10 Best PS4 Survival Games

When playing some harsh and stressful survival games, you'll want to make sure that you're ironically as comfortable as possible in your gaming station. It just so happens that the PlayStation 4 (PS4) is one of the coziest gaming devices you can have since you get to sit back far away from the television or monitor on your couch with your arms more relaxed than on the PC.

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Hence, you could say that playing survival games is best experienced on consoles, mainly the PS4 (let the comment section console wars begin!). Thankfully, there is no shortage of survival games in PS4's collection. Some of them are even exclusives which are not available on the Xbox consoles or the PC. To shorten your scouring time for such games, we have here a list of 10 the best of them, here you go Sony loyalists.


Starting off this list is a PS4 exclusive, one that ought to put a smile on horror fans' faces: Until Dawn. You essentially control and determine the survival of horror film protagonist stereotypes in this game by choosing their next course of action. Each choice you make has dire and reverberating consequences and the game makes a good use and depiction of the butterfly effect.

While it's more scripted horror than survival, Until Dawn is still about who outlasts the mysterious and bloodthirsty killer in the random cabin in the woods. In a sense, it still is a survival game, though its survival elements might pale in comparison to some of the more hardcore titles in this list.


Moving on to the open-world is Dying Light and its numerous downloadable contents (DLC) and expansions. The game showcases a huge and sprawling city you can traverse vertically and horizontally in first-person parkour and you certainly would need to if you want to avoid the ravenous zombie hordes on the city streets.

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You play as an undercover agent in a shady organization committed to fixing the zombie infestation in the city of Harran. If you find the daylight zombie hordes and human bandits wanting, simply go out at night and Dying Light will show you why it's a bad idea to be alone with zombies once the sun comes down. Regardless, it's a good enough game if you're after casual survival where you don't need to fulfill a checklist of your character's needs.


If hardcore survival is what you're after, look no further than Conan Exiles. This sandbox survival game here is all about doing what you want and need to be a conqueror. You start off as a measly prisoner freed by Conan the Barbarian himself and you must then set out to explore the land and make something for yourself with what you can find.

Once you're had your footing by killing animals over and over again until you're full or have enough of their skin for your armor, you can then turn to slavery. Yes, you can enslave non-player characters (NPC) here and have them work for you after you've humiliated them by dragging their unconscious body on the ground. Oh, and once you're rich enough, you can perform ritual sacrifices to summon a god of your religion of choice; pretty much how our ancestors rolled.


If Conan Exiles seems a little too barbarous for you, then Subnautica might be able to show you that even survival games can be therapeutic. The game plunges you deep under the ocean of an alien planet where you'll need to set up a base, look after your needs, explore, and study the local wildlife.

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It's a survival game locale that has never been explored prior and that makes Subnautica a fresh experience. Diving underwater and seeing some underwater wonders alone makes Subnautica worth playing. Just don't forget that it's also about survival, meaning there are certain creatures of the deep who aren't too warm with you snooping around their natural habitat.


At first glance, ARK: Survival Evolved appears to be a mad scientist's wet dream in terms of concept. It borrows plenty of elements from science fiction tropes, like an enclosed island with hidden futuristic technology and guns too. However, what makes ARK stand out is its local fauna or creatures... dinosaurs.

You can capture, tame, and ride velociraptor-like creatures and even use them to fight some nasty T-Rex dinos. You can even capture and tame the T-Rex yourself. Moreover, ARK's fascinating creature feature doesn't stop with dinosaurs; they also have plenty of other more alien-looking beings and even bosses that can be crucial to gameplay. It still has the standard survival fare of collecting, crafting, and looking after your needs, meaning survival is still the top priority here.


Survival with a purpose or a narrative incentive is always more compelling than just survival for the sake of it. That's why The Forest is truly a special game in that regard. It has one of the best premises and plots for survival games. While on a plane ride with your son, the plane crash lands onto a mysterious island; both you and your son survive but he is taken away by some freaky cannibals.

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It is up to you to track down your son while overcoming the ominous forces inhabiting the island. Once you start feeling safe in your log fortress, go explore some caves and you'll be presented with the creepiest underground tunnel network ever in the history of gaming. The Forest is certainly not for the faint of heart; lucky for you, you can bring friends along so you can laugh or scream together in-game.


The first aspect you'll notice in Don't Starve is the cartoonish art style and graphics. It gives the game a goofy and comical look, but make no mistake — this game is difficult. In stark contrast to the light-hearted art, Don't Starve constantly keeps you under pressure where you'll have to race against time in building, hunting, eating, and other activities. Because when the night comes, there's not much you can do against the unseen creatures of the dark.

Initially, you get to play as Wilson, a German scientist who gets trapped by a demon to a mysterious wilderness world. You must then survive and invent enough until you are able to find a way to escape and get back home. As you reach new survival milestones, you get to unlock other characters with special capabilities, giving the game high replay value.


Most survival games in this list make the actual act of surviving look fun and sterilized. In reality, it's often lonely, hopeless, and cold. After all, you're pretty much devoid of all the comforts you had and you simply can't build a new home just by smashing some trees together. The Long Dark understands that you can't have nice things realistically, so they don't hand it over to you like you're Robinson Crusoe.

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Instead, The Long Dark makes you trudge through endless snow, ghost towns, and bleakness. The only other sentient life you'll find in droves are hungry wolves who are in the same circumstance as you are. Despite how desperate the situation is in The Long Dark, it still makes you feel like you're in a post-apocalypse or climate disaster movie, meaning you'll want more of it after getting a taste of what true survival feels like.


One doesn't need to look far into fiction in order to find survival game inspirations. Our very own dark history of warfare has often given birth to real-life survival situations. This War of Mine explores that dark notion in human history. The game takes place in a modern fictional war-torn Eastern European city where a group of civilians gets trapped during an ongoing siege.

You must then manage their food, health, mental well-being, and resources so they can outlast the raging war. In short, its a more depressing version of The Sims where instead of made-up problems, the civilians in This War of Mine might actually die of real-life ordeals and aftermaths of war. This is one of the few survival games out there which fully capture the emotional and mental taxes of actual survival; take it as a lesson in human suffering 101 and get ready to receive more psychological scars.


You probably expected this one already. The Last of Us, to this day, is one of the most phenomenal games ever and it's also one of the flagship exclusive titles of PlayStation back then. It simply ticks plenty of checkboxes for this list. Survival elements (albeit casual ones)? Check. PS4/PS3 exclusive? Check. Thrilling plot and story? Check. There's no reason why you shouldn't play it if you have a PS4, it's also gotten cheaper since it's a 2013 game.

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The Last of Us follows the story of Joel and Ellie as they trudge through a post-apocalyptic United States after a mutant fungus outbreak turns everyone into a zombie. The amount of character drama, narrative twists, and feels here are simply unmatched by even the biggest survival titles or even other AAA games. Developer Naughty Dog simply outdid themselves with this game. Let's see if they can do the same with the sequel, The Last of Us II.

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