The 10 Best Video Game Romances Of All Time

Video games do a lot of good things, but they can often get romance very wrong. This is why it can be so refreshing when they actually get it right! Below is a list of the greatest romances of all time, the ones that continue to be remembered for giving an honest portrayal of what it can be like when two people fall for one another.

These are the romances that will always remind players that love is out there, and that love can be brilliantly portrayed in some video games.

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10 John And Abigail Marston

While they may have had their ups and downs, players have now seen over two games that John would do anything for his family. There is something real about the way that they struggle to stay together throughout some truly terrible circumstances.

Abigail sees something in John that nobody else does, a glimmer of hope that they can one day live a different life. He doesn't have to be an outlaw if he doesn't want to.

9 Nathan Drake And Elena Fisher

Trying to maintain a relationship when the two people involved live this sort of life must be pretty difficult, but it doesn't stop the two of them from trying.

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Even though they find themselves constantly under fire from their enemies, they manage to make a go of it. The player gets to watch them grow together, both of them swapping witty lines as they go from business partners to friends, to lovers. Watching Elena hold Nathan to task when he steps out of line is always great as well!

8 Winston Chu And Peggy Li


One of the best pieces of narrative within Sleeping Dogs is the relationship between thug Winston Chu and Peggy Li. The player works with Winston Chu, and sees that he really does love Peggy, even though he has to try and hide who he is from her.

As these sorts of things often go, it's not long before the private and personal lives of Winston Chu start to overlap, with the bloody climax being a genuinely crushing moment in video game history.

7 Max And Michelle Payne

Most people probably don't think about romance when they think about Max Payne, but they really should! Max's back and forth with Mona Sax may not have been much for the player to sink their teeth into, but the death of Michelle follows him throughout the first two games.

It's such an honest portrayal of how the death of a loved one can truly warp the mind. It's a dark and bleak story, and that's all because of the love Max had for his now dead wife...

6 Guybrush Threepwood And Elaine Marley

The Monkey Island series is beloved by a lot of different gamers out there. One of the reasons that so many people love it is down to the earnest personality of the main character.

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Guybrush Threepwood spends every game either trying to woo or attempting to save his true love Elaine Marley. Being a comedy game, many of these attempts fall short, and it's impossible that anyone could avoid the charms of these two when they're together!

5 Jackie Estacado and Jenny Romano

Everyone likes a good tragedy, a story that pulls at the heartstrings and shows the player that everything can go wrong. These two were never going to make it. A mafioso taken over by a demonic presence trying to maintain a normal relationship might sound funny at first, but it truly is sad.

They met at an orphanage where they both bonded over the fact that they had been left behind. They found love within each other. Sadly, somebody uses Jenny as a way of getting to Jackie...

4 Tidus And Yuna

It may not be the greatest Final Fantasy game of all time, and their romance has it's flaws, but it has to be on this list. The two of them are so ridiculous and odd that they deserve each other! No matter what people may think, everyone who has played this game has to admit that the two of them share some beautiful scenes together.

This was before video game graphics had got to a point where people actually looked fairly realistic though, so don't expect perfection!

3 Geralt And Triss

Anyone that has played through The Witcher trilogy will know that Geralt is one of the most serious video game characters of all time. It always made sense that him and Triss would be together, as she compliments his severity so well!

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She is a calm and fun-loving presence that is sorely missing from Geralt's life. Others will prefer Yennefer, but she was always too severe. There's already enough bleak backstory and sadness in this game for Geralt to end up with Yennefer.

2 Florence And Kriss

This small mobile game is one of the most realistic portrayals of what it is like to meet someone and fall in love. Sadly, it's also one of the most realistic portrayals of what it is like when love slowly falls apart.

With a set of genuinely intriguing gameplay mechanics, this small app will have people falling in love and falling apart within minutes. It's the game on this list that most people won't have played but definitely should have done by now.

1 Samantha And Yolanda

One of the most brutally honest portrayals of what it can be like to come out of the closet can be found in Gone Home. Listening to Samantha talk about her love for Yolanda, realizing that she might not be like everybody else, is touching to say the least.

The two of them help each other come to terms with who they are, and when their parents refuse to accept them, the two of them choose to run away together. Not only a great video game romance but a story that many players will recognize from their own lives...

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