8 Best Stardew Valley Farm Layouts

Stardew Valley has graced our screens since 2016, and in that time we’ve got to grips with all the best tools and harvested every crop under the sun. Players pride themselves on their profits and their progress in the game, in terms of unlocking abilities and new areas. But there’s a real sense of craftsmanship when it comes to creating the farms themselves, and there’s a great community for sharing the best layouts that people have created. They can be centred on crops, livestock, machines or even flowers. You can keep it mechanical and efficient, or prioritise a pretty and welcoming atmosphere. Whatever your taste, you’re sure to find inspiration amongst our picks for the best eight farm designs.

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8 Crops Central

This layout puts the original focus of any farm at the center of everything: crops. Dividing them into neat, symmetrical sections makes it easier to separate the different types. With all the tillable land that a Standard Farm brings, putting iridium sprinklers to use is the most efficient way to make use of that space, and farm as many profitable goods as possible. Putting barns and coops at the top of the map allows you to house livestock while keeping the focus on the crops. The sheds down the side of the map can be used to house kegs or preserve jars, acting like a little brewery. The stable by the entrance also allows quick access to town with your trusty steed.

7 Flowery Forest

Immediately, this farm catches your eye with the beautiful heart-shaped flower patch on the right-hand side. Just because the spaces are organized as squares doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! This variation of the Forest Farm is very aesthetically pleasing, but still efficient with the rectangular plots for crops, complete with iridium sprinklers. The little flower patch at the bottom is also complemented by the bee houses, allowing you to make flavored honey throughout the year (apart from Winter).

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The windmill works nicely as a central feature as well. Placing the sheds on either side of the greenhouse is a nice idea; it makes for quick trips for year-round crops to the kegs or jars indoors, making artisanal production swift and easy.

6 Varied and Organized

This Standard Farm layout is divided nice and clearly. The ‘orchard’ or fruit tree section in the bottom-left corner is a great addition, with plenty of trees to make the most of each season’s harvestable fruit. The coop and barn sharing a large enclosure in the top-left means that large animals and coop animals can both be in the space, which creates a warm, inviting feel. They also have plenty of grass to keep them at maximum happiness. The square plots of land on the right-hand side make a really good way to farm, with a 24-space square per crop to keep things simple and organized.

5 Crystal Maze

Check out this example of the Hill-top farm map. The shed is a good addition to the South-West hilltop, which also leaves space for rocks and nodes to spawn for mining. The stone floor covering the area with crystal floor being used as a path adds a real mythical atmosphere. The vineyard area in the bottom-left corner works well, with the sprinklers allowing several columns of crops to grow, with space to run in between them to harvest the goods. The scarecrows getting cozy with the crops conserves space, making a compact crops area in the middle of the map. There’s even space for a line of fruit trees at the top of the map, and standard trees along the paths to collect sap.

4 Riverland Paradise

When it comes to the Riverland map, space for crops is more limited, so this design is a great solution. With a couple of islands dedicated to fruit trees, others a mixture of crops and buildings, the space is diversified to make use of all available resources.

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Keeping the main area of crops near the house is a good idea as it allows a short trip to the shipping box. The tight rows of bee houses allow for easy honey collecting, and there’s space for the Slime Hutch, to breed Slimes and harvest Slime Balls.

3 Greener Pastures

A much greener plan for the Standard farm, this layout is certainly an attractive one. The collectible scarecrows are lined down the middle to show them off, with only the necessary amount being used for the actual crops. The Crystalariums match the Slime Hutch in color scheme, and the amount makes for a whole lot of gem replicating. The barn and the coop are separate, in different areas of the map to keep organization easy. Cheese and mayonnaise machines can be placed inside the sheds to keep it all compact and hidden away, leaving space for the glorious nature wonderland that is the rest of the farm.

2 Rural Brewery

This layout is all about profit. The perfect lines of beautifully organized fruit trees will produce plenty of fruit, which can be put into the masses of kegs arranged at the top of the space. This allows for maximum earnings, as kegs, when they’re done fermenting, will produce wines and juices, making far more money than the original crops. The pattern of the tree types makes the farm look pleasant to the eye as well, keeping extras like furnaces and bait bins out of the way at the very edge of the map. It’s efficient and attractive.

1 Animal Haven

Here’s a good example of a farm focused on animals. The barn and coop sections are segregated, but you could mix it up if you want to. With eight barns on the left-hand side all in the same area, with plenty of space to roam and grass to eat, it’s like a little barnyard neighborhood. You’ll have the happiest cows, goats, pigs, and sheep in the valley. A similar design is in effect for the coops, but chickens, ducks, and rabbits don’t need as much space. The crop section is nicely laid out too, with varying sizes to spice things up. The fences make sure everything is in order, and completes the homey, farm life feel.

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