10 Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs

Buying Expansion Packs for your Sims game is essential to the best gameplay. The base game—and the patches made for the base game—are great but they don’t offer nearly as much game opportunities as the Expansion and Stuff Packs. New towns, new aspirations, new traits, new outfits, food, plants — you name it and at least one Expansion Pack will offer it.

It’s tough to say exactly which expansion is the best, and believe us, not all of them are created equally. That being said, there are some that are way better than others or their previous versions. We wouldn't recommend skipping out on any, but we will recommend you buy these 10 first. They offer more bang for your buck in experiences!

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10 Parenthood

via The Sims Forum

Sims 4 made a Stuff Pack for all the Sim players who love the idea of being a parent but refuse to have a real child. Well, you now have the opportunity to do a bunch of activities with your Sim babies, toddlers, kids, and teenagers. The better your parenting skills and the more you bond, the more rewards your Sims will get. You even get to help (or do) your kid's school projects. The kids have new toys that can directly affect their future, like the doctor playset, and your teenager can write dirt about you in their private journal (that you also have the opportunity to break into). Sounds just like real life!

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9 City Living

via Origin

Right off the bat, City Living offers players a new city to really soak up all the new and exciting things about this expansion. The city of San Myshuno is broken down into four main districts. It’s lively and offers a real city living experience like playing basketball on a court, participating in a pickup game, flea markets, and festivals. There are rooftop bars and some amazing apartments if you can snag one.

The NPC Sims you will meet there are out of the box, quirky, and super friendly. Plus this expansion comes with some awesome cultural food options and clothing. If you are looking to see what the creators of The Sims can do with a little culture this is the best expansion pack for it.

8 Get Famous

via Carl's Sims 4 Guide

Since this Expansion Pack dropped in October, the Sims 4 gameplay has seen a lot of cool and exciting changes. You can become famous, have fans, and be an influencer. There are new careers like acting, a social media career, and the opportunity to “run the town.” No, seriously... you can become so famous that you never have to pay for anything again. This is by far the most fun Expansion Pack for Sims 4. The opportunities are endless and in addition to new careers, you get new food dishes, new interactions, new plants and produce, and, of course, new outfits for the new town you will be inhabiting.

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7 Get To Work

via GameGator

Get to Work lets your Sim 4 characters leave their home and do some real hands-on work. The Sims 4 career options for the Get to Work Expansion Pack are a doctor, detective, or scientist. You can also be a business owner who can create almost any kind of business; the most popular being a bakery. Like the other Expansion Packs, this one promises a new town, Magnolia Promenade, new clothes, more interactions, taking notes, saving lives outside of work, and creating wormholes for your Sim to get lost in. You can even get a new television channel titled !#*%&$@%; it’s an alien exclusive.

6 Dine Out

via Origin

If the food is your favorite part of the Sims universe, then Dine Out is your new jam. You can own your own restaurant, try out new dishes, go on a date, or take the family out for dinner. And, if your Sim is a future Master Chef, then you can experiment with melding food together to make even better meals. But keep in mind that when EA initially made their first dining experience in Sims 2, it was a bit hard to manage. It was incredibly easy for your Sims' restaurant business to fail, or their waiter career to falter. In Dine Out, they make the restaurateur career a bit more achievable and more fun to navigate.

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5 Outdoor Retreat

via Origin

Outdoor Retreat is supposed to give you Sims 3: World Travel vibes or Sims 2: Bon Voyage feels; it has that same adventurous feel. It is marketed as the opportunity to get away from the big city and enjoy the relaxing countryside or the woods. Granite Falls is the popular camping spot that your Sims will have to navigate. It’s great as a getaway and bonding family time. However, if your adult Sim goes alone, there are so many opportunities to explore the wild, possibly meet a hermit who lives very deep in the woods, get chased by bears, and come across some exotic herbs. The herbs contribute to the herbalism skill, meaning you can start making your own potions for a number of things. There is even an option to pee in a bush if that’s your thing.

4 Cats And Dogs

via ebuynny3k.com

Unlike previous versions of Pets, your Sim can no longer control their animal. This is off-putting to most people who are used to the original but don’t count this version out yet. It is jam-packed with so many other things that you really don’t miss the controlling part. You can customize your pet to high heaven. They can even be a number of colors if that's what you desire. You can give them quirks and traits that were not available in previous versions, and you can cross breed to make something that no one has ever seen before. This is kind of a creator’s dream. Plus, it comes with the veterinary career that is easy to move up in.

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3 Seasons

via Origin

Seasons is always a fun Expansion Pack because you know immediately that your Sim is going to experience all four seasons. Whether they love it or hate it is the surprise you get to find out. The Seasons Expansion Pack lets you celebrate holidays, become a kick-butt gardener, and enjoy a number of new festivals. However, keep in mind the weather now takes a toll on your Sim, meaning they can get a cold and be absolutely miserable. Likewise, they can experience a heat wave and pass out from exhaustion. Or get drenched in the rain and be annoyed and have a Moodlet to solidify how annoyed they are. The cool part is not every town will experience that season in the same way. Oasis Springs may not get snow in the winter because it’s basically a desert town but Willow Creek could get so much snow that their lakes can turn into a dangerous ice rink.

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2 Vampires

via Origin

The town of Forgotten Hollow has come to the Sims 4 community. It is inhabited with vampires and you get to experience gameplay that includes supernatural experiences and magical beings. Being a vampire is kind of great besides the whole 'not being able to go out in the sunlight' thing. You keep energy longer, you don’t need to sleep often, you can start a family of vampires, you can turn people, and you can even become low-key famous for your vampire abilities. Who doesn’t want to control minds and conjure spiritual energy?

There are obvious downsides to the vampire life like struggling to keep a job or if you run out of plasma (this is hard to do). This Expansion Pack does not come with new jobs and only has two new skills that are both kind of useless to the game.

1 Jungle

via Carl's Sims 4 Guide

If you are an explorer but too afraid to leave your house to explore, then the Jungle Adventure Expansion Pack is where you need to focus on. Unlike the Outdoor Retreat expansion, this game pack treats your Sims to some fun delights like a new town called Selvadorara, a new Latin culture, archeological digs, bury treasure, and exploring temples. You can now "woohoo" in a bush, and learn how to make the local cuisine. This expansion also comes with two new aspirations; Jungle Explorer and Archaeology Scholar, plus some new fish to catch, and more fossils and crystals to add to your gardening collection.

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