The 10 Best Video Games By Suda51, Ranked

When you mix dark themes with humor and twisting plotlines sprinkled with a punk-rock flair, you've probably got a Suda51 game. Real name Goichi Suda, Suda has a desire to design video games since he was young. Suda made his first step into video game development with the Japanese company Human Entertainment. He eventually went on to found his own company, Grasshopper Manufactures. Many of Suda's games include themes of crime, violence and bitter battles between people with different ideals. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand the plot of his game, but for anyone that's interested, playing a Suda51 game will take them on a journey they won't soon forget.

Here are the 10 Best Video Games By Suda51, Ranked.

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10 Black Knight Sword

Black Knight Sword is a hidden gem that might not appeal to casual Suda51 fans, as the game's difficulty shows little mercy. Black Knight Sword is a 2d side-scrolling platform that presents itself as a play. Available for the PS3 and the Xbox 360, players take on the role of the game's main character, the Black Knight. Armed with his sword that's inhabited by a strange doll-like character called Black Hellebore, the Black Knight goes on a quest to defeat the White Princess, carving his way through hordes of monstrous creatures. The art style of the game is a mixture of the Japanese Kamishibai style and Suda's dark and somber tone.

9 Sine Mora EX

Sine Mora EX s a side-scrolling game that uses both 3D and 2D visuals, the environment is in 3D while players control a 2D plane. It's a game with two plots running at different times; players take on the role of a father, bent on avenging his son, against the Empire that took his life, and the survivor of a race that the Empire had sought out to destroy. Players run through levels, destroying enemies to rack up points. There isn't a health bar, instead, each level has a time limit, where taking damage speeds up time and taking out enemies adds time.

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8 Lollipop Chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw is a hack and slash zombie game where the main character is Juliet Starling, a high school cheerleader armed with an adorable chainsaw and her cheer moves. On her birthday Juliet's school is overrun by zombies and worse yet her boyfriend, Nick, ends up getting infected! But she manages to save him, though he's not quite the person he used to be as he's now a disembodied head hanging from her waist. Players control Juliet as she battles zombie overlords to prevent the denizens of the Rotten World from overtaking Earth.

7 Killer Is Dead

Killer is Dead takes place in a future version of Earth. Dark Matter, malignant energy that stems from the dark side of the moon, has the ability to infect weak-willed humans, turning them into creatures called Wires. Players take on the role of Mondo Zappa, a new "Executioner", those who are tasked with eliminating Wires. Mondo is armed with a sword and a cybernetic gun arm that can absorb the Dark Matter, making him stronger and giving him new abilities. Certain parts of the game are a little more on the mature side and not for everyone's tastes, but the main missions are packed with plenty of action!

6 Shadows Of The Damned

Shadows of the Damned is a collaboration of Suda51 and Shinji Makami, the creator of the Resident Evil series. Players take on the role of Garcia Hotspur, a demon hunter who braves the dark and dangerous underworld to rescue his girlfriend from the Lord of Demons. Garcia is accompanied by his demon sidekick, Johnson, who shape-shifts into Garcia's motorcycle, torch and his weapon, a gun. This action thriller is filled with puzzles in Shinji's Makami's style that fans of the Resident Evil series just might enjoy and is also full of Suda's dark humor, that's a bit on the mature side for younger players.

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5 Killer7

Killer7 is the first game of Suda51's to be released outside of Japan and is considered to be a cult classic. It follows a group of elite assassins who perform hits for the United States government. But this is no ordinary group, they are in fact the physical manifestations of Harmon Smith's 7 distinct personalities. Each has their own look, personality, weapon and special ability that players can use at their disposal, switching between personalities at will to tackle any obstacle in their way. The 7 are tasked with taking down Kun Lan, the mastermind behind a deadly organization called "Heaven's Smile".

4 Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Not a direct sequel to No More Heroes 2, Travis Strikes Again takes place 7 years after it. Travis has isolated himself in a camper out in a Texan forest, to protect those closest to him. His self-imposed isolation gets cut short as Travis is attacked by Badman, the father of Bad Girl from the first game, who comes seeking revenge against him for killing his daughter. Travis Strikes Again is the first No More Heroes game on the Switch and the first every co-op game for the series as two people can play as Travis and Badman. It features several cameos of characters from Suda's other games like Mondo Zappa from Killer is Dead.

3 No More Heroes

The game that started it all, No More Heroes was released in North America in 2008. It's the first time we meet the 'hero' of the franchise, Travis Touchdown, an otaku living in a motel. After blowing all his money on a beam katana, he ends up taking the offer of a mysterious woman named Sylvia to become the top-ranked assassin in the United Assassins Association. All he has to do is take down the current top 10... easy right? No More Heroes is Suda51's most well-known series by the general gamer community.

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2 No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle takes place 3 years after the events of the main series. Following Travis Touchdown again, this time he's on a quest for revenge against a group of criminals that took the life of one of his closest friends. There are quite a few characters from the first game that return, including Shinobu, who actually becomes a playable character in one segment! It has the same intense and bloody action as the first game, and an even better soundtrack. You'll be humming "Philistine" to yourself for days after facing off against Margaret Moonlight.

1 The Silver Case

The Silver Case is Suda51's debut game as an independent developer and Grasshopper Manufacturer's first game. It's an adventure visual novel set in contemporary Japan in a city called the 24 Districts. When a series of strange murders are linked to a notorious serial killer who supposedly died years ago, it's up to 2 detectives, with polarizing personalities, to solve the case. The game's style and themes would later influence future works of Suda's, like Killer7. The Silver Case has been localized and fully remastered for the PC and is available on Steam.

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