The 10 Best Pepe Silvia Memes Ever

Now and then a television series produces a scene so funny that it indirectly shatters the internet. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia follows a group of misfits who aren't beneath conspiring for self-gain. One of the most memorable scenes from the show is about a character called "Pepe Silvia," who may or may not exist.

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Charlie Day's performance as a frantic Charlie Kelly is Golden Globe worthy. The scene is popular on the internet, gaining over 3 million views on YouTube. Instead of working hard, Mac pretends to fill in for an office worker who is on vacation. There's no way Charlie or Mac should have jobs in a corporate office. These memes are too funny, even for people who haven't seen the Pepe Silvia scene. These are the ten best Silvia memes ever.

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10 It's Okay If You Don't Know Who Pepe Silvia Is

You don't need a reason to add Chris Pratt to a meme. His face says it all, and in this ridiculous meme, Chris Pratt shows his modest side by admitting he does not know who Pepe Silvia is. For those who haven't watched It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, not understanding who Pepe Silvia is (or isn't) is okay. With that said, you shouldn't be afraid to ask who Pepe Silvia is because you won't alienate yourself from friends; you'll find out that Pepe Silvia is a figment of one's imagination like the boogeyman or Bigfoot.

9 DC Comics And The CW-Verse Are Not The Same!

The DC Universe and the CW-verse are two alternate stories, yet they use many of the same characters. An individual who mostly reads DC Comics and watches DC's featured films will be totally confused by shows connected to the CW. CW may feature characters like Superman, Supergirl, Flash, but they are by no means connected to the DC universe, which is part of the DC multiverse. Trying to connect the two stories together is like trying to solve the Pepe Silvia conundrum. It's not worth the effort, so don't even bother.

8 There Is No Carol From HR!

Charlie Day, the actor who plays Charlie Kelly in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is one of the few people who could have made the scene so funny. His high-pitched toned combined with playful banter makes the whole scene seem wild and zany.

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"It all makes sense now," says the meme above. How could any of those papers make sense with so many lines covering their text? At a closer glance, the documents probably say nothing about Pepe Silvia, and it's all a hoax.

7 It's Really, Really, Really Complicated

Charlie Kelly did his homework when he tried to solve the mystery of Pepe Silvia. If there ever was a Pepe Silvia or not may forever be unknown. It would be nice to have some closure to this topic to solve the mystery of Pepe Silvia. Is it possible that finding out who Pepe Silvia is and how Charlie keeps receiving this person's mail is more challenging than a Masters Dissertation? What is more important is that people understand that finding out who Pepe Silvia is is not easy.

6 Not Charlie But Green Frog Meme Guy

After someone incorporates the green meme guy into a comic for a television scene, you know that it must be influential. A puzzled green meme guy stands while smoking a cigarette in the center of a hilarious comic. Technically, since this picture has no caption, it shouldn't be considered a meme.

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It does, however, contain a recurring character in the meme universe. Just because the comic captured a scene of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia means the comic/meme deserves a place on this listicle.

5 Bethesda Softworks Fans Be Like

Referencing the Pepe Silvia scene in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia to Fallout 76 might not be what you expected. It seems as if whoever created this meme had a mental breakdown as a result of Fallout 76's announcement. Fallout 76 has nothing to do with Pepe Silvia. Unfornutaley, this meme's creator had a panic attack over nothing. Critics mostly negatively received Fallout 76, and many Fallout fans were disappointed. Moreover, Fallout games are not interconnected, so it wouldn't make sense to link a bunch of documents and post them on a wall.

4 What If It's All A Lie???

First of all, it is worth noting that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand took place in 1914. The introduction of anime didn't happen until many years later. It seems odd that they decided to compare two different things from different periods.

It seems like anything is possible; especially that anime is connected to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in some way. Anime was introduced in the same century and Franz Ferdinand's assassination. Regardless, it's all really confusing, so we may as well put the thought to rest.

3 Nicki Minaj One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish

For this meme creator to think about Nicki Minaj during an It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia meme is kind of random. The meme creator references a verse from Nicki Minaj’s song. The meme suggests that Nicki Minaj’s songs are random and hard to follow just like trying to find out Pepe Silvia's identity. It wouldn't be out of the ordinary to guess that Nicki Minaj is the mysterious Pepe Silvia. At no point did anyone say if this person is a girl or a guy. Putting that aside, it is pretty difficult to make a Pepe Silvia meme that's not funny.

2 The Russian Ambassador Cannot Be Pepe Silvia

Could it be that the Russian ambassador is Pepe Silvia? If so, our worst nightmare will have become realized. Charlie Kelly's infamous Pepe Silvia rant is arguably one of the best scenes in the show. If Pepe Silvia is the Russian Ambassador, then something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

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Charlie did mail pink slips to Siberia, which is a province of Russia. It seems almost impossible for characters like Charlie and Mac to speak without showing too much emotion. Since Charlie and Mac were both fired, why does Charlie want to know who Pepe Silvia is?

1 Explaining Crypto-Currency Is Like Teaching Monkeys How To Play Rock-Paper-Scissors

Trying to figure out who Pepe Silvia is is more difficult than explaining cryptocurrency. Be it Mac, Dennis, or Charlie; it always seems like someone is trying to speak frantically when they should calm down and talk normally. People in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia are bad at calming each other down. Instead, yelling back is their solution for defusing a situation. "I've got boxes full of Pepe" has to be one of the funniest quotes ever in the television series.

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