Best Of Reddit: 20 Spooky Video Game Horror Stories

We’re all familiar with the chill up your spine you get from playing a spooky game. Whether it’s the deeply unpleasant splash splash in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the horrifying and agile dogs of Resident Evil, or the psychological horror of Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head and his disturbing proclivities, games have an amazing power over those who play them. They can make you just want to turn off your computer, burn your house to the ground and move away, or they can make you jump scare so hard you’ll end up in the floor above you. But, surely, the easiest way to avoid awkward conversations with your upstairs neighbors is to just steer clear of spooky games altogether, right? If you stick to just roaming your way through Fallout, or blasting bots in Quake 3, you’ll be in the clear, right?

Well. The supernatural and the spooky have a way of getting into the darnedest places, and sometimes, you’ll wish you had the number of a video gaming Ghostbusters. Not to get too Twilight Zone about this, but sometimes even ordinary games can hide dark secrets. Some of them are hidden deep in the game, destined only to be found by a handful of players. Others focus on a single individual, literal ghosts in the machine. In this list, I’ve dug into Reddit’s depths to find some of the weirdest, spookiest, and downright existentially horrifying stories I can. Whether you’re terrified of ghosts, mind control, or AI gaining sentience, this list is bound to leave you trembling.

20 Sad Satan’s Disturbing Content

19 I, Quake Bot

18 Stalked By Nuclear Gnomes

17 Ghostly Footsteps

16 More Dark Deep Web Secrets

15 A SNES Game To Solve Your Worries

14 Men In Black, Arcade Games, And Greek Historians, Oh My!

13 A Robotic Red Dawn

12 The Case Of The Overly Attached NPC

11 John Carpenter’s Ghosts Of Doom

10 Watch The Sky

9 A Ghost’s Mario Paint Message

8 The Game That Knew Too Much

7 Hitting The Killswitch

6 The Illuminati Control Los Santos

5 Drownings, Possessed AIs, And Ghostly Masks

4 The Secret Key

3 Nine, Four, Five, Four, Two Zero

2 My Beautiful Dark Ascended Fantasy

1 A Cutesy Game Hiding Dark Contents

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