10 PlayStation Games That Need A Switch Port (That Could Get One)

Mobile gaming has always been a lucrative idea, but few companies have really been able to pull it off. Even when a console or device functions properly with impressive technology, it still needs the public's acceptance to be successful. Sony's PS Vita, for example, was a powerful machines, but never caught on with the masses in a big way. Nintendo, on the other hand, has had astounding success in the portable market ever since the Game Boy came out in 1989. That's not to say there haven't been a few stumbling blocks, like the Virtual Boy and the rocky launch of the 3DS, but even through these rough patches the company has remained the king of handheld gaming.

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In 2017, the company took portable devices to a whole new level with the Nintendo Switch. Along with one of the Nintendo's strongest library of exclusives, the system has also attracted a number of ports, the most recently announced being The Witcher 3. Despite the large number of surprising ports already available, there are still plenty of titles not yet brought over that would be absolutely perfect. This list will bring up ten classic titles from the PlayStation's history that would be right at home on the Switch. These aren't impossible dreams either, but games that actually could end up on the console. They also don't have to be exclusives, but just deeply associated with the brand.

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10 Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics War of the lions poster

Tactical role-playing games are perfect for handhelds; they are filled with tense, high stakes battles, but also allow one to take their time and think about consequences. The recently announced The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics brings to mind other games from the genre that should embrace the system.

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Square Enix has no qualms about bringing classic Final Fantasy games to the Switch, so why not also give Final Fantasy Tactics the same treatment?

9 3D Dot Game Heroes

3d dot game heroes

3D Dot Game Heroes is odd. The title is in three dimensions - as the name implies - but plays like a 2D Legend of Zelda game from the SNES. It's the closest Sony fans could get to a retro Zelda on a PlayStation console.

Given its striking similarities to Nintendo's iconic franchise, it would make sense to bring it to the Switch. Silicon Studio is not a first party studio, so it seems entirely possible for the game to make the jump.

8 Zone Of The Enders

Zone of the ender 2nd runner

The world will probably never see Zone of the Enders 3, but Konami can't seem to lay the franchise down to rest permanently. The HD Collection brought the game to the PS3 and Xbox 360, while the second game came to the PS4 with VR support in 2018.

They were beautiful titles back in the day, but the Switch should have no problem running them. Bring both parts to Nintendo's console and let those players finally dive into the intense mech combat.

7 Metal Gear Solid (Especially Peace Walker And The Phantom Pain)

The phantom pain big boss on a motorcycle

The Metal Gear franchise is just so good, everybody deserves a chance to play it. Peace Walker was designed with portable gaming in mind. The Phantom Pain's game play is an extension of Peace Walker, so that mission structure would also work well on the go.

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It's hard to say if the handheld console could run the Fox Engine efficiently, though. The game is available on the PS3, so perhaps the Switch could handle it.

6 The Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Games

Tony Hawk's Project 8

The glory days of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater have long passed, leaving a skateboard-shaped hole in many players' hearts. At this point, many would be satisfied with a compilation of the early games' best maps and skaters.

If it played like Tony Hawk's Underground, it would be perfect. Should this dream scenario comes true, they'd be foolish not to put it on Switch.

5 Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together

This game is available on many consoles, but the definitive version is only on PSP. What separates Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together from other JRPGs is the branching story paths and the absence of magic and sorcery in the story(though it is still present in game play).

The plot can take brutal, unfair turns, making it one of the darker games in the genre. A well marketed Switch release could go a long way towards reviving the franchise.

4 TimeSplitters

Timesplitters 2

The first TimeSplitters remains a PS2 exclusive. THQ Nordic bought the rights to the cult classic franchise in 2018, but so far has no plans to bring it back. What are they waiting for?

If they don't make a new game, they better be preparing an HD collection. Assuming they do that, there is no reason to leave Switch owners out on all the fun.

3 Xenosaga

Via: Gamer Professionals

Xenosaga was originally planned as a six part series. This ultimately got cut down to three, but the story was still completed. Creator Tetsuya Takahashi has since gone on to make Xenoblade Chronicles for Nintendo consoles.

Given that series' popularity, Nintendo could totally make a deal with Namco to get the game on the Switch, marketing the re-release with phrases like "before there was Xenoblade Chronicles, there was Xenosaga".

2 Bully

Bully Screenshot

Bully has also been released on several platforms since its initial PS2 release, but Rockstar games was heavily associated with the PS2 during that generation.

The game does away with the company's typical over the top anarchy and violence, instead presenting a smaller, more nuanced open world and more grounded scenarios. With the plethora of side activities and minigames, a Switch version would make perfect sense.

1 Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts One introduction

Several Kingdom Hearts spin-offs have made their way to Nintendo handhelds, but the mainline entries have steered clear of them. Given Kingdom Hearts III's beautiful graphics, it makes sense that it wouldn't come to the Switch, but why have the first two numbered entries not made it over?

While some of the spin-offs are just as good as the first two games, Nintendo fans deserve to experience the original titles too.

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