The 10 Best Regions in the Pokémon Universe

Something that a lot of JRPG’s do is they introduce the player to new regions with every new entry. These various settings can be interconnected or stand alone, but in any case, it’s a great tool for developers wanting to keep things fresh, and the inclusion of a new region with new lore and character dynamics allows for that.

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The Pokémon games, while all taking place in the same universe, span across various regions. While the most popular ones belong to the mainline entries, the spin-off games get the same treatment. All in all, there’s a lot to be seen within the wonderful world of Pokémon.

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10 Oblivia

Introduced as the main backdrop for Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs, Oblivia is one of the smaller regions on this list. More of an archipelago than an actual entire region, Oblivia is made up of seven islands.

Though there are only three towns in the region, there are tons of other interesting places to check out. It’s not as big as regions found in the mainline games sure, but has its own charm and is still a blast to explore.

9 Alola

The Alola region is a beautiful resort-type area with a ton of rich lore and interesting inhabitants to keep you occupied. It’s made up of four different islands all close by to each other; Melemele Island, Akala Island, Ula'ula Island, Poni Island. Aside from those, there’s also the artificial Aether Paradise.

Each island adds something new to the region. Exploring and finding out more about them really helps the player feel immersed within the area. The Alolan Pokémon are a nice touch as well, as it really sells the fact that Alola is a unique area even within the Pokémon universe.

8 Sevii Islands

Technically part of the Kanto area, the Sevii Islands take up so much room that they may as well be considered their own region. The archipelago consists of nine sizable islands, each scarcely populated – making Sevii the smallest region out there.

The Islands can’t be surfed to due to how far apart they are, and require a ferry service in order to get around. Though there’s not all that much to see, these islands are great for trainers wanting to catch different kinds of Pokémon.

7 Orre

If you were to transfer over Pokémon caught in either Colosseum or Gale of Darkness, into a mainline game, they’re shown to be from a “distant land.” Orre is a bit of a unique area even among the rest of the regions in the Pokémon universe.

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Orre isn’t a huge region, but has plenty to see. It’s most notable for the vast desert wasteland that covers most of the region, but also has some greenery sprinkled in there as well.

6 Unova

Unova is a massive region that is set considerably far from the ones in the first four generations. It not only has some of the most unique geography of any of the mainline regions but some pretty extensive and interesting mythology as well.

This makes exploring Unova all the more engaging and paired alongside the plethora of unique Pokémon to be found within the region, really helps it stand out from the ones that predated it. It’s one of the few areas fans get to revisit in mainline games. With Black 2 & White 2 taking place two years after the original, it also allows fans to see how the area has changed.

5 Kalos

One of the most interesting regions players have had the chance to explore is the Kalos region in X & Y. Inspired by Metropolitan France, Kalos certainly gives off a different vibe than any other region that’s come before it, and any following it as well.

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With the new games set to take place in yet another European inspired setting, Kalos will probably be a region many fans will soon look back to with fond memories. Like Unova it also has quite a bit of history tied to it.

4 Sinnoh

One region that fans feel doesn’t get as much love as it should, Gen IV enthusiasts have been begging for a Sinnoh remake for a while now. Sinnoh’s name is actually based around the Japanese for mysteries. It makes sense, given the large number of myths surrounding the region.

Sinnoh is notable for being the first region to feature snowy routes, and featured a pretty diverse ecological system all in all. The most notable landmark is Mt. Coronet's peak, where the entrance to the distortion world is found.

3 Hoenn

Located just South of Sinnoh, the Hoenn region kind of resembles Kanto in how it’s spread out. Like its predecessors, Hoenn was modeled after a region in Japan – with the island of Kyushu serving as the inspiration.

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Fun fact; while the region is modeled after Kyushu, Junichi Masuda stated that the design is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. This was done in order to make the area more playable. Hoenn really does stand out as one of the most memorable areas all these years later.

2 Kanto

The area that fans are probably the most familiar with, the Kanto region is where things all started. Kanto is still a popular region with a lot of fans, and whether it’s familiarity or just preference, provides players with a ton of fun areas to explore.

The region has actually gone through the most changes of any in the games. With remakes in Gen III and VII, and inclusions in Gen II and Gen IV games, Kanto has been tweaked quite a bit.

1 Johto

As popular as the Kanto region has proven to be, it’s the Johto region that made the biggest impression. Johto famously introduced the idea of post-Elite 4 content; in this case the entire Kanto region. Its proximity to the latter made it a seamless transition.

Johto has a bunch of interesting and iconic landmarks, like the Lake of Rage, Sprout Tower and of course the Ruins of Alph. With so much to explore and do, Johto is a lock for the best region in the Pokémon universe.

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