Determining The Best Path For You In F1 2019's Career Mode

The many teams of F1 2019, what they expect of you, and which to choose. It all comes down to how confident you are in your driving.

You'll have to languish in F2 for a few races, but once you've played through this in F1 2019's career mode, you'll have a big decision to make.

There are a number of reasons sport-based video games are so popular. One of the main ones is because fans enjoy nothing more than being able to feel as if they are part of the clubs and franchises they follow. Annoyingly, only a tiny percentage of us will ever know what it's like to be the real thing, so we have to rely on games to let us experience it.

While all sports are reserved for the absolute elite, there is none quite like Formula 1. Only 20 racers get the chance to perform in each F1 season. That means you have to be the very best to take one of those incredibly powerful cars for a spin. For the other seven billion of us, we have to settle for F1 2019's career mode.

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Renault Isn't Rough

For the first time ever in an F1 game, players will first be tasked with proving themselves in F2. Don't panic too much, or groan at the thought of it. The team you choose at this point doesn't really mean much at all. However, the academy you join will influence how much rep you build with certain F1 teams.

The big decision doesn't come until you have completed your short stay in F2. After that, you must choose which team you are going to start your F1 career with. All ten teams will be available to you, but we wouldn't recommend picking the best team possible and getting underway. Your results and performances matter more than ever before in F1 2019. Pick Ferrari on day one and you'll be expected to win from day one. If you haven't got used to the game, you could soon find yourself without a team.

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If you want an easy ride to begin with, we'd recommended joining up with Renault or Williams. Although every player's offers will differ slightly, these two teams won't be expecting much. Renault will want you to help the team develop, while Williams simply asked us to be consistent. Whether the team would be okay with us consistently finishing last is unknown.

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Moving Up With McLaren

If you're feeling a little more confident in your driving ability, the next up will likely come in the form of Alfa Romeo and Toro Rosso. They're not teams that will expect you to lead the way but will want you to finish among the point scoring places every now and again. Toro Rosso, in particular, is a great starting team as F1 aficionados will know its where most Red Bull drivers begin their F1 careers.

The next step up again will mean another step up in pressure. The teams that aren't the ones winning every single week, but every now and again they'll want you to be placed in that elusive top three. Rich Energy, Sp Score Racing, and the world-famous McLaren. McLaren will probably expect more from you than the other two due to the rich history of the team. Chances are they will also be less patient should you get off to a slow start.

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First Place Gets You Ferrari

Now we arrive at the elite. The three teams which if you choose to join them, you will be displacing a potential world champion. That alone will mean the pressure you will be under is warranted. One DNF for Ferrari, Red Bull, or Mercedes and questions will immediately start to be asked. You'll also be alongside a world class driver as your teammate. Continually get outclassed by them and you'll quickly be edged out.

The choice you make ultimately depends on how confident you feel when things get underway. Plus, the team you choose to begin with isn't the team you must remain with forever and always. You can even renegotiate your contract mid-season. We'd recommend starting low down and if you rock the race track, other teams will quickly come calling.

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