The 10 Best Side Quests In Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

Ubisoft has been working on Assassin's Creed for over a decade now. For years, it became something of a tradition, coming out every year along with your Maddens and your Call of Duties. But in 2017, they gave the entire franchise a makeover with Assassin's Creed: Origins, which turned into Ubisoft's version of The Witcher 3.

Last year saw them further refine this formula by releasing Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, a game that brought you to the beautiful shores of ancient Greece. An RPG emphasizing choice and packed with dozens of side quests, this list is devoted to pointing out some of the best quests in the game.

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The Myths and Minotaurs series of quests is technically not a side quest, as you have to complete it to finish the Atlantis line of quests and see the “True Ending” of the game. But considering the game is technically complete upon the completion of the Misthios’ own quests, it still counts.

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In the series of quests ending with Myths and Minotaurs, our hero discovers a child who’s father traveled into the depths of a mysterious abyss. To finish this quest, the Misthios travels into the depths of this abyss and comes face to face with the truth of the island of Messara.


This was one of the Lost Tales of Greece free DLC quests added after the game was released. One of the earlier quests, the Show Must Go On happens on Elis. There, the Misthios is asked by Thespis to help them in setting up a play. Of course, everything goes wrong, and so the Misthios must help with everything from finding a key actor for the scene, to securing libations from the audience. Eventually, they’re even asked to be in the play themselves. Quests like these are rare in any RPG — so much of what happens doesn’t even involve combat, and most of the parts that do involve combat can be solved with stealth instead.


The Great Contender is the kind of quest only Ubisoft could afford to do properly. On the island of Hydrea, the Misthios is asked if they want to compete in something called the Battle of One Hundred Hands. In most games, this tournament would be something simplistic, or at best you’d face three or four opponents.

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Here, the player is placed onto a massive island and asked to survive against dozens of opponents. Though by then they’re far more powerful than any average opponent, there’s an undeniable sense of achievement after surviving against so many other people, competing for the same thing. It even winds up tying to the main story, in its own way.


This is one of the strangest quests in this game. In Phokis, the Misthios will run into Auxesia, a woman who’s having issues with her husband. They’re happily married, but as they’re an older couple, Auxesia asks you to help her with the ingredients for an elixir that serves as a…marital aid. The actual actions required for the quest are fairly simple — the player simply has to hunt down a bear and a deer and bring back pieces of their body to create the elixir.

Despite its simplicity, however, this quest has a number of truly hilarious endings depending on how adventurous or curious the player can be.


On the island of Seriphos, the Misthios meets a young woman named Kallikleia, who’s in love with a rich young man named Aetios. Aetios has a number of females vying for his attention, but he is looking to settle down soon. To help, you’re asked by a witch of hekate to assemble some ingredients for a love potion. The potion in question has a rather unfortunate effect on Kallikleia, as it turns out to be part of a plan by the witch of Hekate to marry Aetios herself. By the end, Kallikleia’s fortune and Aetios’ relationship are left in the player’s hands.


This quest sees the player travels to the Silver Islands, they run into a questline which begins with “Trouble in Paradise” and ends with “A Night to Remember.” Here, the player is asked to help liberate some islands from a corrupt leader known as Podarkes the Cruel.

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While there, the Misthios meets up with the Resistance force and helps them fight long enough to topple the reign of Podarkes, though there are plenty of twists and turns. Even player choice comes into play here, as the story can have a bittersweet, happy, or dark ending depending on how they play their cards.


Very early on in the game, the Misthios travels into the land of Phokis and meets Daphnae in the quest the Daughters of Artemis. Daphnae charges the player to hunt down several legendary animals, animals which have been augmented by the “spirit world” to become more than mere creatures. Each animal is massive, and possess unique abilities, making them a challenge to bring down. By the end, the player is presented with one last “legendary” fight in a sad twist which will force the player to give up on something precious no matter what they do. Well, at least they get some sweet armor from it.


On the island of Euboea, the Misthios runs into a man named Agapios, who’s seeking the truth behind an organization known as the Dagger. The Dagger has been extorting money out of people and businesses, and through a lengthy questline, Agapios and the Misthios gradually discover the truth behind the Dagger and its leader, the Kingfisher.

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Ultimately, the player’s actions will not only lead to the discovery of another of the cultists they’re hunting down, but also determine Agapios’ fate as well. No matter what though, no player should pass up the opportunity to battle the Kingfisher on top of a massive cliff and Spartan Kick him off, bypassing the boss battle altogether.


A fairly simple quest occurring at the beginning of the game on the island of Kephallonia, Merciful Gods takes place directly after the side quest Hungry Gods, after Kassandra teaches a lesson to some thieves taking advantage of the people’s faith in the gods. A woman comes praying for help from the gods, and not only is Kassandra able to physically answer her, but she’s also able to deliver the blessing the woman is seeking. It’s a nice change of pace from outright saving the world, as the Misthios is able to help make the woman’s life easier without destroying everything she believes in.


Assassin's Creed® Odyssey

In the unique Red Lake Bay area in Lokris, the Misthios meets Supideo. Supideo has trapped himself inside a cage because it was foretold that he would bring great harm to his family. Though they plead with him to leave it, he refuses, unless the Misthios retrieves a pair of family artifacts.

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The Misthios undergoes two simple enough tasks to retrieve the sword and shield to protect Supideo’s mother and father, but unfortunately… sometimes fate can’t be avoided. A darkly hilarious quest, Family Values should be played by anyone who owns a copy of Odyssey, even if they’ve already beaten the game.

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