Game Boy: The 10 Best-Selling Games Of All Time

In 1989, Nintendo released a handheld device that would forever change gaming history; Yes, we're talking about the Game Boy.

This little device was Nintendo's first portable gaming console and sold over 118.6 million units worldwide in combination with the later released Game Boy Color.

While there were so many reasons to love both of these devices, there is one reason that stands out among the rest: the games. While later portable systems like the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS feature tons to do in addition to gaming, the playable titles were the Game Boy's main draw. Because of this, we're here to look at which Game Boy games outsold the rest.

It's important to note that in this ranking, we won't be including Game Boy Advance games, as the system didn't release until 2001 and has its own solid lineup of titles. That being said, anything released for the original Game Boy or Game Boy Color is fair game.

It's time to throw it back; Here are the best-selling Game Boy games of all time.

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10 Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3

This 1994 Game Boy game was the first to feature Wario as the main character. It also introduced Captain Syrup and the Brown Sugar Pirates, who are villains that continually show up throughout the Wario Land series.

Taking on a format different from previous games in the Super Mario Land franchise, players journeyed through themed worlds that are divided into a collection of courses, each of them ending with a final boss battle.

The game was widely successful, selling over 5.1 million copies worldwide. Many believed this was due to the games challenging, fast pace.

9 Pokémon Pinball

This 1999 game brought a little arcade game magic to the Pokémon series. Though the gameplay is pretty standard to that of any pinball video game, elements from the franchise, including the Poké Ball, were heavily featured.

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The game sold over 5.3 million copies, with many enjoying the clever theming despite its gimmicky nature. The title received a sequel, Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire, on the Game Boy Advance in 2003.

8 Dr. Mario

It’s hard to argue with a classic, especially when it sells over 5.3 million copies.

Dr. Mario was the crazy pill puzzle game that debuted in 1990. Following its arcade release, the game found its way to the NES, the SNES, and then the Game Boy.

Dr. Mario had players matching up falling capsules by color, that continued to rain down at an increased speed. Today, the series has been reimagined as a casual puzzle app so players can forever kill off those nasty viruses. Though its Nintendo's least successful app so far, it has plenty of time to improve.

7 Pokémon Crystal

This second generation Pokémon game is an enhanced version of Pokémon Gold and Silver. While the setting and plot remained very similar (more on that later), the new version let players choose between a male and female character for the first time ever. Pokémon sprites also became animated and a collection of subplots made the game more expansive.

Though critics believed there weren’t enough additions to largely set apart Pokémon Crystal from its predecessor, they still enjoyed the entertainment value of the newest eddition. It sold over 6.3 million copies.

6 Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

The second Super Mario Land installment had Mario journeying across his personal island, Mario Land, to collect special coins and reclaim his island from Wario.

While the title marked Wario’s debut, it saw Mario embarking on a traditional side-scrolling adventure stocked with classic enemies like Goomba and Koopa Troopa in addition to a few new ones.

The game was lighthearted and fun, and the sale numbers proved its appeal. Super Mario Land 2 sold over 11.1 million copies.

5 Pokémon Yellow

This 1998 Pokémon installment, which is part of the first generation of the Pokémon series, is an enhanced version of Pokémon Red and Blue.

Players navigated the Kanto region from a third-person, overhead perspective all while catching Pokémon and competing in battles.

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The game was praised for containing new challenges that freshened up the previous title, and it ultimately sold over 14.6 million copies.

4 Super Mario Land

The first Super Mario Land was the best-selling of the bunch, with over 18.1 million copies purchased. This side-scrolling quest, which resembled the gameplay of Super Mario Bros., had the titular hero exploring 12 levels in Sarasaland in an attempt to rescue Princess Daisy. Yes, this was her debut.

Though the game was criticized for its short length, it was still highly successful for its clever worlds and entertaining gameplay. The game's sequels prove its positive reception.

3 Pokémon Gold and Silver

Remember Pokémon Crystal, which we discussed earlier? This was the title that that game was born from.

The original Pokémon Gold and Silver introduced 100 new species of Pokémon and sent players on a quest to defeat the Elite Four and Pokémon Master Lance. Additionally, gamers worked to complete their Pokédex by capturing all 251 creatures in the game.

Gold and Silver went on to sell a crazy 23.1 million copies.

2 Pokémon Red, Green and Blue

This trio of Pokémon games are the three titles that make up the first generation of the series. While Japan first welcomed the Red and Green versions, America received the Red and Blue versions together.

Regardless of how these games were packaged, the story of them all followed a young trainer from Pallet Town who wished to become a Pokémon master. Like the titles after it, this initial game had players raising and battling Pokémon.

The games sold an insane 31.3 million copies during their run.

1 Tetris

Topping off the list is the classic puzzle video game, Tetris. The title had players fitting falling shapes built out of four blocks into the space at the bottom of the screen.

Tetris was shipped with the Game Boy and Game Boy Color consoles during its production era, which helped it to achieve top-status quickly. The game ultimately sold over 35 million copies.

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