The 10 Best Video Game Cosplay From SDCC 2019

The San Diego Comic-Con is one of the biggest events in the states for cosplayers all over the world. There are contests and activities designed specifically for those interested in this hobby, and the rest of the world has a chance to view of their intricate artistic works. These outfits are designed to perfection in areas of television, comics, video games, and more.

We have compiled a list solely composed of cosplay outfits that resemble some of our favorite video games. These portrayals hit their mark, and the world deserves to witness their perfection. Keep reading to learn about the ten best video game cosplays from SDCC 2019!

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10 Mortal Kombat's Sub Zero

This cosplay of Mortal Kombat's Sub Zero is perfect, and we are all glad we had the chance to witness it. Every last detail was added, all the way to the scar on his left eye that was given to him by Kano.

The most impressive part of this costume is the floating ball he is holding between his hands, as it truly glows with the power he possesses. It is unclear if this is the good or evil version of Sub Zero and we hope no one at the event had to endure his brutal spine-rip.

9 Animal Crossing's Isabelle and Metal Gear's Solid Snake

This is a two-for-one as we see Isabelle from Animal Crossing and Solid Snake from Metal Gear pose for the camera. Isabelle's plaid green vest and extravagant updo are too perfect, and she didn't even forget to give herself a tail. This interpretation of Solid Snake comes from a time before his body began to age at an accelerated rate.

This cosplayer didn't forget to bring along his handy cardboard box in case he needed a spot to hide from his enemies. When you combine these two cosplays together it is almost too much for our minds to handle as we are transported into the video games we love so much.

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8 Final Fantasy's Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife makes an appearance in several Final Fantasy games and now he has made an appearance at SDCC 2019. The sculpted hair of this cosplayer transports you to the Planet, and his broadsword looks like it could slice any civilian right in half.

The armor worn by this cosplayer astounds us, as it was sculpted to look exactly how it does on Cloud in the game. This cosplayer should count it as a win in his books, and we can't wait to see what he comes up with next year.

7 Pokemon Go's Jigglypuff and Player

We have all heard of and probably played the app available on our phones called Pokemon Go. This older couple decided to take this video game to the next level by bringing it to life. It was creative, to say the least, and we wonder if he found any other pokemon to capture as he wandered around the event.

The woman dressed as Jigglypuff went all out with a pink wig and wearable shell. Viewers everywhere are ecstatic that they had a chance to witness this masterpiece and it might even give some of you an idea for next year.

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6 The Witcher's Geralt of Rivia and Ciri of Centra

This was another cosplaying duo that hit their mark as The Witcher was brought to life before our very eyes. The gray of Geralt's hair and the scar on his eye were executed perfectly, but the intricacy of his armor design is what makes this cosplay pop.

Ciri's cosplay is arguably just as grand, and we can almost feel the magic coursing through her veins. The cosplayer reaches for her sword as naturally as Ciri does in a fight, and anyone who stands in their way can expect to be slaughtered.

5 Incineroar

We couldn't believe our eyes the first time we caught a glimpse of this Incineroar from Pokémon. This evolution of Torracat is undeniably realistic all the way from its green eyes to its furry and clawed paws.

He might not have been able to have literal flames around his waist, but the fake ones still do Incineroar justice. This cosplay was designed with viewers in mind because the person beneath the suit knew how quickly we would fall in love with it.

4 Fallout: New Vegas' California Republic Ranger

Fallout: New Vegas had its own cosplay present that showcased the New California Republic Ranger. He created the helmet to match, and we can't believe he found a jacket as perfect as this for his role as an elite soldier.

This cosplayer went all out when he recreated the flag and decided to carry it around with him for the entirety of the day. We expected him to be stationed at a military outpost, but we wouldn't be the ones to deny him entrance into SDCC 2019.

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3 Overwatch's Junkenstein

Overwatch is a huge game, but seeing it come to life makes it that much better. This cosplayer reenacted the character Junkenstein from the depths of the Overwatch world.

Her hair sticks up all over the place, and she even came armed with all of her mayhem-inducing toys. We bet people were waiting for this cosplayer and her hordes of creatures to storm the gates. Event-goers were fortunate it wasn't Halloween night, but that doesn't mean Junkenstein won't strike again when that time of year rolls around.

2 Apex Legends

This image of these cosplayers makes us feel as if we were transported into the Apex Legend's game itself. Their costumes were so accurate, and their guns look as if they could take down any nearby enemy.  We wonder how many foes bloodhound is tracking or if Mirage has sent out any of his decoys to wander through the crowd. This cosplay deserves two-thumbs-up for its effort and accuracy, and we wouldn't be surprised if they won some type of award this past weekend.

1 Fortnite's Tricera Ops and Frozen Red Knight

The SDCC 2019 wouldn't be complete without the appearance of a few Fortnite skins. These two skins were originally released back in 2018, and we can't complain now that they have made an appearance at this grand event. They even chose their favorite pickaxes to bring along because they need to be prepared to farm resources wherever they go.

The costumes might be lacking weapons, but, as long as they can build a few walls, they should be able to make their grand escape without a single scratch.

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