking at this panel will be Bloody, GreenDumling, mischacrossing, Nikatine, and Shamanom. AdamKoebel will be moderating. Click here for more information.

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From Player to Creator: How Women Find Success in the Gaming Industry

[September 29 – 4 PM]

This panel will focus on presenting first-hand experiences on building inclusive environments as women in streaming. This includes working to create, produce, play, and stream games. Other topics covered will be how to apply for certain jobs, how to work as a visible representative of a company, gain confidence, and build a professional network. Click here for more information.

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