5 Best Oculus Games Ever ( & 5 Worst)

The emerging scene of VR is steadily growing as games start to appear with in-depth storylines and crisp controls. For years we were happy with the small almost side game like state of VR games as it was such a new experience.

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The lows follow the highs, giving players a slew of lacklustre games that have either not translated well to the platform or failed all on their own. Oculus, being one of the leaders in VR gaming has experience both ups and downs when it comes to game releases.

10 Best: Five Nights At Freddy's VR: Help Wanted

Anyone that was in the internet trenches in 2014 already knows about . The eerie amusement park mascots, a radio that seemingly only produces static, and an unreliable flashlight are your only tools to survive through the night.

This was bad enough from an outside perspective, let alone when it feels like that smiling bear is breathing down your neck. Trying to survive the barrage of horrifying animals is every horror lover's delight. Coming into the VR world is just what the series needed to spice up their gameplay again.

9 Worst: Apex Construct

Coming out of the gates with a lot of hype can be a disadvantage, raising players' expectations and giving the game a swift decline if it doesn't deliver. Now this game does have some OK qualities, the story is relatively engaging and the graphics are very nice to look at.

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Unfortunately, it fails in the controls department, making the game clunky to use. Especially in the combat department, an area that's pretty critical for players to execute. Using your keyboard becomes tiresome at a certain stage and begins to suck some of the life out of the experience.

8 Best: Lone Echo

Being an astronaut is on the shortlist of things that most kids want to be at some stage. Luckily for those of us that don't quite make the cut, Lone Echo is here to give a taste of what it's like. Putting players on a spaceship with a trusty robot sidekick sounds like the dream.

You also have a captain to contend with, guiding you through a story that will make you feel weightless. The controls are top-notch, making every movement really feel like your floating in the great beyond. You won't find any wild firefights or heart-pounding twists here, just try and keep your space home in one piece.

7 Worst: VR Karts

With games like Mario Kart being as popular as they are, it's clear that racing around a track can deliver just about as much fun as you can have. This game manages to let players down at almost every stop, whether it be a lack of effort or failure at development.

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The sizing is all off, making you feel like a giant sitting in a clown car. When this is in VR not only does it look goofy but it distracts from you controlling the cart too. The AI's a little overpowered, winning almost every game. Players had better hope they have friends willing to put up with the shotty mechanics to play with.

6 Best: Trover Saves The Universe

From Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick And Morty, this game was always going to be entertaining. Pitting you against a crazed alien who is using your 2 little dogs for eyes (yes, you read correctly), Trovor Saves The Universe sends players down an abstract rabbit hole, providing laughs the whole way through.

If players are familiar with the show, then they will know what to expect in the way of humour. if you're new to the mind of Roiland, good luck! Building a team who really knows video game development helped him make this game one of the most unique, engaging experiences on Oculus.

5 Worst: Swords Of Gargantua

If you don't have the right mechanics in a combat-based game, you're up the creek without a paddle. Working fine as a regular console game, hopping over to VR often results in chaos. Chaos that developers usually sort through, but not Yomuneco inc.

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Parrys often don't work and stabs become near impossible to land. Controller-based games can often get away with a certain amount of off-kilter physics. When your body is the controller it makes things much more difficult to navigate when things aren't balanced correctly.

4 Best: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Definitely leaning towards the disturbing side of storytelling, this game will sink you into a tale of love and loss. Many who see a thriller experience on VR shy away, while others jump in with both feet. This is one every player should try, if only for the story and pacing of the gameplay.

Made by the same developers who made the Devil May Cry series and Heavenly Sword, an eerie ambience is not a new challenge for them to tackle. Not that it's hard when your exploring hell, in search of your lover's soul.

3 Worst: Face Your Fears II

While a relatively well-executed game in other ways, it fails at its main purpose, to scare players. The masses didn't flock to this game because of an in-depth storyline or relatable characters. They want to feel the hairs on the back of their neck stand on end, something Face Your Fears 2 disappoints in.

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While the VR horror crowd has become increasingly tougher to scare, mini jump scares aren't the way to go about doing it. The new kid on the block might be shocked by these things, but the first installment would work just as well for that. A passable story makes it playable but players will be interrupted by cheap attempts at a jump the entire game.

2 Best: Moss

Most VR experiences try and put you front and centre of anything that's happening, making sure you get as much of a first-person perspective as possible. Moss takes a literal back seat and lets you work with a tiny mouse named Quill.

Fighting enemies and guiding it through small levels to achieve a common goal. Moss emphasizes more of a team-building effort, creating a little bond to this virtual mouse. you'll find no flaw in the controls either as players smoothly execute attacks or maneuvres throughout the game.

1 Worst: Rich Life Simulator

Despite the uninspired title, this game really does live up to its name. You get to lay by the pool, check your phone, and watch servers dance for you. It's less of a rich person's life and more of a recovery morning after a heavy night out.

Terrible character creation makes you wonder if the game is supposed to be like that or a glitch in the system. Not that Rich Life Simulator had a lot of hype to begin with but the gameplay does tend to fall flat after the 3 minutes it takes to realize what you've gotten yourself into.

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