10 Best Video Game Podcasts

Throw a dime out your window, you're bound to hit a gaming podcast. But what are the best video game podcasts from IGN, Kinda Funny and more?

In a world of endless ways to consume all kinds of digital media, podcasts are fast becoming the number one go-to source for all your video game news, commentary and industry insight for the on-the-go gamer.

Not everyone has time to read the latest leak, news article, announcement and gameplay reveal article that comes out, and sadly, if you don’t keep up on at least a weekly basis, you’ll be left in the past as more and more news breaks each and every day.

That’s where podcasts swoop in to save the day! There are hundreds of video game podcasts out there these days, with small scale podcasts all the way to IGN podcasts. From the latest news to industry deep dives, we at TheGamer have put together a list of the 10 best gaming podcasts you should definitely listen to.

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10 Kinda Funny Games Daily

Kinda Funny Games

A daily podcast about all the gaming news, reviews and releases you could ever possibly want. This podcast is hosted live over at Kinda Funny Games twitch channel each and every weekday, giving you all the current gaming news you need and more. Hosted by Greg Miller, an enigmatic character to say the least, you’ll get all the days news, yelled into your ear by the one person who makes constant yelling rather likeable.

Each episode Greg is joined by another host, usually, one of Kinda Funny Games Daily longtime co-hosts including; Tim Gettys, Andrea Rene, Jared Petty, Gary Whitta, and Fran Mirabella. Sometimes you’ll get a new host to bring a small interview-styled piece to the podcast, however most of the time it will be your favorite regulars.

On top of the daily news, releases and endless humor Greg has built an entire community around this podcast and actively encourages fans to correct him and his host if they get any piece of news wrong, which they go over at the end of the podcast. This is by far my personal favorite video game podcast and an absolute must for video game fanatics.

9 IGN Unfiltered

IGN Unfiltered

IGN Unfiltered is a deep dive into the video game industry, with each episode being a long-form interview featuring guests such as Todd Howard, Tim Schafer, Amy Hennig and more. With each interview, we hear the trials and tribulations of the games industry through the eyes of hugely successful industry veterans.

For aspiring game developers and industry fanatics, this podcast has everything you could ever want from a fly on the wall perspective of game development. From studio heads to game developers, sit back and listen to what it took to make some of most celebrated games of our time.

8 Final Games

Final Games, hosted by Liam Edwards, is a podcast that poses the question; 'if you were stuck on a deserted island and you could only choose eight games to play for the rest of your life, what would you choose?' An already fascinating and tricky to answer concept, what gives this podcast another level of brilliance is who he interviews.

From game developers to voice actors, journalists to industry veterans, Liam Edwards poses the same question to all of his guests, providing an intimate insight into the lives and loves of some of the biggest names in the industry. This podcast is full of fantastic interviews and reams of nostalgia.

7 Game Scoop

Game Scoop

Game Scoop is IGN’s weekly show and podcast that summarises all the weeks video game news and discusses it with some of IGN’s most popular staff. Hosted by Daemon Hatfield and Justin Davis, the two hosts take you on a journey through a curated list of gaming news and openly discuss the goings-on of the industry with IGN staff providing for hilarious conversation, passionate commentary, heated debate and some rather impressive segways!

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Whilst in podcast format, you can also watch the show over on YouTube to get the live reactions and gameplay along with the audio content.

6 Beyond


Beyond is IGN’s weekly PlayStation show and podcast bringing you the ins and outs of the Sony gaming world. From controversy to massive console exclusive announcements, nothing is missed from the weekly debate and discussion surrounding the PlayStation universe.

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Hosted by Jonathon Dornbush, Brian Altano and Max Scoville, this trio brings laugh out loud entertainment and quality podcast journalism in one neat, PlayStation stamped package. Again, whilst in podcast format, you can also watch the show over on YouTube to get the live reactions and gameplay along with the audio content.

5 Unlocked


Now, it wouldn’t be fair if PlayStation had an IGN podcast, but Xbox didn’t. We’re all about inclusivity in the gaming industry here, and so are IGN. Unlocked is IGN’s weekly Xbox show and podcast taking you inside the world of Xbox each and every week. Hosted by Ray McCaffery, Miranda Sanchez, Brandin Tyrrel and Destrin Legarie, this motley crew bring you news, opinions and more on all things Xbox.

Again, whilst in podcast format, you can also watch the show over on YouTube to get the live reactions and gameplay along with the audio content.

4 Nintendo Voice Chat


Nintendo Voice Chat, or NVC, is IGN’s answer to all things Nintendo. I mean they have a PlayStation and Xbox weekly podcast, it’d be cruel to leave out Nintendo, right? Casey DeFreitas, Peer Schneider, Brain Altano, Zach Ryan and Tom Marks bring you the latest and greatest Nintendo news, sharing their opinions and doubling down on controversy.

Again, whilst in podcast format, you can also watch the show over on YouTube to get the live reactions and gameplay along with the audio content.

3 Giant Bombcast

Giant Bombcast

If you’re into long-form podcasts, then this is the one for you. Full of insatiable banter and an overflowing amount of video game content, Giant Bombcast delivers on average two to three hours of gaming news, releases and off-topic banter every single week.

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There’s isn’t much more to say about this podcast, or maybe there’s too much to say, but if you have the time, this one is well worth adding to you weekly listening schedule.

2 Gamers With Jobs – Conference Call


Hosted by Shawn Andrich, Gamers With Jobs – Conference Call is a podcast that provides in-depth conversations about games, from new to old, and the issues that the gaming world faces. As stated in the title, this podcast is run and hosted by gamers with jobs, and is a nice, down to earth take on the oversaturated video game podcast world.

This podcast is well worth a listen if you’d like a break from all the news and a more inviting discussion about video games without all the commercial jargon.

1 What’s Good Games

whats good games

What’s Good Games is a weekly video game podcast between three friends who bring fun, silly and interesting conversation to the latest and greatest video game news. Hosted by Andrea Rene (frequently co-hosting Kinda Funny Games Daily), Brittney Brombacher and Kristine Steimer.

An all-female dream team with the perfect kind of chemistry for a gaming podcast, this one is definitely not to be missed.

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