10 Best Weapons In Days Gone

Days Gone is a game that tasks the player with, among other things, taking out as many Freakers as possible. It's no surprise then that the game offers up numerous weapons to get the job done!

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Below is a list of the ten best weapons in Days Gone, the ones that everyone should be trying to get their hands on once they sit down with a controller in their hands. Some people may not find their favorite weapon on this list, but they will definitely find those that are best at slaughtering the Freaker horde!

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10 Spiked Bat

Let's start with a classic. The Spiked Bat is a melee weapon that can be crafted by putting together a Baseball Bat and a Box of Nails. Not only will players be able to get this weapon fairly early on in the game, but it manages to take down most enemies in around two hits.

People will discover better melee weapons as they progress through the story in Days Gone, but this one will do the job perfectly for most of the game, so don't feel bad about keeping it around for a long time.

9 Bat Axe

Okay, so when people are looking to upgrade from the Baseball Bat, we've got just the weapon for them... Available slightly later on into the story of the game, the Bat Axe is crafted by combining a Sawblade with a Baseball Bat.

It should come as no surprise that this thing can end up being pretty lethal from close range, and being craftable it can come in handy for players who are stuck out in the middle of nowhere without many supplies. Definitely worth having one of these in the arsenal at all time.

8 Drifter Crossbow

While most of the other weapons on this list are all about taking out as many Freakers as physically possible, whereas this one is all about efficiently taking out one. Silently taking out a group of enemies can allow the player to get by without much hassle, not having to take on everyone that is alerted in the area.

The drawback is that this is a purely situational weapon, especially considering its low rate of fire, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth having for those situations where it is truly perfect to have around.

7 Boozer's Shotgun

Another weapon that people won't have to do much searching for is Boozer's Shotgun. Handed to the player by Boozer towards the beginning of the game, this is their first primary weapon.

Even though it is given to the player at such an early stage, this weapon has an impressive amount of stopping power. It's a great little weapon that highlights just how fun it can be to mow down some Freakers. A great addition to any arsenal that the players can take out into the world of Days Gone.


Not only does this little sidearm have some great stats, it comes in handy when taking on situational jobs. For example, any mission that has the players taking on a bounty while astride their bike can be perfectly handled with this gun by their side.

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It has a decent level of power for a pistol, it has a high clip size and low level of recoil. It can be bought from the Wizard Island merchant once the player has got their trust level up to at least three.

5 PPSH-41

With a huge rate of fire, this is a machine gun that many players will find can help them out of a tight spot. Not only will it help deal with Freakers, but players will be able to take out wolves and bears quite easily with this weapon.

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Its damage is average and has very little stopping power, but its range makes up for that. As a weapon that players can grab relatively early, this is one they'll want to get their hands on so that they can keep the Freakers as far away from them as possible.


Players can pick this up from the Hot Springs Merchant with a trust level of two, meaning that it's a decent assault rifle that can be grabbed fairly early on. For those who don't want to make a shotgun their primary weapon, this gun is a worthy alternative.

The rate of fire is very high, meaning that players can spray and pray instead of having to make sure that each and every bullet hits. It can be very useful when overtaken by a large number of Freakers all at once.

3 Stinger SMG

Some players choose to stay away from this gun as they find that the lack of stopping power, combined with the average damage, just isn't enough for them against the Freakers.

However, the rate of fire and the high level of accuracy means this is an SMG for players that want to fire off a lot of precise shots in one go. A lot of people would rather lean into the crazy and chaotic vibe that the game has, but for those that want something a little more relaxed, give this one a go!

2 .50 BFG

A lot of Days Gone pits the player against numerous enemies at once, but there are moments where a single shot weapon like this are much better to have around.

This sniper rifle won't be much help against a group of Freakers, but any bosses that the player has to take out can be easily dispatched with this rifle. Sadly, this gun won't be available to the player till the late game, but even then it can help with some seriously difficult situations.

1 Chicago Chopper

Styled on the famous Tommy Gun, this is the best weapon that a player can get in Days Gone. This weapon can kill enemies with a single bullet. With a capacity of 55 and firing at the rate of any normal submachine gun, this can put down a lot of Freakers in a short period of time.

Throw in the fact that the player can upgrade their bike to hold saddlebags, increasing the amount of ammo they can take into the world with them, and there's no reason why this shouldn't be at the top of the list. It can be bought much later into the game.

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