Ranking The 10 Greatest Rockstar Games Of All Time

Rockstar is legendary for creating some of the best video games in the industry. With complex story and phenomenal graphics, here are our favorites.

Over the years we have seen some incredible companies create some amazing games, with some sticking around for a long time and others sadly fading out of business, but one of the most consistent has been Rockstar.

Founded in 1998, the company has gone on to create some groundbreaking games, including some series that have gone on to be ranked among the greatest of all time.

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While not every single Rockstar-made game has been a huge hit, the vast majority have done well, but within this article, we are going to rank the 10 greatest Rockstar games of all time.

10 The Warriors

This is one video game that many might not know Rockstar actually created, with The Warriors often getting overlooked when people rank their favorite and least favorite Rockstar games.

While it might have been a risk to create a video game based on this movie, it is certainly one that paid off, with Rockstar showing that this kind of adaptation could be done correctly.

With incredible combat and well-done scenes, all while sticking to the source material of the popular movie, this is a game that has lasted the test of time and still remains popular to this day.

9 Manhunt

While Manhunt may have had some controversy over how grotesque it was, making many gamers feel incredibly uncomfortable with the game allowing you to strangle people with barbed wire or suffocate them with plastic bags, on the surface, this is a very fun game.

This was Rockstar's first attempt at a stealth-style game, with you effectively being in a huge maze, desperately trying to survive against all manner of predators who are awaiting you around every corner.

The game has you gripped from the moment you start playing until the very end, and while its dark horror style certainly is not for everyone, for those who don't mind the violence, it is an excellent video game.

8 Max Payne 3

The Max Payne series was a very popular one and Rockstar took over control for the third entry, which was a bold game as it threw out the ending of the second in order for a totally different idea and focus.

Instead, it concentrated on Max's time in Brazil working as private security, causing misery to everyone in his way. There are some fantastic shootouts within this game that has stunning graphics to back it all up.

While it might not be the first game that people think of when it comes to Rockstar, it is certainly one that every gamer should experience once.

7 Grand Theft Auto III

The first GTA entry on the list, but by no means the last, Grand Theft Auto III is an excellent video game that has gone down in history as one of the very best, and not just within Rockstar's universe.

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This game forever changed the gaming landscape, taking the open-world aspect into a 3D world that helped inspire some unbelievable video games to be created with this criminal world being incredibly fun to explore.

From escaping the back of the prison truck, you are quickly tasked with working your way up the ladder of crime, whether it be through assassination or transporting illegal materials, and that's not mentioning whatever madness you choose to do on your own.

6 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City just about edges out GTA III with a stronger story and a little more edge, with Vice City having one of the greatest settings for a video game ever to be created.

You will gain power slower in Vice City than previous GTA games, but that isn't a bad thing either, as it builds the game better, rather than rushing through things which always make it more enjoyable.

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With a very bright and vibrant feel, the game never gets old, and Vice City also happens to boast one of the best soundtracks in gaming history too.

5 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The reason Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ranks so highly on the list is because this game achieved so much way ahead of its time, taking the open-world vibe to a totally new level long before the likes of Skyrim were able to do so.

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Paying homage to the '90s gang movies that became incredibly popular, the game followed CJ as he returned following the death of his mother, reconnecting with his old gang, The Grove Street Families.

This then went on to be one of the best storylines in GTA history, but it was the exploration that really took this game to a new height of popularity, with versions of LA, Vegas and San Francisco really giving people a lot to do.

4 Red Dead Redemption

Created back in 2010, there are still many gamers who would argue that this is the strongest of all the Rockstar games, and it is easy to see why, with Red Dead Redemption still standing out strongly to this day.

With John Marston as the hero trying to right an evil past, Rockstar created one of the best storylines of all time for a video game, which has helped it reach a cult status among gamers all over the globe.

With a huge map to search and explore, Rockstar did everything they could to make this feel as detailed as possible, capturing the essence of the Old West perfectly in what became an intriguing and beloved video game.

3 Bully

The idea of creating a video game based upon school seems like a ridiculous idea on the surface, yet somehow, Rockstar managed to pull it off and create one of the greatest games of all time with Bully.

Feeling very much like Grand Theft Auto, but based around school, lowering the violence and making the game more relatable to people, Bully has incredible charm with marble and stink bomb weapons, all while keeping a gripping, yet funny storyline.

This was certainly a risk for Rockstar, but the fact that a sequel is still in constant demand today shows that creating Bully was one worth taking, proving that the developer could branch beyond just violent and gritty franchises.

2 Red Dead Redemption II

The latest video game to be created by Rockstar, Red Dead Redemption II was a mega success for the company and deservedly so, with the humongous map being a joy to simply explore, with breathtaking graphics and a phenomenal storyline.

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There is nothing not to enjoy about this game, with the world created being so complex and detailed that there is something to do for hours upon hours, but it was the story that made this one stand out among the rest.

With this technically being a prequel to the original, the story is an excellent one, as you work your way through the world in what is a lengthy, but a brilliant game.

1 Grand Theft Auto V

While many might have Red Dead Redemption or its sequel ahead of this, the unbelievable achievement of Grand Theft Auto V is just something that cannot be overlooked, combining the amazing open-world experience with arguably the best storyline Rockstar has ever made.

Having three single storylines that are character-unique, yet all of which unite, is an incredible achievement, with Rockstar taking the GTA series to a totally new level with this game.

Adding the GTA online mode also helped make this game even more fun, being able to add a totally new element to it, and with one of the most vibrant maps, with thousands of lines worth of dialogue recorded, this game just ticked all of the boxes.

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