10 Best PS3 Games On PSNOW

For those that don't know, PS Now is a streaming service offered by Sony that can be played on the PS4. While it got off to a rocky start when it was first brought out, people have started to flock to it for the games that it allows them to play. Having PS2 and PS3 games available for streaming on a PS4 is a big thing after all. We've decided to take a look at the PS3 games available on the PS Now service, showing everyone what they may have missed out on, or which games are worth going back to for a second try.

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10 Journey

In the modern world, it's an impressive feat to be able to create a game with absolutely no dialogue and still manage to tell a compelling story. The player takes control of a character in a red dress, starting out in a desert before moving into different areas. Attempting to reach the top of the mountain, the player will have to overcome various obstacles to get to where they need to be. One of the most interesting features about the game is that it will randomly allow players who are in the same area to play together.

9 Red Dead Redemption

Now that Red Dead Redemption II has come and gone, it can be easy to forget the foundation that was laid down for it on the PS3. The first game in the series told the story of a man named John Marston who was going after all of the old outlaws he used to run in a gang with.

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Blackmailed by the law to turn against them, he won't be able to get his family back safe until he has tracked them all down. It's amazing to see the characters in this game and compare them to how they are portrayed in the prequel.

8 God Of War III

Before Kratos decided to get serious by moving to a different mythos to settle down and start a family, he was the crazed God Of War. Following the man as he takes on numerous Gods from the Greek pantheon, this is a game that takes itself a lot less seriously than the more recent reboot. If people enjoy the most recent God Of War but they were looking for something that was a little less narrative heavy and more about the combat, then we suggest they go back into the series history to the third installment.

7 Batman: Arkham City

It's a generally accepted belief in the gaming community that games based on licensed properties are never going to be that good, which is why Arkham Asylum blew everyone away. The developers Rocksteady decided to follow that up with Arkham City. It is more of the great gameplay that people enjoyed from the first game but placed into a more open setting. The sandbox style of the game allowed the developers to throw extra things in that they hadn't had enough room for in the first game, giving everyone more gameplay to enjoy.

6 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

The Uncharted trilogy is generally accepted as being some of the greatest games to play on the PS3, so for this list we wanted to pick the best of that trilogy. The fan favorite, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves follows Nathan Drake on yet another daring adventure for fame and fortune.

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The gunplay is more refined than in the first game and the graphics somehow look even better. If anyone hasn't played the first game, they should definitely start there, but they can know that greatness is just around the corner.

5 Ratchet And Clank: A Crack In Time

There was a period of time when Ratchet And Clank games were just a chance for people to throw themselves into a silly world. They were games about buying ridiculously big and powerful guns before setting them on cartoon enemies. In this one, the developers got serious, writing in a story all about family and belonging. The great gameplay is still there of course, but the whole thing felt even more impressive with such a brilliant story at its core. Even if people have never played any other Ratchet And Clank games, they will enjoy this one.

4 Bioshock

Bioshock is one of those games that people bring up when they want people to take video games seriously. It tells the story of a man who travels to an underwater city after being involved in a plane crash. He finds people turned mad and they attack him immediately. He has to make his way through the underwater city, taking on new powers as he goes. Once the player makes it to the end, they will have been bled dry of any energy, the twists and turns found throughout keeping the audience on their toes.

3 The Last Of Us

There are a lot of video games out there about zombies, but none of them are quite like The Last Of Us. It follows a man and a young girl as they travel through a post-apocalyptic US, taking out zombies and crazed human beings on the way. As the game progresses, the two main characters grow closer, and the player is sucked into the narrative. For those who have played this game, the ending was a monumental event unlike many others seen in gaming. Anyone that hasn't played it should give it a go through PS Now.

2 Mafia II

A lot of the reason that so many people play games is because it gives them a chance to escape from this world into another one! Most people will never know what it's like to be part of a criminal organization, which is why games like Mafia II exist. Rather than giving the player chaotic freedom like other sandbox games out there, this one expects people to stick to a fairly rigid path, even paying attention to traffic laws if the police are nearby. It's an interesting tale well told, so it's worth a look for anyone that's never played it.

1 Catherine

Not many people played this game when it first came out, as it has an aesthetic that only appeals to a smaller audience, but the people who did play it ended up falling in love very quickly. It consists of a bunch of dream levels in which the player must navigate various block puzzles, but these levels are split up by anime cutscenes. The story follows a young man who finds himself stuck between two women, both named Catherine, while other young men keep being found dead in their beds, supposedly having died in their sleep...

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