10 Best Places To Find Subnautica Cyclops Parts

The Cyclops in Subnautica is one of the most valuable buildables in the game. This massive sub is over 175-feet-long and nearly 40-feet-wide. It’s a beast of a machine and can give players a huge upgrade in capabilities.

In its simplest form, the Cyclops can dive to depths of 500 meters. Once it’s fully upgraded, it can take players to 1,700 meters below the surface. The Cyclops can serve as an underwater base, making extended exploration much simpler. In order to build these mammoth submarine, though, players will need to gather blueprints and other materials. These are spread out throughout the environment and can be challenging to find. In order to make your quest a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of 10 locations where you can find the things you need.

10 Mushroom Forest

This Biome is truly breathtaking. It’s filled with massive looming corals called Tree Mushrooms and tons of other undersea plants. If you’re trying to focus on maximizing productivity, you may want to check the Northeastern Mushroom Forest. It’s really close to another location you’ll be scouring. You can sweep this forest and then visit the nearby Aurora in your hunt. In the Mushroom Forest, you can find hull and bridge fragments needed to finish your build. The forest is beautiful but it’s got a fair share of predators. You’ll need to stay on your toes to survive your search.

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9 Sea Treader's Path

Southwest of Lifepod 5, you’ll find a sweeping Biome that covers multiple areas. The Sea Treader’s Path covers the Sparse Reef, Great Reef, Dunes, and a Blood Kelp Zone. This feature may be a migration path of a massive bottom-dweller, however. The path is pretty hard to miss. It’s a huge ridge with a wide gravel strewn path. You can find hull fragments as well as bridge fragments along this undersea road.

The Sea Treader’s Path also contains Wreck 7. You’ll need to search wrecks to find engine fragments so it’s a good idea to check it out as you pass by.

8 Floating Island

The Floating Island is a rich and highly useful Biome. You can access this landmass either by a beach or via an underwater entrance at its center. The island is beautiful and a fantastic place to find lots of edible plants. While you’re there, you can find Cyclops Hull fragments, as well. Exploring this island can be a great visual break from extended periods underwater. The island is pretty hot and isn’t free of predators, so be on the lookout for Cave Crawlers as you make your way around.

7 Aurora

The Aurora and its surrounding crash site are as dangerous as they are useful. The spacecraft was full of useful supplies, many of which can be found around the wreckage.

Post-explosion you’ll need a radiation suit to approach the hull. Searching the downed craft can yield food, water, batteries, titanium, and more. Cyclops engine fragments can also be found. The area is not only full of radiation from the crash and following explosion, but there are Reaper Leviathans on patrol as well.

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6 Jellyshroom Cave

Echoing much of the beauty of the Mushroom Forest, the Jellyshroom Cave is a breathtaking Biome. This massive cavern system expands below the Kelp Forest, Safe Shallows, and Grassy Plateaus. Ironically, the Cyclops can’t fit inside the entrances to this area but you can find the engine fragments needed to build it. This area is extremely dangerous and full of Crab Snakes. It’s best explored with the Seamoth equipped with an Mk1 or higher depth module. The perimeter defense system will help with pesky predators.

5 Crash Zone

The area surrounding the Auror wreckage is called the Crash Zone. It’s a wide-open and eerie area full of lurking Reaper Leviathans and debris. The risk of exploring this area is well worth it. It’s littered with useful items including bridge fragments. This expansive Biome includes a large area of dry land. You’ll find flocks of Skyrays as well as a ton of metal salvage in the dry half of the Crash Zone. The undersea portion is murky but also full of raw materials to be harvested.

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4 Mountain Island

This dry Biome can be tricky to locate. The island is at the top of a mountain range and shrouded by fog. Once you have the coordinates and find your way there, this area is full of useful things. Mountain Island is home to engine fragments as well as purple alien tablets. You can explore the entire area on foot and find a wide range of flora. If you look carefully, you’ll find speckled rattlers which can be a useful source of energy.

3 Underwater Islands

The Underwater Caves are pretty unique. These rock formations float, suspended over the ocean floor. It appears they may have once floated above the surface. The islands even contain their own cave system. The area is teeming with Bonesharks so it must be navigated carefully. Here, you’ll find engine fragments, quartz, and occasionally diamonds. There are also sandstone and shale outcroppings. Uraninite and silver can be found at the bottom of the lava geysers directly below these islands, making this a resource heavy area to explore.

2 Wrecks

There are many wrecks across the sea floor. Above, these pieces of debris are from the Aurora crash. Each one is explorable. There are many sizes of wrecks; the largest wrecks contain valuable technology, fragments, and sometimes data boxes or vac-packs. These large wrecks are where you may find engine fragments. Some wrecks have areas that are only accessible with the laser cutter or repair tool. You may want to prepare to deal with any predators that frequent the area, as well.

1 Crag Field

The Crag Field is another area ripe with salvage. Resources are abundant in this rocky terrain. This area is between the Grand Reef and the Crash Zone. You’ll know it by its large rock spikes and hills of rippled rock. There are some predators lurking around the Crag Field, though, so you’ll find Bonesharks as well as Mesmers. There are plenty of mineral resources here as well. Cyclops Hull and engine fragments can be found here, so it’s definitely worth combing through.

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