10 Best Squad Compositions In Apex Legends

In Apex Legends, there are fifty-six different squad combinations overall. That's a lot of different possibilities, and a ton of Legend synergies to work with. That's not to say every squad has to be meticulously crafted beforehand to succeed; any squad combo in this game is viable, and every single Legend brings something valuable to the team.

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That being said, there are some squad combos that lend themselves to some really interesting possibilities; let's take a look at some:


Both Caustic and Bangalore have an incredible amount of visual cover they can use. Between Caustic's Gas Canisters and Bangalore's Smoke Launcher, the enemy team is going to have a hard time keeping track of this squads whereabouts.

Combine that with Bloodhound's ability to highlight enemies through smoke and Caustic's ability to see through his own smoke, and this squad is a nightmare scenario for others. This is going to almost entirely neutralize enemy shotgunners ability to pounce and allow for a much easier time in urban scenarios.


Caustic and Bangalore are both in this squad combo too, but for different reasons. Gibraltar and Bangalore both have air-strike type Ultimate abilities, which are both useful for keeping an enemy team from pushing for a little while, or to push them away from wherever they happen to be.

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Caustic is naturally good at this with his Gas Canisters and his Ultimate ability, and if all of these abilities are rotated well, it's pretty easy to dictate where the enemy team is going to have to move. In late-game situations, it's pretty easy to social-engineer fights between enemy teams by pushing them where you want them to go.


This might not be the most effective squad combination, but it certainly makes for a good laugh. Both Pathfinder and Wraith create ways to maneuver between large areas with ease, but it can be tricky to use them effectively because enemy teams can use those new modes of transportation, too.

But, if you pair Wraith and Pathfinder with a Caustic, the Caustic can plant a Gas Canister on the ends of the Rope/Rift, making for an unfortunate surprise for the enemy team.


This is probably the most well-rounded combination on this list. All of these Legends can, in one way or another, protect a squad-mate for a short time, or at least help them recover if they've been hurt. Bangalore can create a visual cover for her team, allowing for easier escapes or giving enough cover to help push.

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Gibraltar has his Dome Of Protection, forcing enemies to get into arm's reach if they want to deal any damage. And finally, Lifeline can heal the squad pretty quickly and without resorting to Syringes or Medkits, not to mention she has a heavy-hand in supplying the team with high-level gear, too.


This squad excels in reaching areas an enemy team won't expect, or at least get there quicker than the enemy team anticipates. Pathfinder can easily cover ground quicker than any other Legend in this game, not to mention get his entire team into positions that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

Wraith's Rift's can get the squad into places without them being seen, and with Mirages ability to trick an enemy into looking the wrong direction with his Decoys, enemies aren't going to have any idea where to look until it's far too late.


This squad revolves around getting as much information as possible in order to make better decisions. It's not always easy to know where exactly to set up shop, especially when at the edge of a circle with time ticking down. Pathfinder should be able to scan a Survey Beacon to figure out where the next circle is going to end up.

Bloodhound is going to be able to help the squad avoid ambushes by seeing recent footsteps and the like, and if you do end up getting spotted, Mirage can send out a Decoy. If that Decoy gets shot by an enemy, that enemies position will show up for your entire squad, giving you even more intel.


This combo, like the last one, helps the squad figure out where the next circle is going to be, and hopefully get there before other squads have a chance. Once this squad has found someplace to live, it's going to be awfully hard to push them out.

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Gibraltar can force engagements into the closest range, and take some extra shots due to his Gun Shield. If anybody does happen to take significant damage or gets downed, Lifeline will be able to sort them out with ease.


This is a squad that's going to be incredibly difficult to beat in an urban environment. Caustic can essentially single-handedly shut down a building on his own thanks to the six Gas Canisters he can deploy at the same time. Lifeline's healing drone can easily reach every teammate if they're in the same building, and it's relatively easy to stay safe to heal when there are four walls surrounding you.

Bloodhound's Eye Of The Allfather is much more useful in these type of environments than it is outside because people can be so tightly packed in urban areas. This squad can lock down a building, constantly and easily heal, and rarely be surprised, making them a force to be reckoned with.


There's nothing worse than getting ambushed out in the open with no cover in sight. This squad combination should help in this regard somewhat, though only for a few moments. If caught out in the open, Gibraltar pops his Dome Of Protection, Caustic lines the Dome with Gas Canisters, and Lifeline slaps down her D.O.C. Drone.

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This protection is only going to be good as long as the Dome Of Protection lasts, but the Gas Canisters should dissuade enemies from rushing the Dome while the squad recovers and decides on a plan of attack.


This squad combo is based entirely on keeping the enemies looking the wrong direction. Gibraltar, with his Gun Shield and Dome Of Protection, has an easy time keeping the enemies gaze focused on him.

Mirage can use a Decoy to turn an enemy's gaze as well, and while all of this is happening, Wraith can be setting up Rifts to help the team flank the enemy, or simply run up from behind with a shotgun while the enemy is distracted herself.

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