The 10 Best Horror Games On PS4, Ranked

Horror games, much like their film counterparts, fall into a niche genre experience that is supported in large part by a very loyal and active fan base. The most recent generation of video game consoles sees the release of more games annually than we've seen in previous generations. The PlayStation 4 is home to many great gaming experiences, and if you're simply looking for horror games it's home to some of the best the genre has ever seen. Due to the nature of the medium horror games come in many different shapes and sizes. Let's take a look at the ten best horror games on the PlayStation 4.

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10 Alien Isolation

After the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines, fans were very skeptical of any new game from the beloved 80s franchise. Though Alien: Isolation didn't release to fantastic critical reception it did manage to deliver a unique and disturbing horror experience. Alien became such a hit because people were truly terrified by Xenomorphs. Alien: Isolation allows players to feel what it's like to run and hide from the alien predators. There's even a mode where the speaker in your controller can pick up sounds and if you're not quiet enough it will alert the alien of your location.

9 Little Nightmares

You've likely never considered the possibility of a 2-dimensional platformer delivering a top-notch horror experience. In Little Nightmares, you play as a small child trying to escape this awful world that surrounds her. The art style and design of the horrid people that live in this machination of terror will make your stomach hurt.

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Players will feel fear and fright not only in the grotesque imagery but in the immersion of playing as a character much smaller than the people around her. It's like a dwarf trying to escape the land of giants, only the giants were designed by Tim Burton and Wes Craven.

8 The Evil Within

Shinji Mikami, the man responsible for Resident Evil and Dino Crisis, formed Tango Gameworks with the hopes of tackling the survival horror genre once again. The Evil Within was the studios first release and the moment they released the first trailer for the game, fans across the globe new Mikami was back with a vengeance. The Evil Within pays heavy tribute to Resident Evil while giving fans a new disturbing world to play around in. It features new devilish creature designs that invoke characteristics of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill or the dogs from Resident Evil.

7 Visage

Visage is a title that may not yet be fully released but is heavily inspired by the phenomenon known as P.T. There was a bevy of indie horror games that tried to ride the wave of the Silent Hill demo that took Youtube and the gaming world by storm. Visage takes place in a home and features high-quality environments and plenty of scares. The game's mechanics rely on light and if the player spends too much time in the dark their sanity begins to slip and the supernatural events occur at shorter intervals. Despite it not being complete yet, Visage is one of the best PlayStation 4 horror experiences to date.

6 Layers of Fear

Many people consider art to be confusing and overrated. Abstract art tends to be the one that draws the most disdain and confusion from people trying to figure out why people like or enjoy it. Layers of Fear is a horror game that follows the story of an artist struck by tragedy and personal demons.

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Everyone at one point in their life has come across a piece of art that's off-putting or makes them irrationally uncomfortable for some reason. Layers of Fear plays on this general experience in brilliant ways. It recently saw the release of a sequel as well in 2019.

5 Observation

Observation is one of the newer releases on this list seeing as it came out in the first half of 2019. It's a science-fiction horror game where you play as the artificial intelligence of a space station. You work alongside an astronaut aboard the space station and your focus is on figuring out what happened to the other astronauts. As the story unfolds the tension builds and you start to question everything you've done. It's a neat perspective to play for a sci-fi game and it makes use of the player's strengths and weaknesses of playing as a piece of technology as opposed to an actual human being.

4 Outlast

Outlast in many ways was the catalyst for an entire sub-genre of horror video games. In Outlast you're trying to escape an insane asylum with nothing but your wits and a video recorder. The main mechanic of the game revolves the video recorder being used as a light to visual guide you through the game. Its batteries drain the more you use it so gathering and stocking up on new batteries is a big part of the experience. There's also follow-up downloadable content for Outlast as well as a sequel that follows a brand new protagonist if you happen to enjoy your time with Outlast on PlayStation 4.

3 P.T. Demo

Though it's just a demo, P.T. is considered one of the scariest video game experiences that have ever existed. Unfortunately, the relationship between Hideo Kojima and Konami fell apart and the Silent Hill game the P.T. Demo revealed never came to fruition.

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The game has the player walking through the same hallway over and over again with subtle changes happening to the objects and entities encompassing said hallway. In true Kojima fashion, it includes some bizarre imagery and a narrative deliver that's confusing at times.

2 Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 was a return to the original formula that made the franchise so popular. It returned to its survival horror roots and stepped away from the ongoing action focus that upset fans of the series as the franchise continued to move away from horror with each new mainline installment. Despite returning to the classic formula it made the bold decision to be entirely played from the first-person perspective. The game has players traveling to a home estate in the backwoods of Louisiana in search of your missing girlfriend.

1 Until Dawn

Horror games had stuck to a pretty familiar structure for a long time. The genre itself is very niche and fans have always yearned for refreshing experiences that invented new ways to scare the player. Until Dawn mixed survival horror with a consequential choose-your-own-adventure game and knocked it out of the park. Players take control of several young adults spending the weekend out at a log cabin. It's considered one of the best games to play with friends because instead of yelling at a screen because someone did something dumb in a horror movie, you're actively choosing what the best action to take is.

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