The 10 Best Resident Evil 2 Mods For Better Gameplay

If there's one remake that was mostly successful with its creative choices and upgrades from the first game, it was definitely Resident Evil 2. Even though the game had been upped to look good and play well in the current year, it still managed to convey that dark trademark feeling of survival horror the series is so famous and popular for.

That being said, there's nothing wrong with experimenting and fans have always been known for perfecting the game in unexpected ways. Let's take a look at the ten highest rated mods guaranteed to boost your gameplay experience in Resident Evil 2.

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10 Everybody's Gone To The Rapture

Although generally we don't encourage cheating and removing all the challenge from the game, any gaming experience is a personal one. Maybe you'd like to spend more time just exploring and appreciating the scenery and the general feel of the story rather than dealing with zombies?

In that case, this mod is perfect, as it removes all enemies except bosses. If you've already survived through the game once, this can be a great way of revisiting the story without having to worry too much about the whole survival part.

9 Remove Mr. X

Everyone's favorite enemy Mr. X has left fans terrified. You know exactly when he's coming for you with those booming footsteps and as long as you're in his line of sight he won't let go of chasing you.

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The experience is pretty anxiety-inducing to say the least and we won't blame you if you'd rather play the game without Mr. X. This mod is just for that: removing your biggest headache, but also perhaps the biggest challenge from the game. As with the first mod, we recommend giving the original experience a shot before going the easy route.

8 X Gon' Give It To Ya

So maybe you want to keep Mr. X around but you're too terrified to play the game and can't seem to progress anywhere. It's understandable and we sympathize with you. Luckily, this brilliant mod among many others adds a pinch of humor to brighten up your experience.

Every time Mr. X is after you, DMX's iconic song will begin to play in the background and remind you that everything can be turned into a joke. Other mods will also turn Mr. X's footsteps into squeaky sounds or completely remove his clothes, but this is definitely our favorite comedic relief mod.

7 VHS Effect

Not all mods have to be specifically there to boost your gameplay and the fluidity of the game. Sometimes the whole point is to pay respect to the original game and how it made the fans feel. This mod adds a visual effect on your screen which makes it look like you're watching an old VHS tape, true to the old atmosphere of the original Resident Evil 2.

If you're a hardcore fan who fell in love with the first games and desperately wish you could go back to those days, this mod is just for you.

6 Vignette Removal

Maybe you've noticed, but in case you haven't, there's a permanent black vignette around your screen in Resident Evil 2. This effect is no doubt there to give you a sensation of claustrophobia and darkness, to further enhance the horror element of the game.

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However, maybe you'd like to actually see the game and its world a little better, in which case this mod is perfect because it lets you do just that by removing this effect altogether. The difference is quite striking and will make the gameplay a bit more manageable.

5 Fixed Camera Angle Mod

If you're a true lover and fan of the original Resident Evil games, you can't pass up on this mod that brings you back into the claustrophobic camera angles of the first Resident Evil 2.

Many Japanese horror games were built upon wonky fixed cameras that wouldn't let the player look around freely and created many blind spots. A stylistic choice rather than a limitation of technology, this would give the player a sense of helplessness and make the game more challenging to play. A must pick mod for a nostalgia survival horror lover!

4 Beautiful Reality Face - Claire 2.0

Who doesn't love Claire? She's the sweetheart of the game and undoubtedly an iconic character in the series. This mod further perfects her appearance, to make her look more like the actress chosen to portray her for the remake.

Jordan McEwen and Claire 2.0 look strikingly similar and it adds that one little pinch of realism into Claire's model without turning her into a plastic doll. If you're a huge fan of Claire's character and approved of the casting choice for the remake, you might want to grab this mod for your game.

3 HDR ReShade

Everyone can agree Resident Evil 2 Remake looks incredible compared to the original game. The graphics have come a long way since then. However, that doesn't mean small tweaks can't be made to make the experience even more pleasant.

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HDR ReShade is the bread and butter of all the mods, reducing the blurriness of the visuals while also increasing the saturation of the colors you see in game. Anyone who values a visually stunning gaming experience needs to pick this one up.

2 First Person Mod

Maybe fixed camera angle isn't your thing and the third person view of the remake makes you a bit comfortable when paired with shooter mechanics. In that case, this is the mod made for you, as it turns the entire game into a first-person shooter.

Although still buggy in some aspects, the results are surprisingly seamless. This is also the most terrifying way of experiencing the horror of the game, especially when we get chased by Mr. X and get to witness it all up close and personal. Not for the faint of heart!

1 Classic UI

The design of a UI is what makes or breaks a gaming experience. Even though this mod doesn't bring major changes to the UI, it's still a big throwback to the original game with those blue backgrounds and old school character icons.

The main screen and save files have also been changed to mimic the style of the original game. It's a small but nice change, and easy for anyone with even low-end PCs to add to their game to bring back just a hint of the original experience without compromising performance.

Note: All of the mods listed above can be found on www.nexusmods.com

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