10 Best Tips For Playing As Jason In Friday The 13th

Friday the 13th came out of the gates relatively quietly, gathering steam when the players found out just how fun hunting down unsuspecting campers can be.

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Of course, you'll be playing the counselors most of the time trying to avoid the legend that is ''Jason''. Which makes the time you finally get a chance to play the killer all the more important. You don't want to be bumbling around swinging at air when you get the shot. This will have Jason players morphing around the map grabbing those pesky little counselors in no time.

10 Variability

When first playing Jason, players will find that an experienced counselor will likely run circles around you. Maybe even when you have a few notches on your belt will counselors be able to keep up with the shifts and running.

This is when you have to start employing the madman mentality. people are playing Jason and trying to play strategically with logic. You're a psychotic serial killer! Act like it. Be unpredictable and stop making sense, this will likely confuse the players and you'll get your hands on them.

9 Time Management

Yes, the skill teaches children in middle school. Jason needs a little time management too, he's on the clock after all. You can't be wasting any time when you have a whole map to catch.

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Jason will find himself in the middle of a mid-speed chase frequently. You have to know when it's the right time to cut your losses and circle back. Counselors have strategies too and if they can lead you on a chase to run down the clock they will. Don't get caught chasing the carrot on a stick.

8 Phone Box

Jason has a lot of things to do at the beginning of a match, from chasing campers to stopping the progress of an escape. However, the phone box is king in the early game, being the only means of chopping your time limit down.

Defending the phoneboxes and setting traps will eliminate the threat of Jason having to clear a map in 5 minutes. Most of the time someone will try it and it's then that you can start your killing spree. Don't let them lure Jason away for the first few minutes otherwise, he'll be rushing after smug counselors.

7 Specific Targets

Not all counselors are created equal, some have more useful abilities and its wise to learn your enemy's strengths. Once you know who can do what, the best strategy is picking off the people who can heal.

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If you can manage to take out most of the counselors who can repair or mend damage to their missions then your halfway there. This gives you more time to chase people down and get to let Jason be Jason. After that, you can systematically mow through the rest of the team.

6 Stalk

A lot of Jason players tend to get a little trigger happy after the first few minutes, mindlessly chasing after counselors and letting the clock tick away. While some counselors will try to draw this out of you by hanging around like bait, don't fall for the trap.

Mid game is stalk time, just let the inner creep out and sneak around a little. When you sense a hiding camper you can morph grab and have them where you want them. Rinse and repeat until you've got it down to the last few stragglers, then you can have your fun.

5 Combat Stance

Occasionally you'll be living your life, doing your serial killer thing when one brave counselor will start playing hero and stand up to you. A lot of Jasons aren't prepared for this as they are so used to being the hammer and not the nail.

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Immediately go into combat stance and block, nothing will stun you bar a shotgun to the mask. In which case you should have been aware of that long before getting hit with the shot. As soon as you've blocked you can hit back, breaking whatever weapon they have down and rendering them useless.

4 Traps

The only way the counselors should be able to escape is by collecting resources. The best way to stop them is by preventing that gathering of resources and interrupting their plans from the get-go.

Trap as much as you can on important things like the car battery and phoneboxes. You'll have to reset the traps every time you injure a counselor, but half of this game is managing your resources anyway.

3 Keep Your Ears Open

When Jaso's stumbling through the woods at night with a hockey mask on it doesn't leave much room for sharp vision. What you do have is your ears, and when you pay attention to it, the counselors make a lot of noise.

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You'll always hear a trap going off, even if it's all the way across the map. Counselors starting up cars, and repairing windows will all be a telltale sign. If you use your senses then you'll be able to uncover hiding counselors. If you want to go deep then you can listen to their mic.

2 Use the Knives

While wandering around the lake you'll find knives popping up everywhere. Knives sticking out of door frames, poles, and inside cabins. Either you use them or the counselors will.

Not all Jasons were built the same. Some Jasons get stuck in the mud and you can't get anywhere fast. In this case, you'll have to become adept at range weapons. As soon as they burst through a window, throwing a knife.  Running away at the same pace as you? Throwing knife. It's quite simple.

1 Don't Forget Your Blade

It's all fun and games pulling off the big execution moves, but sometimes you'll have to sacrifice style for strategy. It's a key part of Jason's character and it's been all but abandoned in the game.  The machete needs to be swung around everyone in a while or it will rust.

Near the end game, when you've got it down to a core group of survivors, you might find yourself surrounded by counselors. Especially when you stop a car in its tracks. This is when you start swinging, if you go for grabs now you'll be getting beaten up in progress. No matter how ingrained it is, remembers the blade.

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