The 10 Most Awesome Super Mario Odyssey Kingdoms, Ranked

Super Mario Odyssey is the second-highest selling Nintendo Switch video game, with over 14 million sales. An overwhelming number of critics gave the game spectacular reviews. Much of the game's success is owed to its level designs that are far less linear than its predecessors. Being able to jump from map to map through hidden paintings works well in Super Mario Odyssey.

It goes without saying that Super Mario Odyssey has incredible map designs. Based on replayability, level design, and 'Wow' factor, we created a list ranking Super Mario Odyssey's maps. This is ranking the 10 most awesome Super Mario Odyssey Kingdoms.

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10 Wooded Kingdom

One of Super Mario Odyssey's more challenging levels appears early on in the game as the fourth Kingdom. Merely trying to collect enough Moons to advance you to the next Kingdom in the game should be easy for most people, but gathering all the Moons in the Wooded Kingdom has proven to be tricky. You'll need the help of a friend who plays as Cappy for this map.

The fact that this Kingdom allows you to unlock Mario's Safari Outfit makes it worthwhile for most players. The artwork is excellent, but platforming proves to be challenging in the Wooded Kingdom.

9 Lost Kingdom

Super Mario Odyssey's Lost Kingdom has a foreign jungle atmosphere that is somehow from planet Earth. The atmosphere of the Lost Kingdom is unlike anything we've seen in a Super Mario game before and it seems martian-like. The map is both mysterious and immersive.

You'll have to watch out for the dangerous slime that surrounds the Lost Kingdom. The difficulty of Lost Kingdom is average. You won't take too long to collect Moons, but some of the more challenging ones are tricky since they are hidden well in the level.

8 Seaside Kingdom

Few games are based underwater because of tedious gameplay and camera issues. Super Mario Odyssey added one map, which requires players to swim underwater. Concerning past games such as Super Mario 64, Super Mario Odyssey significantly improves swimming by adding characters called "Nature's Fire Hoses."

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Mario is able to control Nature's Fire Hoses with the Cap Throw technique, which allows him to quickly travel between distant locations. Being able to walk across the beach during a peaceful sunset and climbing various platforms make the Seaside Kingdom a fantastic level in Super Mario Odyssey.

7 Ruined Kingdom

Ruined Kingdom is a dark level to visit. It's not the most massive level as there are only five Moons in Ruined Kingdom. But for what it's worth, a two-dimensional Mario puzzle works well in the map. Naturally, it's necessary to complete the two-dimensional puzzle to obtain one of the Kingdom's Moons. A dark mist spreads across Crumbleden, making Ruined Kingdom feel gravelike.

The Nintendo Switch showcases its power with this beautifully dreary map. In addition to being possibly the most miniature map in Super Mario Odyssey, Ruined Kingdom is the location for one of the game's most wild boss fight.

6 Mushroom Kingdom

Rolling green hills and the castle from Mario's first 3D game can be found in the Mushroom Kingdom. Due to the size of the map, it ranks lower on this list, but that doesn't mean that it isn't every bit as fun as other Super Mario Odyssey maps. Being able to visit Peach's castle alone makes the Mushroom Kingdom relevant.

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The Mushroom Kingdom comes as a reward for saving Peach from Bowser and thus, beating the game. The numerous paintings in the Mushroom Kingdom add to its size. It is possibly the best map to play Luigi's Balloon World mini-game.

5 Bowser's Kingdom

While most Mario games use a European version for Bowser's Castle, Super Mario Odyssey employs a Japanese castle that is a nice contrast from some of the other levels. Instead of pits of lava like most would expect for Bowser's Castle, Super Mario Odyssey uses pits of poison that ends the life of Mario the moment he touches it. Bowser's Castle provides a nice buildup for the final fight with Bowser. It's easy to say that Bowser's Kingdom is one of Super Mario Odyssey's most enjoyable maps.

4 Sand Kingdom

When we think of Tostarena in the Sand Kingdom, we think of maps like the Shifting Sand Land from Super Mario 64. The weather is scorching, but you won't mind while you're rolling through the deserts of Sand Kingdom. According to polygon.com, "The Sand Kingdom contains 89 Power Moons."

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The fact that you can purchase a Mexican sombrero and poncho is too cool. Never has a desert looked as impressively vast in a Super Mario game. You'll have to master a statue's revealing glasses to conquer this map.

3 Cascade Kingdom

One of the first maps you encounter in the game lets you know why Super Mario Odyssey is different than its predecessors. Being able to control a Tyrannosaurus, which allows you to collect an abundance of coins, makes the Cascade Kingdom stand out. The map is centered around one giant waterfall, and in the background, several waterfalls surround the map. It's astonishing how much detail went into this map's background. Cascade Kingdom is one of the most spectacular maps in Super Mario Odyssey.

2 Moon Kingdom

In outer space, nobody can hear you scream. Okay, Nintendo didn't create the most realistic Moon level, but it is one of the most enjoyable. Low gravity and hard to reach Moons on the Moon make the Moon Kingdom a fun place. Wow, was that a tongue twister?

The fact you can wear a space suit on the level makes it an out-of-this-world map. Near the far side of the Moon Kingdom is a church. After beating all the story missions, one can find Peach at the top of the church for a free Moon.

1 Metro Kingdom

Widely regarded as Nintendo's gem, Metro Kingdom is the most awesome Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. Bouncing off of taxis, climbing buildings, moving to music, and setting off fire hydrants has never been so fun.

If you haven't bought Super Mario Odyssey yet, you are missing out on one of the greatest video game masterpieces of our time. Super Mario Odyssey's Metro Kingdom is a perfect microcosm. Buy this game now, and you won't regret one of the best decisions you ever made.

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