What Pokémon Should You Have On Your Roster Based On Your MBTI®

Everyone has a Pokémon that matches their personality... at least, that's what we like to believe. Out of hundreds of different species and evolutions, there's got to be at least one that can be characterized into each Meyer-Briggs identification, right? Right! Whether we feel a soulful connection to Pidgeotto or a have a deep understanding of Pikachu's silly— and occasionally erratic—ways, everyone is bound to have a match. That's why we thought it would be oh-so-apropos to classify each popular Pokémon into personality types, after all, we've gotta catch 'em all somehow, right? So why not start with the ones that suit us the best!

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10 Lugia And INFJs

Just because Lugia is a legendary bird Pokémon doesn't mean it won't fit a specific personality type. For trainers who identify as INFJs, they'll find that catching a Lugia might just be the best thing they ever did. This Pokémon has psychic abilities and is capable of telepathy, making it one of the most unique species to catch. Similar to an INFJ, this Pokémon thrives on intuition and the ability to observe and feel things as an empath would. There's no greater match for an INFJ than aPokémon who can literally read their mind before they even open their mouth to speak.

9 Gyarados And ENTJs

Gyarados evolves from what's considered one of the weakest Pokémon in the species: Magikarp. This Pokémon's ability to evolve into something so powerful and extreme from a once weakened state is why it has such great compatibility with ENTJs. While an ENTJ is known for blazing their own path and being able to solve nearly any problem, they're also known for their determination and tough spirit. These attributes are essentially what creates a Gyarados, making for a perfect match when it comes to leadership and strength.

8 Eevee And ISFPs

Eevee now has a total of eight evolutions they can go through, giving trainers a vast array of evolutions when it comes to catching this Pokémon. Eevee is sweet, adorable, and there's nothing not to love about them. However, it's their ability to transform and evolve that makes them so perfect for an ISFP trainer. Also called the 'Adventurer', and ISFP is always ready for a new journey and exploring all that life has to offer. Because of this, they'll find an instant connection with an Eevee, who is also not afraid in the face of change.

7 Jigglypuff And ESFPs

Although Jigglypuff has a bit of a strange ability when it comes to its enemies, that doesn't mean they're weak in any way. Their power comes in the form of music, something that ESFPs also enjoy. An ESFP is considered the 'Entertainer' when it comes to personality types, which means they're never a bore to be around and always seem to be the life of the party. If nothing else, an ESFP trainer will be drawn to Jigglypuff's creative prowess and its ability to put enemies to sleep with a simple tune. This combined love for something so artistic will have them bonding in no time.

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6 Squirtle And INFPs

Everyone loves Squirtle, but no one will love him more than an INFP. Known as natural-born mediators, INFPs have a seemingly unreal ability to calm people down and help them to heal. They're truly altruistic in nature and always seeking ways to cheer up those they love. Similar to Squirtle, an INFP trainer will show constant compassion for their Pokémon and, in return, Squirtle will go out of his way to make sure that his trainer is well-cared for, too. This symbiotic relationship is necessary for a successful relationship between Pokémon and trainer and these to have it on lock.

5 Charmander And ENFPs

ENFPs are free spirits by nature, which is why they'll love having Charmander around. The two will adore each other's company and an ENFP trainer will always be looking out for their Pokemon's best interests. Charmander cares deeply about those he loves, but, as he evolves, he will become fierce when it comes to battling. This is something he'll do out of sheer protectiveness and it's one thing an ENFP will appreciate. Though they have hearts of gold, they spend plenty of time making others smile—therefore, Charmander will be the one to bring a smile to their face.

4 Pikachu And ENTPs

ENTP personalities are very well-known for their natural ability to debate others. It's just part of their genetic makeup to challenge another person, not in a malicious fashion, but purely out of the need for intellect. It's in this that they fall in love with the thrill of the chase which will make acquiring Pikachu so rewarding for them. If Pikachu was every to be typed for a personality, he would undoubtedly be an ENTP. If all debators were to unite, Pikachu would be leading the charge. These two will likely bump heads but will gain mutual satisfaction from their back-and-forth arguments.

3 Bulbasaur And INTJs

While Bulbasaur may not have seemed like much when he was first introduced, he proved to be a worthy companion and a powerful one. He's a smart little cookie and this is why he makes for a perfect match with an INTJ. His ability to assess a situation and coordinate a well-thought-out plan with accuracy and precision is why an INTJ will absolutely love him. These two will get along like two peas in a pod (or perhaps like two bulbs on a Bulbasaur!). Their shared logic when it comes to solving problems will put them far ahead of any enemies.

2 Butterfree And ISTJs

While it might seem like a bit of an unusual union, Butterfree and an ISTJ trainer will be a surprising match together. While Butterfree has evolved and desires personal freedom, an ISTJ will be the trainer to allow them just that. They'll both bond over their natural ability to hone in on a problem and provide a worthy solution, but there's more these two have in common. They're both incredibly reliable, which is what makes them truly compatible. When an ISTJ needs the assistance of Butterfree, their Pokémon will never be far behind—similarly, when Butterfree needs some space, and ISTJ will always be understanding.

1 Pidgey And ISFJs

Known as the 'Defenders' of the personality types, and ISFJ is always ready to go to battle for those they love. That's with Pidgey—and all of its evolutions—are exactly what an ISFJ trainer needs. Pidgey is shown as a Pokémon that doesn't tolerate anything they don't like, and neither will an ISFJ. What many will consider abrasive is just a natural attribute of these two. Being protective and loyal are two things they both have in spades, which is why they'll perform so well together. Not only will they have a great chance at winning most battles, but they'll always have someone to protect them, too.

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